Does your Intuition feel good or bad?

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I felt the need to post this as I feel that we all want to connect more with our guides and angels at present.  So to start with, I wanted to share with you a youtube video called a Guided Meditation Meeting Your Spirit Guide.  Here is the link: I found this meditation to be really useful and I still use it now. 

I know that a number of people would like to communicate with their guides as they see psychics do, however there are a number of ways to hear your guides, not just by being clairvoyant (vision).  There are the other 'clairs' which are; Clairaudience (hearing/listening), Clairsentience (feeling/touching), Clairalience (smelling), Claircognizance (knowing) and Claigustance (tasting). 

The best way overall, in my view, is just connecting with yourself and listening or feeling what your intuition is telling you.  Practice how things make you feel.  Even though I am clairaudient and clairsentient, so I hear and feel my guides clearly, I always check in with how I feel about something.  Does it feel good or bad?  For example, say you are offered two jobs and both look the same on paper, how do you choose?  See how they make you feel!  One should make you feel better than the other and that is your intuition letting you know which is the better choice.  I normally feel 'the feeling' in my stomach, but everyone's different and you need to find ways of feeling and listening to your own intuition.

I will give you an example of how I should have used my intuition last week!  I normally have a massage every couple of weeks, but my regular masseuse was unavailable, so I decided to try a new place.  The website felt good, so I booked a massage and off I went.  However, when I got there the place was locked, as you have to ring a bell before you can go in, no-one answered me for ages.  My intuition told me to leave then, but I really wanted a massage!  Finally, someone answered and then I was kept waiting for 20mins!  I then went into the massage room and it was not the cleanest of places and my intuition was screaming at me by this point for me to say no thank you and go.  I still continued and the lady that did the massage was awful, it was like she had not been trained at all.  I couldn't stand it any longer and 10mins into the massage I asked to leave and offered to pay for the 10mins I had received. 

I did ask my guides why the website had felt good at the time of booking, as I didn't understand that part.  They said it was a test I had set myself to see if I could actually speak my truth in a situation in which I felt uncomfortable, as I do not like hurting people's feelings!  I have been doing a lot of clearing on my throat chakra recently, so all this made sense.  Plus, this is a great example to myself and others, always trust your intuition!!



trust your intuition

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Thank you for this message! I loved the narrative about the massage parlor. Locked doors, lol, maybe not the right kind of massage to a different clientele,


I will try your method for getting into better touch with guides. That would help me.





Thank you for your comment,

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Thank you for your comment, the first part made me laugh!  I didn't think of that when I wrote it!  But it was definitely a beauty parlour and they lock the door when someone is not on reception as they are with customers, just so everyone is clear!!  Lol


Would be lovely to hear how you get on with the meditation.


Love & Light



guided meditation

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Well, I just tried the guided meditation for the first time. Much of the time I did not see what I was told to see - I saw other things. But I DID see the violets on the way in, there were so many of them!!! A guide did come to me but I couldn't really see him - it was a him - and I asked him many questions, and about my overwhelming fears that I have at times. He said that I had been working in very dark density and had fought battles, and sometimes lost. That I have to realize that these were very long ago, even longer ago than the histories I have been studying, and that I should not try to remember them. Oh - I also asked him why so much violence in this life and he said, "It was necessary." and would not talk about why. I asked him questions about the future and he said that he would not answer questions about the future. He did not tell me his name, and I didn't ask, and I forgot to ask for the gift!!! There was at one point a dark cloud off to the side but I told it to go away and it did. And then he said he needed to leave, and when we said goodbye I caught a glimpse of his face! His arms were raised and I saw his face and it was kind and fierce at the same time. I caught my breath, and he said "Yes, that is my face..." and then he was gone. LOL then I unpaused the meditation and it said to start saying goodbye to your guide and thanking the guide, but he was already floating away. So in my mind I shouted "Thank you, please come back someday soon!"


I e-mailed the link to myself so I can try it again. I did not see the forest, I saw sworls of light and cloud around me. But I did feel and hear the swishing of the grass in the meadow, the grass was tall and I was wearing a long skirt. It was a very nice experience.


Thank you!





Thank you so much for

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Thank you so much for sharing, it really brightened my day.  It is interesting that it was quite a dark meditation.  Are you protecting yourself fully before you open up?  I have a lovely white light prayer that I use.  Here it is below.  You can use this whenever you feel like it and it is a lovely way to start the day.  The more you do the meditation the more you will connect and will find that different guides come through. x


White Light Prayer

I stand before you God

completely protected and safe,

in the Glory of your love & light.

All truth, wisdom & knowledge

be bestowed upon me,

that I may go forth in the glory

of your name, for the benefit

of all mankind.

I ask these things in your namesake, Amen.

I am surrounded by the Divine White Light of the

Christ through which nothing negative can penetrate.

Archangel Michael, please protect me.  Thank you.


Sarah Shepherd thank you

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Thank you for the divine white light prayer of protection.  I have copied it and e-mailed it to myself, and plan to write it out on paper and post it on the wall once I get moved. There is so much to do and I am so frazzled... when I wake up in the morning I tend to put myself back to sleep because I can't stand it...I think the "darkness" of the meditation was something that came through me, not the guided meditation itself. Since I used to trance, it makes sense that I would have difficulty following a guided meditation, should have listened to it first so I'd know what was intended to happen, LOL. Thinking about it, I am not sure about the past life references, since I have had "true" past life memories and "false" past life memories and it is sometimes hard to discern. But definitely in THIS lifetime I have been working in very dark densities much of the time, just trying to get through it with as much love and laughter as i can muster up. The guide's face was beautiful, but as I said, also stern, and now that you mention it, it seems odd that my spirit guide would not be more welcoming and kind. That he would not let me see his face until he left. That if I have been "working in" dark densities, he would not say that I had done good work...because I know I have.





I'm so glad you liked the

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I'm so glad you liked the white light prayer and I know it will help.  For some reason I feel really drawn to you and perhaps that was the reason I needed to post the blog!  I would like to offer you some free distance healing as I feel I should help you and take a look at your chakras as I have a feeling that is what is making you so tired.  I also have a unified chakra process and some others things I can send that I use when I feel tired or have a headache which clears it immediately, it's amazing.  My guides tell me I should use it everyday and I am trying to.  It is too long to put on here, but I can email it to you.  If you go to my website at the top of the blog you will find my contact info.  Please send me an email and I will scan it and send it to you.  We can also arrange a date if you would like some distance healing.  I normally charge for this, not much but still anyone reading this please do not ask me for this for free, this is a one off because I feel guided to do so!!  I also have info of how I work under Reiki treatments, so have a look and let me know.  I am away for a bit until mid August, so we can sort something out when I get back if you would like.


Love & light