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'The Fool's Journey'

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August 16, 2015. 'The Fool' is tonight's Tarot card for our enlightenment and contemplation - I shuffled and drew this card after asking my Spirit Guides for a little word of guidance for the human race - as usual the Guides respond with their wry wit and at times biting sense of humour by giving us 'The Fool' - we are shown here as we blithely step off the cliff - even the dog is warning us but we are not listening....this card is here representing our naive, innocent and carefree meanderings through the World ...however (be-fittingly as this is the first of my weekly tarot messages series - coincidence I think not!) this is the very first card in the Tarot deck - so like little children - our journey is just beginning...we have the potential to become what we choose to become - it's up to us humanity! Confidence, faith and courage are required, but like the tiny acorn, we too have the seed within to become the mighty oak!
"Trust in your inner knowing. Life is an adventure, a journey of discovery to be enjoyed." 
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'Space Oddity' by Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield: first music video shot in space!

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Canada's beloved astronaut Chris Hadfield, known by millions for his funny tweets, his lively sense of humour and 'down-to-earth' attitude from on high in the ISS, has made the first ever music video in space. David Bowie's iconic 'Space Oddity', shot from the International Space Station, is the world's first and only music video shot in space...amazing!


Full story and video:

Stunning UFO sighting over Russia (Video)

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It's been a year since the St. Petersburgh UFO sightings that shocked the world, but it appears that "they" are back. If you recall this author's report last April:

"St. Petersburg, Russia, and the city is still abuzz after a peaceful invasion of the skies on April 9, 10 and 11 was witnessed by multiple citizens. Numerous videos have surfaced, showing what appeared to be an enormous mothership, which could be seen floating above the city at night. Brightly lit orbs joined the ship, or were seen breaking off from it, and floating across the skies. This phenomenon continued for three days and three nights.

The event is destined to go down in history as one of the most important and significant sightings of the century, not only because of the clarity and duration of these sightings, but also because of the numerous witnesses and videotapes of the event."

Now stunning video shot April 29, 2012, has emerged on YouTube that shows five minutes worth of fascinating footage of what appears to be an authentic UFO hovering over a hilltop in Russia.

Windrunner's Tale: Turtle Island and the Great Black Snake - Chapter One - The Prophesy of the Rainbow Warriors

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From the distant hill Windrunner could see the plume of thick black smoke coming from the tarnished fields. Keeping low, he ran towards them, his moccasin-clad feet skillfully traversing the forest floor. He was, after all, an 'Indian' he thought, with a wry chuckle. If he couldn't sneak up on a bulldozer, then what the hell kind of native was he?

Up at the top of the hill he peered down at the scene below. A large convoy of trucks were parked in a row, each one carrying enormous black pipes...pipes for the pipeline that was already being built, meant to one day soon snake across the entire breadth and width of Turtle Island, carrying the thick, corrosive black sludge that would one day be made into oil.

Earth Day the Canadian way: A drum circle and bonfire in Innisfil

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Tonight at eight o'clock EST we turned off all the lights in the house, even going so far as to unplug the TV, and grabbing our hand drums and tambourines off the wall, we headed over to next door neighbour Gary's house. There in the backyard, at the end of the garden, his fire pit was glowing and crackling with a roaring fire, while the steady sound of drums could be heard from his CD player.

Gary wore his First Nations jacket and a cowboy hat. He practically lived at the fire pit at the end of his garden, where he had built a 'man cave' out of old pieces of wood and plywood. Ever since his heart attack Gary says he can't sleep indoors. On all but the coldest nights he sleeps in the cabin, where a little space heater and the heat from his nightly fires keeps him toasty warm.

Inside his sleeping bag he says he doesn't feel the cold too much. His wife, inside the house in their warm modern home, has long since given up on trying to get him to come inside. He just likes it better out at the little cabin, where he can sit by the fire and watch the night sky and listen to his songs, he explains. And he can't breathe inside the house...ever since the heart attack he can't seem to breathe so well when he tries to sleep inside.

Canadian Government ordered to hand over Native Residential School documents

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An Ontario Court ordered the Harper Government to hand over all documents and records pertaining to the First Nations and Native Residential Schools to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Wednesday.

Despite the Canadian Government's refusal to provide those documents housed in Library and Archives Canada, the Honourable Justice Stephen Gouge stated that 'the obligation for the Goverment to provide the materials is clear.'

Full story:


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