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Using Meditation to Overcome Ego

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Waking Times, By: Debbie West, 10/22/2013


In order to combat the harmful illusion of self that is created by our ideals of who we are based on past experiences and judgments of ourselves and others, we must overcome the ego. The ego-self is created by a complex and powerful overlay of our mind that is designed as a shield to protect us from harm and suffering. The ego unchecked over time expands, falsifying our idea of true self. The result is an unbalanced, disconnected, external self focused solely on safety and attachments with narcissistic concerns about appearance and position, yearning for admiration and superiority and bogging us down with negative and false fear-based thoughts of judgment, anger and resentment. In the quest to overcome the false self or ego self, many have turned to meditation practices which detoxify our minds, cleanse the soul, and reactivate our higher self connection to a universal and compassionate consciousness. It has been proven that positive thoughts and a joyful outlook, combined with a forgiving nature filled with love and gratitude, have the capacity to heal our minds and bodies. Using meditation ignites the spiritual connection within us so frequently manipulated by our ego’s desire to be in charge.


Boulder's Sun Cups makes candies without peanuts, tree nuts, gluten and GMOs

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Dailycamera.com, By: Cindy Sutter, 10/29/2013

This time of year, most parents worry about their kids eating too much candy. Others have to worry about their children eating any candy at all, since it might have or be contaminated with peanuts or tree nuts, both of which can cause life-threatening allergic reactions in children with allergies. Those looking for alternatives can turn to a Boulder company, which makes Sun Cups -- a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup-type confection made with sunflower seed butter -- as well as several other candies.


For more on this story visit www.dailycamera.com

'Fracking is safe,' says Government's own health body

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By: Charlie Cooper, 10/31/2013

Fracking involves drilling down into the earth and blasting water, sand and chemicals into shale rock to release the gas inside. The British Geological Survey estimates there could be 1,300 trillion cubic feet of shale gas in the north of England and with pressure on the UK’s energy supply becoming ever greater, the Government is keen to begin capitalising on it.


However, the extraction technique, which is already used on a commercial scale in a number of countries including the USA, has raised a number of health and environmental concerns. Gas company Cuadrilla halted operations in 2011 after fracking was blamed for earth tremors in Blackpool, but a government review later concluded fracking was safe if properly monitored.


For more on this story visit http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/fracking-is-safe-says-governments-own-health-body-8916189.html

Judge defeats challenge to ‘medical gag order’ on health risks from fracking

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By: RT.com, 10/31/2013

A gas flare burns at a fracking site in rural Bradford County, Pennsylvania.(Reuters / Les Stone)

Pennsylvania authorities have denied a doctor the right to challenge a so-called “medical gag rule” that prevents him and other physicians from warning the public about the health dangers associated with fracking. Dr. Alfonso Rodriguez of Dallas, Pennsylvania filed a lawsuit against the state last year, asserting that Act 13 of 2012 forces medical professionals to enter “a vague confidentiality agreement” that prevents them from having a completely honest dialogue with patients.


Jamye Price ~ Weekly LightBlast - Forging Ahead

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By; Jamye Price, 10/31/2013

All in your universe is influenced by movement.  Movement, or change, is a constant in your universe, though the pace is available to your influence.  You reside within a set of rules that have a balance of creation within them.  Your dimensional expression is the result of rules and you interact within them.  Here you discover your limitless nature as you integrate a set of rules and expand beyond them.  This is universal law; that you are subject to your own frequency.  You are born into a collective experience with a separate physical body and identity.  From this reflective balance, you move and change.  The Self integrates, moves and the collective is affected.  The choice of many individuals influences this change, but it must begin within you.  A choice is not a word spoken, it is a library of vibrational information that shapes form, at first unseen.  What then, does your vibration speak into the ethers?


Aisha North ~ A short update on the energies – part 2

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By: Aisha North, 10/31/2013

Today will be an a important day as it will bring much clarity to so many of you. We speak not of the trivial things that may still confound you in your everyday life, no we speak of grander things, things that will help you all to see this world of yours in a brand new light. For you are about to enter a corridor of light that will accelerate every thought you have, and with it, the speed in which you will see it start to come into manifestation. And no, this is not as in from rags to riches, this is something far more profound, something that will help you all to reach ever deeper within you and find the key you have been searching for all along.

Eyes of the Nation on Colorado Towns' Fracking Fight

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Commondreams.org, By: Lauren McCauley, 10/30/2013

In what many are calling the new "ground zero" in the national fight against fracking, the toxic gas and oil extracting process is on the ballot in four Colorado towns where citizens are taking on the heavyweights of the fossil fuel industry. Following the example of Longmont, which last year became the first Colorado city to ban fracking, next Wednesday, voters in Boulder, Broomfield, Lafayette and Fort Collins will have the opportunity to choose whether or not they support the controversial extraction method of shale oil and gas in their communities.


For more on this story visit www.commondreams.org

Amish Girl Forced Into Experimental Chemotherapy Is Taken Out of U.S. and Recovers with Natural Treatment

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Prevent Disease, By: Editor, 10/30/2013

Early in October 2013, the entire nation heard about how Sarah Hershberger, a 10-year old Ohio Amish girl with leukemia (now recovered), was being forced into a two-year unproven experimental chemotherapy study by Akron Children’s Hospital (ACH). Parents reported this week the child is fully recovered through natural treatments.


It was just learned the parents, Andy and Anna Hershberger, took their significantly recovered daughter out of the United States before the court ruled that a hospital-affiliated, attorney-nurse, Maria Schimer, was made the medical guardian to make sure Sarah will get her treatments. Schimer is General Counsel (chief legal advisor) for Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED), a close affiliate and business partner of the hospital. According to Andy, Ms. Schimer has never met Sarah or him and his wife and they were never told their child was being used in a research study--among other things.


Cannabis Plants Pop up All Over Germany as Form of Protest

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Naturalsociety, By: Christina Sarich, 10/27/2013

marijuana germany2 263x164 Cannabis Plants Pop up All Over Germany as Form of Protest

In the small, university town of Gottingen, Germany, a handful of autonomously acting ‘Flower Children’ have decided to rogue-plant cannabis seed in the hundreds of thousands as an act of defiance against the ‘demonization’ of a plant that has been proven to treat multiple ailments. To put it in simper terms, citizens are planting cannabis plants randomly throughout the town to really show officials what the people want.


The pro-marijuana supporters point to Germany’s restrictive laws, and many comment on the plants abilities to do more than just get people high. Police continue to pull the plants up, no matter where they sprout, and often mistake non-cannabis plants as the work of the activists. They have been told to be vigilant about removing anything that looks like cannabis.



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