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BIG Energy Update This Week! 22nd – 28th October 2012. We are finally ascending!

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I write monthly and weekly energy updates for my Facebook page - Lightworker Community. You will see this pinned to the top of my page with a pink butterfly underneath if you wish to keep up with the updates. This post is exactly how I have written it for my page.

Last week we ushered in our new beginnings, but there was also a bit of uncertainty in the air with all of the changes being made. Hopefully you all saw my post on this and took a moment to check in with yourself that the changes you have made still feel good? Once we did this, we could all breathe a bit easier as we knew deep down we were still on the right track! So, what does this week have in-store for us? Well, firstly I wanted to let you all know that I think we have pretty much finished the ascension process!! Woo Hoo!! This means that once we all get properly aligned to our new paths (new energetic space), then we will all start to feel happy and safe once again. This has been so long in coming that most of us have forgotten what this feels like! I can tell you that I got to this space at the latter part of last week, although didn’t realise this until I started to write the update tonight! I have to tell you that it feels awesome! Don’t panic if you don’t feel it yet as this is a gradual process and some will go before others to anchor in the new energy to create more energy for everyone else to arrive. I think this is the biggest and best news of my update!

However, I am sure you would like to hear what the energy is doing this week, so here it is. The BIG words I am getting through for this week are INITIATION, WHOLENESS, SELF LOVE and FORGIVENESS.

Does your Intuition feel good or bad?

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I felt the need to post this as I feel that we all want to connect more with our guides and angels at present.  So to start with, I wanted to share with you a youtube video called a Guided Meditation Meeting Your Spirit Guide.  Here is the link: I found this meditation to be really useful and I still use it now. 

I know that a number of people would like to communicate with their guides as they see psychics do, however there are a number of ways to hear your guides, not just by being clairvoyant (vision).  There are the other 'clairs' which are; Clairaudience (hearing/listening), Clairsentience (feeling/touching), Clairalience (smelling), Claircognizance (knowing) and Claigustance (tasting). 

The best way overall, in my view, is just connecting with yourself and listening or feeling what your intuition is telling you.  Practice how things make you feel.  Even though I am clairaudient and clairsentient, so I hear and feel my guides clearly, I always check in with how I feel about something.  Does it feel good or bad?  For example, say you are offered two jobs and both look the same on paper, how do you choose?  See how they make you feel!  One should make you feel better than the other and that is your intuition letting you know which is the better choice.  I normally feel 'the feeling' in my stomach, but everyone's different and you need to find ways of feeling and listening to your own intuition.

Ascension - The Energy Hangover!

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I decided to write this after having a conversation with a friend about moving into the 4th dimension.  As lightworkers, we are continually striving to get to and stay in the 4th dimension.  I was at that point throughout most of June and then landed with a splat back into the 3rd dimension which was a bit of a shock.  I hadn't really grasped what was happening until I asked for some help!  So I wanted to share this with you all as we are probably all going through the same thing. 

I started to do some research and found an excellent guide at

It says that we use the first 3 chakra's more when living in 3D which signify life energy (base), sexuality (sacral) and power (solar plexus), whereas in the 4D we use the higher chakra's more frequently, which signify love (heart), communication & empathy (throat) and spiritual & psychic (brow).  As these are used more frequently we move away from self to unity with others without the need for control.  We are awakening are psychic connections with spirit in 4D and I know that I hear my guides and higher self a lot more clearly when in 4D.  It's like everything becomes crystal clear and I know instinctively what to do.

We have all had a lot of different ailments, such as headaches, tiredness, flu like symptoms and we know these are all happening because we are ascending.  Some days you will be in 4D and others you will be in 3D as currently not enough of us are vibrating at the higher level to be able to stay in 4D all the time.  Hopefully, this will change quickly as having lived in 4D for most of June I do not want to be in 3D anymore! 

7/7/12 Energies & Beyond

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Did you all feel the huge energy download on 7/7/12?!  I certainly did and it left me feeling very tired and a bit spacey!  So, I felt that I should add to my previous blog on clearing after yesterday's energies.

As I said before, we have been grounding the energies from June up to 7/7/12, ready to put it all into action for the rest of the month.  As everything is moving at an intense speed it felt right to pull a couple of cards to see what is going on!

I have chosen the Goddess Guidance oracle cards by Doreen Virtue this time as July is also about balancing the masculine and feminine energies.  I have pulled two cards and they are definitely in tune with what I wanted to talk about!  The first card is 'Aeracura - Blossoming' and it says "You are just getting started, so have patience with yourself and the process, and do not give up."  I think we are all feeling a bit like we have gone through the washing machine on a deep cycle, then straight into the dryer which has left us feeling a bit frazzled!  This card is showing us that we need to be patient as we have just finished drying out and we are now starting to blossom.  I love the word 'blossoming', it says to me that we are coming into our power and everything is going in the right direction.  They say patience is a virtue, but it is also really hard work!  I have been learning the art of patience all my life and even though I understand that things happen when the time is right it is still hard when you want to manifest everything right now!  So, for all of you that feel like me know that all the hard work you have done is starting to come together.  The best way to do this is to stop for a moment and look back on what you have achieved and how far you have come and be proud of yourself!

Clearing, Clearing & More Clearing!

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Phew, what a rollacoaster of a month June was!!  It felt like it flew by, yet at the same time I got so much done it felt like a year has passed!  For the first two weeks of June, all I did was clear, then clear some more.  I did more clearing in the space of two weeks than in the whole of last year.  June brought up a whole bunch of stuff I thought I had worked through, especially in terms of relationships! 

Now July is here and I have to say the energies are a lot easier to digest!  Although the last couple of days I have found quite heavy going and feel very tired.  My guides are telling me that I am still grounding all the energies fom June and by Saturday 7th July things will feel a lot brigher and fresher!

July has a very exciting feel to it and we all need to get out there and have some fun!!  There should be lots of social events happening this month and you deserve to let your hair down after all the hard work we did in June. Now is the time to enjoy yourself with family and friends and have some fun.

This is the month when we finish grounding everything we have learnt over the last 6 months of 2012 and the fruits of our labour start to show themselves.  Don't worry if things have been a bit stop/start recently as all this is about to change, but we may not see this properly until August, so be patient!

I have chosen to pull one card for the month of July 2012 from The Romance Angels oracle card deck by Doreen Virtue as relationships seem to be key to this month's energy.

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