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Daily Message ~ Tuesday June 30, 2020

Your imagination explores, expands, and pioneers. Possibilities are different avenues and options you can ponder and feel into to see if they are matches. But your heartfelt dreams have a completely different feel, as they are designed to beckon you into experiences your soul wishes to express itself through. All are wonderful contributions to your life with energetic differences and purposes, but your dreams will always have the strongest pull to lead you forward into your highest life expression. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday June 29, 2020

Do you have a dream or desire that keeps coming back into your awareness? A persistent dream exists to call you forward so you can have that experience. It is beckoning to you because it is the key to how your soul wishes to express itself. We want for you to understand that it wouldn’t be calling to you if it wasn’t trying to take you somewhere valuable. Isn’t it time to listen to that clarion call and allow your dream the opportunity to take on a form that is unique to you and gives you the joy of that co-creation? Your dreams want you as much as you want them because they can only express themselves through you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday June 28, 2020

It is at the point when you do not know the answers or how to proceed that you surrender into the flow. This act is exactly what allows your guides to lead you to the new potentials and solutions that exist beyond what you can see. This time of not knowing so many of you are in is serving the great purpose of getting you to move into the surrender, faith, flow, trust model of the Divine Combination.

We understand that for many of you surrendering into the flow can feel like a very scary prospect. What we wish for you to understand is that true surrender automatically lightens your energy and creates a greater sense of comfort. You will not be careening about wildly because the flow is always customized to move at the perfect pace for you, providing you exactly what you need. It also has a built-in steering mechanism – your gratitude and broad intention.

We urge you to start to play with the core elements of surrender, faith, flow, and trust because it is the empowered operating system of enlightening human beings. You do not need to fear it if you understand that the flow is what will love you forward into the next exciting phase of your life expression. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Saturday June 27, 2020

If you are always reacting to the energies around you, you are always playing energetic catch-up. You will find yourself constantly trying to adjusting your energy and losing your balance because of external influences.

It’s like getting in your vehicle to go some but rather than being able to travel to your desired destination by the most direct route, you are perpetually being detoured. This can be discouraging and exhausting.

Dear Ones, what we want you to understand is you are in charge of your own energetics and your journey. Each and every one of you has the ability to be the bringer of energy rather than the catcher of energy. You get to be the predominant energy of your own life, and when you do you will find the energies adjusting to reflect those preferences. It is one of the greatest ways you can serve.

Isn’t it time to take the wheel and lead through your own light and wisdom, purely and unimpeded, knowing that is how you will create change in your life and on your planet in the most empowered way possible? You are ready. It is time. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday June 26, 2020

Most of you are aware that if you lose your sense of sight your other senses become heightened. The same it is with your spiritual journey. When you cannot clearly see the way forward, you naturally turn to your other senses. You feel your way forward in new ways.

That is another of the gifts that come from not knowing how to proceed. How you feel comes more to the forefront and you start to pay much more attention to that as you navigate your way forward.

It is through feeling you identify your best matches. It is one of your superpowers that is bubbling to the surface for you to move forward in far more empowered ways than ever before. Do you see? Everything has purpose and is preparing you to be able to succeed and thrive in the next phase of your incarnation. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday June 25, 2020

Sometimes your highest choice is action. Sometimes it is stillness. And sometimes deciding not to choose anything at all until you have more information is your highest choice. All of these choices can be made with clarity if you connect into your own heart and inner wisdom. If you do that you will always know which of the three is the right choice for you on that particular point of your journey. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday June 24, 2020

There is a beautiful freedom and peace that comes from knowing all you need to do is make the most conscious choice available to you one Now moment at a time. This will always, always keep you on the path of your highest unfoldment which is aligned with your true essence and soul agenda. Accepting this will allow you to settle into being far more comfortable with flow and presence than ever before. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday June 23, 2020

Co-creation means you are creating with the help of the universe. In order to be a conscious co-creator, you must be both willing to accept help and to allow your partners in creation to lead the way to the solutions they are aware of but you cannot see.

It is a process that utilizes the best from everyone. You participate by your intention, your acceptance, taking inspired action, and anchoring energies onto the planet. They help by encouraging you, leading you forward through signs, synchronicity, and flow, and brilliantly creating intersections and connection points that allow you divine discoveries. It is a very efficient process, much like a relay race, with everyone contributing their advantage for the benefit of the whole.

So enjoy the process! Trust that there is much more help available to you than you realize. Know that you don’t have to know all the answers because your team is there to help fill in the gaps with their expertise. The unfoldment can become a far more enjoyable process if you understand it wishes to serve you every step of the way. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday June 22, 2020

Most of you know someone who is only comfortable in giving and will not accept help even if it is readily available to them. This is usually indicative of someone who has a service contract combined with worthiness issues, or is still carrying the martyred service paradigm (they think their goodness can only be known by giving and not receiving).

They wish to give to honour their soul’s desire to be of service but do not like to receive because they feel they will be rejected, owe someone, or in some way be negatively impacted by receiving. This will always lead to exhaustion because it is an out of balance model that is unsustainable.

If you not allowing the flow to serve you, don’t trust the universe to deliver what you need, or aren’t willing to receive the gifts that are already in place for you, you are, in effect, doing the exact same thing.

Dear Ones, there are vast supports available to you. Open up and allow yourselves to be moved into the full experience of the love and support that exists for you. Imagine how much it would hurt you if no one would accept your love or support!

By being willing to receive, you allow others including your guides, helpers, and an entire universe, the joy of unconditionally loving and serving you. When you fully embrace the flow of both giving and receiving, so much more becomes possible for everyone involved. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday June 21, 2020

Solstice events do you the service of locking in your energetic progress. It is a save point, if you will, of the growth, integration, and expansion you have attained since your last solstice event.

One of the most major themes you have been working on is the profound shift from doing to being. We have spoken about the fact that it can take some time to get used to operating beyond the old energetic structures you have now evolved beyond.

What a save point means is that even though you may feel you would like to go back to the old ways of doing for the comfort of structure, you will find it will not work. It will not serve you like it did before. It will become uncomfortable for you very quickly, and you will not be able to stay in those old structures for any amount of time.

The new structure you seek to express your freedom and move into your highest life expression is the surrender, faith, flow, trust model of the Divine Combination. There are still structures available for you, but the new ones are sustainable and supportive in the new energies. They are how you will continue to grow and thrive and create into the new.

The Divine Combination is a fluid structure of flow and creation. Your solstice is an energetic celebration of your latest level of attainment. The two together are absolute magic. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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