Now is the time--Your Other Dimensional Self!

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Have you ever seen the Krishna society books that are sold on the street in a most of the big cities of the world?  There is one that always peeked my interested and that was "Journys to Other Planets".  I never really understood how in meditation we could consciously journy to other planets in a etheral body like form, but I wanted to try it.  The Krishna society books are some of the best spiritual books out there and EVERYONE can afford or find one.  For those of you who understand the truth about UFO's should remember that in the days of Krishna the skies were full of Vemana's or space ships.  I highly recommend those who are into spirituality and UFO's to stop and pick up some of these Krishna society books that are out there.


It took me years to finally be able to journy to other planets as if I was walking down the street but now I spend more time in the other realms than I do in this one on the planet Earth it seems.  Now is the time to take control of your other dimensional self and use it for good.  the energies are such on this planet where the ability to travel in the other dimensions with whatever body you choose has become easier.


Your other dimensional body can look and be whatever it chooses and it doesnt have to look human.  Mine just happens to be a male human/pliedian body, that not only do I use to travel to other realms, but to be married and have a family in the other dimensions with my twin flame, this relationship is the most rewarding, satisfying relationship I have in my life on earth.  Being with your twin flame right now is EASY, we just have to open up to it.  I not only have children in the other realms but homes and a loving wife that I adore more than anything on Earth.


At this point in time many twin flame pairs are coming together either on Earth or on the other realms, many of us, like myself, have twin flames that are not incarnated on earth at this time.  Mine happens to be a pleidian who I am with in the other realms. If you find you cannot find your twin flame on earth, look for them in the other dimensions, NOW IS THE TIME!  The energies are getting stronger and are aligning on earth thanks to the lightworkers, the pliedians and many other off world and other dimensional races helping bring Earth to the higher dimensions.


Your other dimensional body contains your higher spirit soul, you can go anywhere with it, use your imagination, everything we can imagine is real, remember this one truth when you are using your other dimensional self for off world travel.  Dont go places you dont want to go or bring into your life.  As always SAFELY ASTRAL TRAVEL always!  Stay towards the light unless its to irradicate the dark, negative energies that are still trying to anchor themselves on earth.  Send these entities and areas of the astral plane light, there has been a lot of negative energies on earth, now and in the past, we must cleanse these energies and these entities to help the entire universe, not just earth.  You can use your other dimensional body for this purpose.  Invent and carry weapons of the light.  use your imagination.  You can create and have anything you want in the other dimensions, including space ships and cars.  I happen to be a fanstastic skate boarder in the other dinmensions but cant skate worth a damn here on earth.  Use your imagination. We are all super heroes in the other realms!