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Historic Criminal Conspiracy case against the Vatican and Crown of England to be launched in the Fed

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Exclusive Media Leak: Historic criminal conspiracy case against the Vatican and Crown of England to be launched in the Federal Court of Canada - Class action suit is the first of its kind, aimed at churches, government and big pharmaceutical companies.

Stunning news from Canada reveals an astounding lawsuit to be launched which will reach to the very top of World powers and hold them accountable for crimes against humanity.

"A joint media release by The Association of Citizen Prosecutors (ACP) and The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS was released on July 1. 2012. It announces the first class action lawsuit in Canadian history to name as co-defendants the Vatican, the Crown of England, Canada and its churches, and big pharmaceutical companies, all of which are accused of crimes against humanity and criminal conspiracy.

The lawsuit is brought by Jason Bowman of the ACP and Rev. Kevin Annett of the ITCCS, on behalf of a group of many others.

An evening of UFOs: Huge sighting on night of UFO conference...coincidence or not?

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June 23, 2012, an out-of-this-world evening at Toronto's UFO Conference, hosted by George Noory of "Coast to Coast" on AM640, was attended by hundreds of people from all walks of life, as interest in the fascinating subject of UFOs skyrockets. I was invited to attend Conspiracy Culture's Special Event by a gentleman from MUFON who had commented on one of my UFO articles, and with whom I had numerous conversations on Facebook and over the telephone regarding his own experiences with UFO's. Wearing my reporter's hat, but also with the wide-eyed enthusiasm of a novice, I had been anticipating this event for weeks, and was excited to learn more about the truth that is "out there."

Michael Cremo and Stanton T. Friedman, both renowned authors and specialists on the subject of UFOlogy, turned out to be down-to-earth, brilliant, and fascinating speakers, however for me the most enjoyable part was when at the end of their sessions they answered questions from audience members. The most striking aspect of the evening was the fact that hundreds of apparently "normal" people were talking on this once scoffed-at subject without apology.

Baltic Sea UFO/USO disables electronic equipment: Mystery deepens

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While the world awaits eagerly with baited breath, the Ancylus, expedition boat of the Ocean X Team that first discovered the mysterious underwater Baltic Sea circular object, has returned a year later, for the team's first dive down to the mysterious site.

The object, which appears like an enormous mushroom rising 3-4 meters/10-13 feet from the seabed, is made from a hard rock like substance, possibly sandstone or concrete, with rounded sides and rugged edges. At the top there is an egg shaped opening, and small soot-covered stones appear to have been placed on top of it in the shape of small fireplaces. Passageways or walls and something that could be a staircase are seen at a 90 degree angle from the top of the sphere.

Pleiadian Messages: The Magic that saved Planet Earth

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In the end it was magic that saved the planet Earth. Oh, not hocus-pocus and abracadabra, but magic nonetheless...the real kind. Universe magic. The stuff that's always been there since the beginning of time, although time has no true beginning, and that's another part of the story. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I have been appointed as chronicler of the events that transpired, so I'll try to tell it as best as I can, though it isn't a tale that lends itself to easy explanations.

The Twenty-first Century was a time of magic - magic run amok really, and so nobody saw it that way, or recognized it for what it was. They called it science. But it was magic too - a kind of the magic that saved the earth, though it came damn near to destroying it. The human race found science-magic before they were quite ready for it - before they had come to terms with other gentler parts of the Greater Magic, before they were able to really understand the way the whole thing worked, and how delicate a balance was required. You see, they hungered for knowledge, as they had been programmed to do. They longed for more, always more.

What they weren't able to realize until it was almost too late was that it was all there inside themselves, everything they dreamed of and desired.

UFO over Middle East: Thousands spot strange light in sky

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A strange cone shaped blue spiraling light was witnessed by hundreds of people across the Middle East on Thursday, leaving many unanswered questions. Although the Russians have claimed it was a successful balistic missile test, many are saying the object remains a mystery.

"Hundreds of Israelis called the Israel Police hotline on Thursday reporting they had seen an unidentified flying object glowing in the sky, leaving behind it a stream of smoke. The police's northern district said it was looking into the incident together with the Israeli Defense Forces but at this point they do not know what to make of it.

Israelis from across Israel – from Kiryat Malachi, Ashdod, Jerusalem, Givatayim, Petach Tikva and the Dead Sea reported seeing the object in the evening sky. The object was also seen outside Israel; in Lebanon, the news website Naharnet reported it that people across the country had also seen the object. Similar reports have also been reported as far north as the Syria-Turkey border.

According to Lebanese sources the unidentified flying object was a meteor though this is rejected by Yigal Pat-El, chairman of the Israeli Astronomical Association and director of the Givatayim Observatory.

Reading the Runes: The Great Awakening - Harvest, Reunion and the Elemental Powers

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This early morning I decided to draw some runes for the new era which is just now bringing the love energies of Venus into the fore. I decided to do a simple three card spread, reading from right to left.

The first Rune representing the Situation as it Is, was the thirteenth rune, Jera, or Harvest, meaning Fertile Season or One Year. It is the rune of beneficial outcomes, and applies to any activity or endeavour to which one is committed.

However, as with harvest, one must wait for the crop to ripen, and the drawing of this rune indicates some time must still pass before fruition. In the case of disclosure the rune is telling us that in the fall or harvest season we can expect to reap the benefits of the seeds we sow now, in the springtime.

The second rune speaks to the Course of Action called for. Isn't it ironic that this rune is the 20th rune, Raido - the meaning is a Journey, Communication, Union, Reunion. However the rune is reversed, indicating a delay, or a barrier to the reunion at present.

Livestream of Venus transit via NASA: watch live!

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Nasa is broadcasting the transit of Venus live:

In the early 1600's mankind actually figured out the distance to Venus, and indeed the size of the entire Universe, during the event that is about to occur...but that is a long story for another day. For now...people around the world are gathered once again to watch this incredible event, which will be broadcast live by NASA.

The Venus transit is also the beginning of a new cycle, one which heralds the return of the Divine Feminine, according to New Age beliefs. Thousands of people around the world will be meditating on world peace, love, and abundance for all. If you are interested in joining the video link above provides times for each specific time zone.

Here is another link to watch the Venus transit from Keck University.

'Summer of Love' 1960s-inspired fashion hot for summer of 2012

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My first attempt at a fashion article - trying out for a job blogging for a Montreal site so just thought I'd share with you beautiful people - after all - part of feeling good is looking good, and we already have the sixties love vibe happening here so all we need is our love beads and some tie dye and we're groovin'!  

love and light!




Retro chic is back with a nostalgic return to the 1960's for this summer's hottest looks. "Summer of Love" ethereal flowing bohemian style fabrics and prints promise romance, inspired perhaps by the Occupy movement's grassroots fight-the-establishment message, as the Age of Aquarius is ushered in with style!

Hot accessories are tribal and ethnic-inspired jewellery crafted from polished wood, bone and other nature-inspired materials.

Strange lights over Blue Springs Missouri: Mystery UFO's continue to baffle residents

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'They've inundated our newsroom with calls and e-mails... Those strange lights over Blue Springs....We still don't know what these things are, but we do know more people are seeing them, in fact we're still getting calls as we speak..." KCTV5 Missouri

Blue Springs residents aren't the only ones scratching their heads over the strange lights which have become frequent nocturnal visitors, the station reports.

Full story with links:

The Missouri UFO Network has been overwhelmed with the number of calls that they are getting from residents spotting the pulsing multi-coloured sphere in the sky.

Missouri's station KCTV5 has also been inundated with calls since a report May 24th was first aired, including calls from people from around the world confirming that they have seen the same glowing objects.


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