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To rise in potential understandings, of the Galactic Beings, working through you.

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The frequencies, emitted from beings, which are temporarily in our lives, from an augmentation made within another transcriptional point in time… We say, additions to this document can come as a bit of a complexity, churning extremities, for access to connections which exists with these beings... More so additionally, the content transcribe in here, should be noted to come out of “grid expertise” -> (The fraction of seconds in which we come to understand from our genomes processes, connections made before we were born, to change the fabrics of our source code)... We can imply on a transportation, which is made from dialects of a super human mind...

Additionally what we call a super human, is one whom is capable of utilizing within psychic phenomena’s, (and is additionally able) “to transform” the initial causes, of our genomes augmentations, (to refine and enable), “new abilities”, (Senses), which are working for the betterment -> Usually while we are augmenting to another realm, for contact with beings, which are beyond. The process can be known to cause hallucinations -> (As the effects of transitioning from our genomes ability to connect to the other realms)... What we call the void, is the place where hallucinations may begin. And after finishing what is needed within a “contact trip”, (we can cross over, to find beings, additionally in their light bodies) “The ones whom are working and observing us” -> Once the connection is made, it simply brings us to new eventual advances, (in our timelines main management route)...

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Constructing from the Divine

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In creations as these we simply need to accept to surrender to the flow of energy which is being downloaded and received/transcribed here, as I initially move things around my room for affirmations of what I had forgotten on my table... My wallet, in which I went for a drive not too long ago and I thought I had my wallet on me... It seems I was wrong...

The energies are calm and relaxing, soothing... It seems it helps me forget things LOL… Not that I usually wouldn't forget but by the effects of the calm, it seems we are driven to do things which we may not be consciously aware of...

Simple things, we do simple things, small things, like putting my wallet on the table and completely figuring that it was with me the entire time...

It's kind of funny because I was driving with my Dog, which I love very much, and had as an Idea to go put gas in the car...

I don't know why but I was almost at the gas station and I just decided to not go tonight but to go tomorrow... It seemed as some kind of shift within, which caused me to have an explanation of why I did not want to go tonight…

I haven't slept since yesterday and man o' man the darkness and the lights of my car... It seemed like the road was jumping around while I was driving... My eyes are a bit tired, this could explain the road jumping around… lol

By all means, Constructing from the Divine is simply moving into parts of ourselves which are beyond the limits we have set which can cause disarray from our activities and more so choices...

A Chemical Fluid State

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What does this tell you, (About the Title)? A chemical Fluid State of Awareness… It seems that the Chemical Fluid State of Awareness can be known as multiple levels of vibrations which are flowing in and out, chemically forming an awareness which is beyond our own comprehensions until we get to the initial part of what the end of this message will have construed in its entirety with processes of assimilation and contemplations… Hyper transmissible routes and Dissolutions, which will link the properties of my current understandings which are beginning to grow as I am opening up channels for this energy to rise within me as to transfigure and transcribe initially without losing connections of the awareness I am utilizing from within a vortex contact space…

Additionally this should sustain the accords which will carry on the formations of these paragraphs to allow a higher attributable concept in-between our assimilations and concurrent transmissions, given they are held under the form of this chemical fluid state.

We thank you for remarks which were needed as we can link within time and space, (Localizations) of the energy emitted to construe the effects of the channel in greater receptive forms of our mutual connections which are made from (Outside Time and Space).

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Decoding Reality

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This message will transpose the initial effects of its title (Decoding Reality)… The processes which I am embarking in, has reality “In Chains”, which means… Firstly to decode matter we need to speed it up as to find out its contact initiative role, which can be transcribed by the effects of our capabilities, which can be known as being psychic with intuition which has been tremendously worked upon, within my entire life, as to give reason to allow the formations of my initial role, with my developments, to govern some applicant forms of our reality. Our reality (has been come to known) from the existences we have in this body, with attributions of many years of assimilations and processes of evolution… What concludes reality, is potentially linked in events which are interplayed silently (Unseen) from what we attend to find out and uncover as (Hidden Forces)… It has been come known as a picture which constantly shifts in and out of existence about twenty five thousand million or trillion times in mere seconds.

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Conduction Points for Assimilations

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The conduction points for assimilations are grounded deep beneath the surface of the Earth in some form of crystals acting out in our solar system, resonances which have been liable to sustain higher links to realities which exists concurrently in hidden realms, which are simply uncovered by the formulations which we are running on within these instances, what portrays at the exact moment of uncovering the hidden realms is TIMELESSNESS… It becomes a greater part of the totality of how we come to know if we are augmenting in our frequencies… If you notice time going by as “hours experienced in minutes” then we can comply on what we are beginning to transfer to, from the enactments of formulations that are beginning to align for higher connections to our innate abilities which may be discovered on the other side of the veil. As we cross into and over another dimension we come to understand the probable formulations that are being uncovered for techniques to greater forms of contact in existences. While implying on constructs which are changed by individuals whom have affected immediately the timelines, we are in a singularity which is exposed throughout our many lifetimes on this planet… The causes of the greater links to higher dimensions can be known as many attributions which are held under compression for analysis within our awareness (Decoding Reality) to formulate at better expenses what has always been there but simply gone unseen.

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Space Engineering

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Ok let’s see what I can wright about, on space engineering…

It seems that individuals whom have the capabilities to work in Space Engineering can be very intelligent as the way we work with technology which can send us to the moon, has many processes of assimilations to conduct the right formulations for the technology.

In other words what is disposed here can be accounted for on problems which may have been lead to secrecy, interchanged proponents of our conduit in subtle ways… By chances the effects gathered for postulations should be above normal…

It seems some engineers on this Planet can build in groups a space craft which can go too far away spaces in the galaxy… But it’s held under secrecy…

Some of what we came to know and understand is that Anti-Matter which is being gathered from particle accelerators can become a source of fuel for future crafts which may become in time of our space exploration programs and advancements beyond Earths orbital field.

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A message to help Humanity

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Guidance which comes from our own knowledge and experiences which are transformative while allowing events to unfold, gradually without causation of judgments or critics, can probably cause effects which seems similar to a neutral perspective on thoughts which are interchanged daily by individuals, as we have conversations and such etc.

The potential we have within, can be differentiated by processes of assimilation, which we concurrently have as a system within that causes us to bring on properties of the effects carried on by past assimilations.

Concurrent Nodes Adjacent to Infinity, had a purpose in its existence, what this purpose is may be unknown, but the fabrics which shifts while something as perceptions, which can be carried on to other individuals (Assimilate Within) an aspect of energy, which is held under currents of our consciousness, impartial to the effects of the subconscious or super conscious etc. The propositions carried on by effects (triggers) which allows the "assimilated perception" to rise, is attributable to a formation of conscious resonance which is linked to our knowledge from experiences which can be put aside, or never "attained" until we have construed the effects of assimilations...

The bigger picture seems to have partials of a totality which exists infinitely, in many different forms of energy which is transposed from consciousness to allow processes which assimilates links to higher apertures that causes us to end up with a formulation, which can be known as a concept, vision, picture, realization and many more constructs which have tendency to disperse while it is NOT the time to have, from the trigger, the effects of its existence.

Gathering The Excess

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What we mean by Gathering the Excess is proportionately linked to cosmic alliances which have conditions of the energetic transmissions in postulations which interconnects Hyper Active Grids in systems that utilizes conscious energy emitted in a multidimensional timetable, which is construed by implementations of Higher Octave Chains, inherited by the processes of assimilation, while we transcode information which is adaptable to our conscious resonances by chances of what we accumulate while Gathering the Excess.

The liability hidden behind implementations which have causations of higher attributable links (Connections) to systems which may be "Out There" has us in wonderful contact (Transmissions) of the initial causes which are gathered for accountability by beings which are working thoroughly day in day out to advance the necessary steps needed to have an augmentation to another transcriptional point in time, which heralds attributes of an alliance far away in the galactic planes...

As additions to our constructs have perpetuated frequencies which are gathering higher probable formations of our contact codes in Assimilations... We subdue facts which are held under secrecy for advances in these writings while we coalesce properties of an advance nature which is multiplied by the core extensions found within cosmoses (The process).

Perpetuated forms of galactic awareness which construes from a consciousness of another level of resonance than ours... We can implement teachings which are held under currents of changes by exemptions of laws which were created for advances in fields of physicality...

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Processes of Assimilation

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The content received in this writing can be linked to grand alignments from my ongoing awakened dream state. The processes of assimilation can conduct insertions of energetic confines (Compressed Energy) manifested as (Remap Occurrence Calls) which are given to substantiate the indifferences which levels out the waves (Modulated) for higher coherency in our liquid states of awareness (Receptions).

Assimilations can bring contents of a higher dispersion within our conceptual remarks, which detains liable forms of our own awareness to comply within structural synaptic waves, which undulates the extensions which halts the effects of our resonances to higher conditions (From our Existence).

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Awakening from our Dream State

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To wake up from your dream state...

It seems that what we gather from our awakening state, once we come out of our dream state, we can find enlightening proportions to what we uncover while we are within dream states...

These dream states are the same as when we are sleeping, except we are awake and aware... Simply in a type of dream state where we can make better usage of our creational capacities, as we encode or decode the world from within.

The awakened dream state is something very special, it seems to interconnect parts of a totality, working systems which we can disrupt and cause new venues to be implemented... The Ideas and the formations of constructs which we can work with is very conducive... Meaning it seems to interpersonalize the concepts attributable to higher consciousness while we are in semi awakened states, but simplified to the purpose of our dream states.

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