Sunday Message: A wake up call for the Light Workers of the World!

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This is not my usual musings, but rather a message which I received and believe to be more important for today. Many of us are playing the waiting game. We’re waiting for something to happen, and we’re focusing all of our energy on that. We’re forgetting we didn’t come here to DO another life. We have a life, a perfect life in fact, which we left in order to fulfill a certain mission (purpose) here on Earth. While we’re fulfilling this mission it is of course permissible to enjoying the life we are creating here by doing that which we love. We are after all creative beings! But let’s not forget our purpose.

On Friday, with the Lions Gate, a higher frequency of Light started streaming in from the Cosmos, permeating everything and everyone, and the very air that you breathe. This Light is the highest frequency of Divine Love this planet has ever before experienced. It has great potential and will help bring about much change by bringing to the surface a lot of negative energy that has been stored in the memory banks of our mass consciousness for a very long time. It is up to us, the Light workers of the world to work in partnership with our Higher Selves to transmute this negative energy.

We are the grounded ones and it is up to us to INITIATE THE INTENTION. Our Higher Self will ensure that our intention is carried out.

I want to bring to your attention that each time you ground or anchor your light, your Higher Self is grounding negative energy through you also, so you’re not only receiving the highest frequency of Divine Love this planet has ever experienced, you are also helping to clear negative energy. And so it is important to release all your negative energy on a regular basis or else you will be sensitive to the negative energy being grounded through you.

You may be wondering now why negative energy is being grounded into the Earth. Gaia has the ability to transmute all negative energy, but she cannot do it alone. She needs YOU to play your part in the process. This is your purpose here. This is the reason you came here as Light Bearers and anchor points for the purest Divine Light now being received from the Cosmic Heart of Creation.

Bear in mind your Higher Self is grounding Light through you constantly, but it is always more powerful when you are working in partnership and in tandem with your Higher Self and Core Power.

You can also transmute negative energy through the use of the Violet Flame. This tool has been given to us for this very purpose, but very few Light Workers are using the Violet Flame to its full potential. We have the power and the ability to use it with the intention of transmuting the negative energy ALL OVER THE ENTIRE PLANET, NOT JUST ONE AREA.

Remember everything happens with intention and ALL IS POSSIBLE!

“Beloved, there are legions of Angels and Light Beings just waiting for your command. Allow us to help you clear negative energy. If all of you did this two or three times a day for just 5 or 10 minutes, you would very quickly clear the negative energy around the world. Negative energy that is not transmuted creates more negative energy. It has a snowball effect.

We want you to realize that with the opening of Lions Gate, the Earth is receiving more incoming Light which means more negative energy is coming to the surface to be released. Most of this negative energy has been locked away within your memories, in some cases for many hundreds and thousands of years. This is negative energy that has been stored within your collective consciousness.

Beloved, all incoming Light is pure Divine Love consciousness, and it displaces and brings to the surface all that is not love within your consciousness and your collective consciousness.

This message is intended for you to understand that your mission and life purpose is to help raise the Light quotient on the Planet. This you have undertaken and understood at the time of your incarnation. More and more of you are awakening each day. Together as Light Bearers you have the power to eradicate all the negative energy on Earth very quickly. But remember your mission is not yours alone. It was never intended to be yours alone.

Let us stand together in One Unified Consciousness, united as grounded Beings of Light to create the New Earth and a new reality.”

You are not alone here. You are a grounded Light Being and when you work together with your Higher Self you are working with that part of YOU that holds your Core Power and your FULL POTENTIAL.

First and foremost be mindful of what it is you came here to achieve through your life’s purpose. The rest will happen with ease and grace. Have faith and you will see.

We leave you with our Blessing and our Love.


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