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Ukranian Protests Ending, Ukranian President Gives In To Protestor's Demands

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This is great news! It was recently looking like a violent revolution might happen in the Ukraine, but their president has just agreed to the protestors demands. Here's more on the story from the BBC:

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and opposition leaders have signed a deal leading to an early presidential poll before the end of the year.

The election is part of an agreement to end the country's political crisis.

The deal provides for a national unity government, electoral reform and constitutional changes reducing the president's power.

The compromise came after hours of talks, mediated by three European Union foreign ministers.

The German and Polish ministers met demonstrators in Kiev's Independence Square before announcing that protest leaders backed the deal.

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Food packaging chemicals may be harmful to human health over long term

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sciencedaily.com - 2/19/14, BMJ-British Medical Journal


Supermarket. The synthetic chemicals used in the packaging, storage, and processing of foodstuffs might be harmful to human health over the long term, warn environmental scientists. This is because most of these substances are not inert and can leach into the foods we eat, they say

The synthetic chemicals used in the packaging, storage, and processing of foodstuffs might be harmful to human health over the long term, warn environmental scientists. This is because most of these substances are not inert and can leach into the foods we eat, they say. Despite the fact that some of these chemicals are regulated, people who eat packaged or processed foods are likely to be chronically exposed to low levels of these substances throughout their lives. And far too little is known about their long term impact

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Italy overturns 'absurd' drug law equating marijuana and hard drugs

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By: RT.com, 02/14/2014

AFP Photo / Luis Robayo

(AFP Photo / Luis Robayo)

Italy’s constitutional court has overturned a controversial law equating cannabis with cocaine and heroin. The decision could see around 10,000 people released from the country’s overburdened jails. The court ruled the law was “illegitimate,” without elaborating further.


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Hawaii Council Member Introduces Bill to Urge Pesticide and GMO Disclosure

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By: The Alternative Daily, 02/08/2014


Elle Cochran, a council member in Maui County, Hawaii, has proposed a bill at the county level to require agricultural operations to disclose their use of genetically modified crops and pesticides to the public. The state of Hawaii currently has some regulations on pesticides in place, however, Cochran asserts, “The current requirements are simply not good enough for this community. Most protection standards put in place protect the workers, but require little to no protection notification to surrounding communities. This legislation is meant to alleviate this oversight.”


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Human Footprints Dating Back 800,000-Year Discovered In Norfolk UK

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By: MessageToEagle.com, 02/08/2014

Archeologists have discovered some of the human footprints on the beach at Happisburgh on the Norfolk, East of England. The prints, thought to be more than 800,000 years old, were found in silt on the beach at Happisburgh on the north-east coast of the county. "Scientists believe the prints, which were probably made by five different people, are direct evidence of the earliest known humans in northern Europe, reports Daily Express.

Dr Nick Ashton from the British Museum said it was "an extraordinarily rare discovery". The prints were found at low tide when heavy waves washed away much of the beach sand to briefly expose the silt and scientists rushed to take photographs of them before they were eroded by the sea.


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U.N. Panel Criticizes the Vatican Over Sexual Abuse

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Photo: Anja Niedringhaus/Associated Press

In a hard-hitting report applauded by victims as a landmark in the Roman Catholic Church’s clerical sexual-abuse scandal, a United Nations committee on Wednesday called on the Vatican to remove all child abusers from its ranks, report them to law enforcement and open the church’s archives so that bishops and other officials who concealed crimes could be held accountable.


School administrators throw food away, waste tax dollars, let kids go hungry to make parents pay

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Natural News, By: Jonathan Benson, 02/07/2014


(NaturalNews) A Utah elementary school made international headlines recently after it was reported that administrators there starved out about 40 students whose lunch funds were lacking. According to The Salt Lake Tribune (SLT), cafeteria workers at Uintah Elementary School were forced to seize and toss the pizza lunches of dozens of students, offering them instead a small piece of fruit and a carton of milk.


What made the situation worse is the fact that Uintah collects lunch money from students after they walk through the lunch line. This means that the cafeteria workers did not know which students had outstanding balances until they were already standing in front of them with trays full of food. Those students with unsettled account balances were forced to surrender their food, which administrators say had to be thrown away in accordance with the health code.


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Great Barrier Reef to Be Dredged and Dumped to Make Way for Coal Port

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The Guardian, By: Bridie Jabour, 02/06/2014

Map: Guardian/GBRMPA

The authority chairman, Dr Russell Reichelt, said he recognised the amount of debate and community concern the project had generated and shared with everyone a strong desire to ensure the reef remained a great natural wonder into the future. “This approval is in line with the agency’s view that port development along the Great Barrier Reef coastline should be limited to existing ports,” Reichelt said. “As a deepwater port that has been in operation for nearly 30 years, Abbot Point is better placed than other ports along the Great Barrier Reef coastline to undertake expansion as the capital and maintenance dredging required will be significantly less than what would be required in other areas. “It’s important to note the seafloor of the approved disposal area consists of sand, silt and clay and does not contain coral reefs or seagrass beds.” North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation had applied to dump within the Great Barrier Reef marine park and, although the authority was asked to make a decision within 10 days of the environment minister, Greg Hunt, approving the project in December, it asked for an extension. North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation is also expected to come up with an alternative site that is also expected to be within the marine park.



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