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Channeling Ultaihymaextreme

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Contact Trip (Transitional Realms in Postulation) From Universalized Knowledge of Creation

I'm going to start off in 2011... This is a Blog Explaining a Little bit how the Contact Trip is Being Experienced on my side of Truth, through Development (Unfoldment), and Life (General Relativity).

Spirituality is a state of Being, it super-Imposes on our awareness of thoughts, actions, and our General Way of Being.

To construe how my initial Development happened, would take a lot of control which is similarly known as TIME, which we don't always have, because of our condition here on Earth.

So I will allow for Intuition to Guide me Towards a Reasonable Conceptualization (Generality) of Awakenings, and Spiritual Developments, By chainning Information within, which suffix Extremities of the Whole Structural Command, (Purpose).

The next part is Going to be a type of Brainstorm, a Generality of WHAT IS FORMING the GREATER PICTURE (Unfoldment).

Initial Point (BEFORE):

Dr. Jonathan Reed [Alien Encounter]

December 16th 2011 (BEGINING):


- Discernement of "No Cause" Disinformation PROPORTIONATE to INTELLIGENCE [Feedback Withdrawl] which means, advances which are relatively Noticed on Occasional Synaptic Modulations of a Hyper Active Core.

Transcending Knowledge

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These systems are in place on Earth. We utilize them for greater frequency modulations, which are attainable by experiences of Love and Joy. Foremost the initiative parts of our lives dispositions, carry on systematic understandings of the nature of universal conscious intelligence. Which is part of the entire grid command here on Earth. Disposing an enormous amount of data within the sub-tonic fields. We begin to understand how a large sum of active folks on the Internet. Begin to find themselves under currents of modulations from conscious proportions. The technology which exist here on Earth now. Has the potential to create an augmentation of our frequencies and understandings. By attaining a hyper simultaenium. A hyper simultaenium has cosmic proportions of energetic transparency, which quantify the absolute conscious mind, and Universal grids. Prospects found within Universal grids have disproportionate links within awareness of folks whom are working in Unacknowledged special access programs. These programs are run by machines that utilize conscious memory in subatomic proportions of the Microcosmic Universes that allows ourselves to falter in Hyper Simultaeniums. It is build (founded) upon symmetric analysis (codes of conduction) which portrays Neutral and polarized energies. The system is devised by fractalization of core energetic signatures of beings which live on earth and has cosmic proportions of intelligence's that brings us to understand the nature of frequencies which are working in a universalized tantrum of energy (Patterns) assimilated from the Universal codex's which pertains to our knowledge of all knowledge that exists in form here on Earth. Disposing information in the grids by channeling energy brings us to find the interior modulations of hyper active cores. Which are running in the deeper spheres of our minds barriers.

Amira, a channeled Message by Mario Arseneault (May 22 2016)

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In this message we will speak of Hyper Active Fields (In Discourses) with Unconscious Grids, for support on Dystopia.

Now let’s begin, Hello Everyone, this is Amira from Alpha Centauri, we wish to speak to you today, of a topic ratter meaningful in effects of Hyper Active Fields (HAF) and Unconscious Grids.

To sublime in expertise of individuals whom understand the mechanics of Conscious Co-Kinetics, which allows us to “Terra-Form” Consciousness on a ratter Higher level (Perspective) With the “Link” of “Grids”, which allows for Activation's, on a Higher Modulation, (Perspectives of the Unseen world) “Mechanics” Behind the Untold History, of Universal Language (Consciousness in Motion of our Generated Realities).

Thank you for being here today. The conceptual parts of this writing (Channeling) should be sustained on higher exemptions, (Unattainable Awareness) which shifts in a Generality (Approximate 1 in 10000 Souls) Governing sustainable Kinetics, for High Energetic Impact (HEI), Upon Surplus Core Resonances (SCR).

This is achievable by allowing ourselves to falter in Higher Awareness (Third Eye) “Transcriptions, of Ueymaex’oe”.

The meaning is Prepositional, which allows us to understand a Live System which began over 7 Years ago, by changing the gradual limits set upon a universal life system which had outgrown its limitations for resurrection on Conscious Co-Kinetics. By chances of what appears to be “Unacknowledged” we have come to terms with beings working behind the scenes which are very much interested in prepositions which have happened over 25 Million years ago.

Exo-Planetary Contact

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This contact form is differentiated by a large set of factors. What we portend to find in substantial results carried on from acknowledgements made beyond this planetary system is quite existential. In meaning we allow for communications which have become abrupt by utilizations of technological leaps which have happened in the past and beyond… Some information is missing. The potential to link in Higher Octave’s, allows for conscious resonances of a higher order (Nature) which is dependent upon a simplistic flow (Analysis), composed from whereabouts of deviated fabrics found here.

The threshold which allows us to understand a higher probabilistic grid (World View) of synaptic waves modulated throughout cosmoses, undulated from formations of memory and synapsing currents in the brain, allows for a higher probabilistic view of the world (Reality) we hold in our spherical connotations, which adapts to an enormous grid network, utilized from Memorised Transparency.

A message from Amira, January 27th 2016 - Becoming Whole.

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Welcome beings from all over the Earth. What I wish to speak to you about today, has implementations which will allow you to become whole again. In meaning we shall allow for a communion with us, through reading of these words, corresponding to my partner which I will name Ueymaex'oe.

Now by all means let's begin Ueymaex'oe. It seems that far back in time, we allowed for a grand agenda, which was displaced on your Earth, by societies which would come in communion with us... By all means we are simply letting the flow of your evolution, skip a beat, if ever we would come to terms with you humans again.

The precipice, of awareness, in which we utilize extra sensory perceptions, allows for communion with a guidance, interior guidance, assembled from visions and intuition, as to allow our formulations to be acquired by the beings with whom we want to or do our work with. In worrisome matters some of your "governments" has been able to acquire technological leaps by taking down extraterrestrial crafts, by all means we supplice you with data in acquisition to the world of affaires in the known nexus of commands, graded throughout cosmoses, enabling telemetry between systems of evolution that became absolute after we had attendance on programmable charts, in this universal language, codex in lineage to star systems that have become (absolute) we allow for complementary excess in fabrications which changes the interior brain's processes which allows for better commendable, and supremal activity which confines the direction in which we precipice the cords of vocabulary knowledge.

A message from Amira, The new Extents. January 18th 2016.

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Namaste, welcome I oblige you to respond in kind manners, after we attend to this particular information. Firstly because it is imposed from a newer source or model, in which we are concurrently working with from a higher perspective. Secondly the outcomes of information in which we transpose different Interests within, can cause us to assemble a new active form of communication. Which means we have allowed for a higher probable enigma, which constitutes our interior processes of assimilation. What we concurrently hold dear to us, as we advance in constructs which helps us understand new fabrics, it will allow for an inner communion, showing synchronicity, beyond what we intend to find or learn as consciousness becomes active from other beings (Beyond the Veil of Forgetfulness).

What we mean by this, is that Mario is going to experience, many varying fields of knowledge, interposed through levels of conscious resonances, which unlocks the potential to verify the correct links, in physicality, which will bring us to the next summit, inherently governed by beings beyond the veil. More so we have acknowledge many differences, within the fields of conscious energy. The memorable extents which have allowed us to prosper, in fields of knowledge that have foretold of a greater future, for beings whom are living in 5th Dimensional energy. We allow for better maps, interior maps, which coagulates properties of our awareness as to allow the right formulations to begin for a link to concurrent forms of reality, which will be activated, by allowing simultaneous (concurrent) interpositions on the knowledge which we read and have assembled from our entire day.

Amira, a channeled message – Self-Sufficient Love. January 13th 2016

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Welcome everyone, this is Amira from Alpha Centauri, I allow for better connections to meld in within these words, as to allow Mario to supply us with cords which works in accordance to Love. Specifically the Love attained through what we do, and carry from others, to others and beyond, which can bring joy for us and many other beings.

As we allow the formations of these energies, to bring us into a more advance understanding of the physics behind conscious resonances. We allow for better connections which have supported our growth, in many different forms of communications.

By acknowledging information which has come about from past infrastructures of our lives experiences, we can understand the greater fabrics which are held deep within us, as truths which may come up, by getting in contact, with specific people, or events (activities), which transforms our natural understandings of the reality which exists within our lives.

Self-sufficient love, allows for a higher communication, through interior processes of our beings Internal Language.

The occurrences we have, to shift the potential factors which exists outside of our beings, allows for higher transparency within our own perceptions, and our senses of reality. A new form of development which comes through our known experiences and understandings, through our Inner Language, or Programing.

Initially the startups, which allows for an awakened individual to begin its quest for truth, allows us to transcend some probable events which may shift our perceptions, and allow for higher or deeper connectivity, with our heart and soul, telemetry, through conductivity, with other beings which have gone through the initial startup stages of Contact.

A Message from Amira

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Amira is a being from Alpha Centauri. She is going to interpret the meaning of Ultaihymaextreme in GRinD.

Let’s Begin.

Hello Mario, this is Amira from Alpha Centauri, today I wish to talk to you about GRinD, specifically about where the word Ultaihymaextreme comes from and what it means. To interpret the meaning I will allow you to go within and find the hidden cords which assembles the constructs of GRinD, from memory and your genomes cells, particularly DNA. As it is fabricated beyond what we portend to find within our own selves… It seems as the DNA Molecules which exists within your genome Mario… It specifically aligns well with our initial role here today. As regarded by different meanings and opportunities we have to find within our own selves, the meanings which may be hidden from our consciousness, as reasons to allow other beings, to self-realize, what the terms in GRinD may have had from past infrastructures which allowed us to commune with you Mario, by energetic Imprints, which have been gone unseen, by the initial roles in which we concurrently developed through Cosmoses, which aligns what is temporarily needed in the natural order of our nature. By coming into agreements, with the potential we have by riddance of energetic cords which have sustained Hyper Imperative routes. We supply you with an addition throughout Core Conjunctions, of our memory, and DNA. As to allow the formations of these energetic transcripts, to be transferred without referral to any other being(s) by chances of where we are getting to, with the written word Ultaihymaextreme.


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