The problem of a fake ZERO

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For many people balance means having ups and downs together. For them for every bright side, there must be a dark side to balance. If there is a bad habit, there should be a good habit to balance. For every bad person, there must be a good person to balance. There are angles to balance devil. There are wealthy people ergo there must be poor to balance. Here is what I call the problem of ZERO.

People have been mal-educated by the concept of zero in a way to deeply internalize the idea. This makes them believe that the world is made of positives and negatives and a zero as a point of balance. I can’t think of any negative being. As long as something exists, we have no choice but looking at it as a positive being.

You may ask how about those misbehaviors we see every day. Well again I would say instead of seeing it as malicious traits like greediness or love of power, we can see it as having less of awareness, or being less awakened. Taking it as having less of something will make us think of ways to help the people who lack it. Instead of making a monster of them, we can then think of helping them to awaken to a higher level of consciousness. Having less of something is in no ways equal to having negative things as the word negative itself is what make dualities appear and creates distances and harm humanity and the whole universe in large.

Zero is fake and artificial therefore negative is fake and artificial, and beyond that, balance is something artificial. Whatever exists is made of positive and we are all on our way to a higher consciousness and should help each other in this path.

By: Transopedia.com

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