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Daily Message ~ Tuesday June 2, 2020

During times of massive transformation, you may experience multiple waves of energies, one after another, as what requires attention comes to the surface.

It may feel somewhat like being tumbled by strong waves in the ocean, where just as you are trying to right yourself from one strong wave, another washes over you. What we wish for you to consider is in order to get out of the crashing surf to help others you must find your balance point first.

One of the wonderful connection points between you and the vast majority of others is that you all want change. What is differing is how you think the best way is to effect that change. Please know approaches will be as vast and varied as your own individual spiritual paths that reflect what you wish to experience and your soul agendas.

But the main key to all empowered change is that it comes from a space of balance, of mindfulness, and a desire for the betterment and support of all. That is what you are in the throes of discovering and creating, both individually and collectively, and much will change from your efforts, for the time of transformation is here. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday June 1, 2020

Much of what is activating in the collective is designed to make you aware of what you need to heal within yourself and how you wish to be the change. Just as you are going through a review process of your own life expression, the planet is also going through its own review process, showing what needs to be acknowledged, healed, and released. This is necessary to bring about conscious change and to support new pathways forward.

Just as it is no longer possible to sweep what wishes to be healed within you under the rug, what needs to change within your society is also coming to the surface in ways that can no longer be ignored. While this can feel overwhelming, it is what is required for true and empowered change to start to take hold as you pioneer your way forward into the second phase of your incarnation.

Find your balance, Dear Ones, connect with your inner wisdom, do your own work, and be loving supports to each other in whatever ways match your unique soul mission and skill set. This is what you have all come to the planet to be part of – the great shift of the ages and the dawning of the new. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday May 31, 2020

If you feel like you are surrendered into the flow in your faith and trust and find yourself in a holding pattern, please know you are acting as an anchor, a stabilization point, if you will, for the collective. This is important service. Keeping a space of peace by remembering what you know and honouring your truth and beingness helps more than you know in times of chaos. This is something your soul is honoured to do in order to assist the whole, since you have already gone through your activation points on your own awakening journey. Once more of the collective start to experience their own awakenings, which will happen this year, you will be freed up to move into the next exciting phase of your incarnation. Trust this service is needed, helps more than you know, and your time for movement will come when it supports everyone involved. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Saturday May 30, 2020

Your unexpressed emotions, particularly anger and frustration, when repressed, can result in a deep sadness. For many of you on a spiritual journey, you have suppressed these emotions, deeming them “unspiritual”.

As you prepare to step forward into the next phase of your journey, many of you are in the finishing stages of a profound review of the first phase of your incarnation. This will allow you to disengage from old timelines and let the past go, embracing the growth and lessons learned and leaving the rest behind, much like you would a pastlife. As the process of review moves from the present back to birth, the phase many of you are working through is early childhood.

We urge you to take the time to connect with your child self and honour, protect, love, and integrate any aspect that has not received what it is needed. Allow that aspect of you to have all of its emotions and love and support it through that experience. Let it know they were normal, and justified, and nothing to be denied or feel shame from.

When you give yourself permission to acknowledge needs that were not met and develop skills you needed but were not taught, you can release those emotions in a safe way. Understand that those who were taking care of you back then simply didn’t know the importance of those emotions and were trying to lead you to the best of their abilities.

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Daily Message ~ Friday May 29, 2020

There will be times when your highest service is holding the space and anchoring new energies. There will be other times when you will be guided to serve in more active and tangible ways.

There are many different service paths on your planet. This is designed to meet a wide variety of needs based on people’s innate skill sets and best ways of contributing. One form of service is not better than another, for all serve the whole.

So how do you know if you are doing enough? If you are surrendered into the flow with the intention of being of your highest service, following the calling of your soul, and consciously staying dedicated to your own evolution and embodiment process by prioritizing your healing and walking your talk, you cannot make a mistake, for all of the above support you in being the change. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday May 28, 2020

In times of profound transformation, many elements and emotions will come up for examination and change. It is good when things come to light for it is an indication that the time is ripe for them to be healed and released. While times are intense, we understand it can feel overwhelming to you. Part of everything you are going through is discovering that you are able to step forward as your own loving parent and guide.

It can be incredibly helpful to create supports ahead of time to help you navigate choppier waters. This could be in the form of a letter from your empowered self for your human self to be read during times of uncertainty. A wonderful support could be an empowerment journal, where you keep track of your successes, what has helped you through challenging times, how certain energies affect you and what has assisted you with your ascension symptoms, or simply quotes or words of loving support you can look to whenever you need some extra encouragement.

It can also be very helpful to keep track of all the magical and wonderful manifestations you have experienced along the way. Being able to refer back to the many ways you have been supported and provided for can only remind you of your divine capability and make it easier to have confidence in your ability to create again.

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday May 27, 2020

Dear Ones, the most powerful agents of change on your planet are the human beings who consistently show up as the peace, as the love, as the conscious creators. We cannot impress upon you enough how much your beingness and heart-centred leadership serves the whole, for it creates stabilization within the chaos and forges pathways into the new. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday May 25, 2020

Many of you are in such deep resistance to yourselves that you lose sight of the glorious aspects of you. A wonderful tool to shift you out of that habit is to complete the following sentence – “I love it when I…”

This is a powerful tool because it will help you identify what your inherent abilities are, what you love to do, and who you love to be. It will allow you to see where you naturally experience flow and alignment, which are always indicators of your innate gifts, strengths, and purpose.

It will help you acknowledge what shifts you into your heart and what honours your unique contributions to the planet. This can be an easier path to self love and self acceptance if you have struggled with those elements before.

Expansion and authentic self expression are what you are in the body to experience. Being willing to explore all aspects of what you love, including about you, can only bring you clearer direction on how to experience greater joy, purpose, and satisfaction in your life expression. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday May 24, 2020

Fear, doubt, attempting to micro-manage the universe, resistance to flow, worthiness issues, and not being willing to receive are all aspects that can interfere with the discovery of your highest potentials and perfect matches that exist for you.

If you feel into each of those aspects and pay attention to your body, you will immediately feel how they create a sensation of contraction within your body. If you are unsure if you are blocking your own forward movement, think about what you would like to create or experience and see if there is expansion in your body as you think of it, or if you feel any of the before mentioned aspects activating.

Creation is an expansion, Dear Ones, and you must be willing to flow forward into the discovery of what is available to you. Each of the elements we have mentioned have to do with fear of the future. But here is the good news. You do not create in the future, you create from the now moment.

So if you are feeling any of the above, get present. Consciously notice the wonder and beauty that always exists if choose to see it. Meditate. Practice gratitude. Breathe. Ask to be guided. Be. Spend time in activities that help you embrace expansion and love. All of those practices indicate your willingness to evolve, align, flow, and receive, and the unfoldment will take care of the rest. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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