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Divine Light transmission from 9pm-midnight Boston, MA

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After spending two awesome days with Wonderwoman and Volcanowoman up in Montreal with Nim Karole Baba (Ron Mulè from nyc); we all went to St Adele for darshan with Mother Meera, MegaShaktiMama.

Tonight will be a Divine Light transmission from 9pm- midnight (Boston, MA)

More information at http://harmoniouslyprofitable.com

Thank you Divine Light, thank you all.

Divine Light transmission 9pm-11pm eastern time

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Welcome back for a Divine Light transmission tonight, from 9pm-11pm.  Boston time (Eastern Standard)

Like, message, or intend to be there :-)

Thank you Divine Light!


For more understanding please view:


Divine Light transmission 9pm-11pm transmission

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Welcome to tonight's Divine Light transmission; from 9pm-11pm eastern standard time.

See you soon!

more information can be found at 



love and light


DiViNe LiGhT tRaNsMiSsIoN 9:30pM - 12:30aM eSt

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Please feel free to join for a Divine Light transmission; from wherever in the Creation you are it is possible to receive.

For more understanding of what this is please view:



If you enjoy your experience please consider making a love offer to this GFP site, or any charity / nonprofit / cause you believe.  But the idea is to spread the Love in all forms and Formlessness.  


Love and Light


Divine Light transmission

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Thank you all who participated in Thursday's Divine Light transmission.  Next one Sunday night from 8pm-11pm. Boston, MA time (EDT)

Please feel free to join; if you enjoy please send a love share to GFP to support their ongoing efforts :-)

harmoniouslyprofitable.com  for more information :-)

Divine Light transmission 7pm-10pm Boston,Ma

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Tonight's Divine Light transmission will be from 7pm-10pm (Boston, MA)

Thank you Divine Light for the new jobs you have provided our household!  We will continue on with these free transmissions in Your service.  

if you would like to send money please send it to, www.kriya.org; www.soundofheart.org; or any charity you personally believe in.

Thank you all, and Thank you Divine Light.

Aum Tat Sat Aum

Divine Light transmission 10pm-1am from Old Orchard Beach, Maine

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Ok i am up at Old Orchard Beach, Maine for the night.  An where better to transmit Divine Light than the ocean.

10pm-1am Eastern Time.  Message to join comment on blog.  Better yet just tell the God yes and see how it affects you :-)

Tune in remotely and receive.  harmoniouslyprofitable.com for more information regarding process.  If you are inclined to send money do not; please give to any charity on my site or any charity you personally like.


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