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Want a Miracle?

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spiritual_practiceWe spend way too much time in spiritual practices trying to leave our bodies. We try to go to the Other World instead of consciously bringing more of our soul into our physical bodies. When we integrate matter and spirit – real miracles happen.

We have heard the old worn out line, “We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.” This is true and the rest of the truth is that our life purpose is not to become more spiritual. We can’t do that anyway. We are already as spiritual as we can possibly be. Our life purpose is to recognize that we are spirit in matter and to become fully human, using our individual Divine gifts to the utmost. That’s the real purpose of being on Earth.

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Sunday Message: A wake up call for the Light Workers of the World!

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This is not my usual musings, but rather a message which I received and believe to be more important for today. Many of us are playing the waiting game. We’re waiting for something to happen, and we’re focusing all of our energy on that. We’re forgetting we didn’t come here to DO another life. We have a life, a perfect life in fact, which we left in order to fulfill a certain mission (purpose) here on Earth. While we’re fulfilling this mission it is of course permissible to enjoying the life we are creating here by doing that which we love. We are after all creative beings! But let’s not forget our purpose.

On Friday, with the Lions Gate, a higher frequency of Light started streaming in from the Cosmos, permeating everything and everyone, and the very air that you breathe. This Light is the highest frequency of Divine Love this planet has ever before experienced. It has great potential and will help bring about much change by bringing to the surface a lot of negative energy that has been stored in the memory banks of our mass consciousness for a very long time. It is up to us, the Light workers of the world to work in partnership with our Higher Selves to transmute this negative energy.

We are the grounded ones and it is up to us to INITIATE THE INTENTION. Our Higher Self will ensure that our intention is carried out.

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