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When You change the perception, you change the reality. --P'taah (channeled message)

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Message from P'taah - June 2013

Change Your Perception, Change the Reality

P'taah: You deserve it all and whatever you create is wonderful. Your reality depends entirely on how you perceive it to be. Change your perception, you change the reality. Too simple? Change the perception--change the reality.

For as long as you perceive lack--whether it is lack of love, lack of money, lack of a good job, lack of a new car, a better house--for as long as you perceive lack, you will simply bring forth to you more lack. For as long as you perceive your life in segments--this is my spiritual life, this is my real life...


Yes, I know all of these spiritual truths, but I lack money, I lack an exciting mate, lack, lack lack. And the lack is all based on fear of not being enough. And for as long as there is the fear of not being enough, you will bring forth that which are more and more situations to show you that you are not enough, hmm? Does this makes sense?

When you change the perception, you change the reality. The fear of not being enough, the fear of lack, has a vibrational frequency that draws to it more of the same.

When you can see yourself in the abundance of all wondrousness, when you feel the joy, the tranquillity, the excitement, when you are in the place of laughter and play, the energy, the emotional energy of joy, of laughter, brings forth more of the same.

The next time you find yourself in a perceived lack, stop and ask yourself what really are you lacking and what does it FEEL like? It is your emotions attached to the idea that create the reality. Make sense? All right.

Q: I just wanted to ask about changing the perception. It sounds easy in theory but hasn't been easy for me to do.

Now is the time--Your Other Dimensional Self!

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Have you ever seen the Krishna society books that are sold on the street in a most of the big cities of the world?  There is one that always peeked my interested and that was "Journys to Other Planets".  I never really understood how in meditation we could consciously journy to other planets in a etheral body like form, but I wanted to try it.  The Krishna society books are some of the best spiritual books out there and EVERYONE can afford or find one.  For those of you who understand the truth about UFO's should remember that in the days of Krishna the skies were full of Vemana's or space ships.  I highly recommend those who are into spirituality and UFO's to stop and pick up some of these Krishna society books that are out there.


It took me years to finally be able to journy to other planets as if I was walking down the street but now I spend more time in the other realms than I do in this one on the planet Earth it seems.  Now is the time to take control of your other dimensional self and use it for good.  the energies are such on this planet where the ability to travel in the other dimensions with whatever body you choose has become easier.


Your other dimensional body can look and be whatever it chooses and it doesnt have to look human.  Mine just happens to be a male human/pliedian body, that not only do I use to travel to other realms, but to be married and have a family in the other dimensions with my twin flame, this relationship is the most rewarding, satisfying relationship I have in my life on earth.  Being with your twin flame right now is EASY, we just have to open up to it.  I not only have children in the other realms but homes and a loving wife that I adore more than anything on Earth.


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