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Divine Light transmission - October 6, 2013 at 9pm-midnight Eastern timezone

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October 6, 2013 9pm - midnight (Tewksbury, MA timezone)

Divine Light transmission

Join remotely and tune in as per your capacity.  Like, message or intend to be there.

Thank you Divine Light and thank you all.  

These transmissions are for all Souls in all space, time, and dimensions.  When i say tune in per your capacity it means each receives as each is ready.  Let go, be you and receive what is rightfully yours; harmony.

love and light,

Facebook group Divine_Light_Transmissions

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Welcome to tonight's Divine Light transmission from 9pm-midnight (Tewksbury, Ma timezone EST)  For more information please view  http://harmoniouslyprofitable.com

Like, message or intend to be there.

also feel free to join Divine_Light_Transmissions group which is open to all but closed for comments so only group members can see each others can comments.  All members can invite new members.  

Lots of love and light to all.  Thank you Divine Light!

Divine Light transmission 9pm-midnight Boston, MA (EST)

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Welcome any and all to a 3 hour (participate as per your capacity) Divine Light transmission.  9pm-midnight Boston, MA USA eastern time zone.  Like, message or intend to be there.  :-)

It is a space where you can readily connect with your Self and the Oneness.  Where the results vary but the same end goal is realizing You.  And then spreading it across your life existence such that others may find themSelf.

For more information view:



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