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Your State Of Mind

Where you go and what you experience often depends on your state of mind.  It may be uncomfortable in this moment but if you choose to be open to change and amazing things, they will often happen unbidden.  Trust your heart, dearest child…it will always guide you in the perfect direction. ~ Creator

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Step Up!

Dearest child…you have been gathering knowledge and planning for this shift since the moment you were born!  Everything in your world is changing at quantum speed.  The Universe is reminding you to stay as centered and grounded as possible, embrace a position of peaceful knowing and remain steadfast in your truth.  The waiting is over! (Smiling) This is your time, the time to create the world for which you have been longing.  Step up! ~ Creator

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Forge Your Own Path

The latest wave of change may bring some unexpected things.  There are a multitude of layers and levels being revealed that may become overwhelming for you.  It could be extremely easy to fall into old patterns and behaviors and take the well-traveled road.  The Universe is inviting you to continue forging your own path, releasing what is not needed and growing in a way that feels most comfortable for you.  There are many more shifts on the way, and it will be important to trust your intuition.  As always you are loved, supported and guided with unconditional love. ~ Creator

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Movements Of Your Soul

Today, take a few moments and sit with yourself.  Release everything that may be taking up ‘brain space’ and feel!  This will give you the opportunity to find and see the space you are existing in now.  The gentle movements of your soul will show you what needs to let go.  Even though you are moving through challenging times, there will always be a peaceful and loving center you can visit any time you like. ~ Creator

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Visit An Old Friend

Remember when you first started walking your path?  The excitement, anticipation, joy and a little bit of fear of it all?  The learning had just begun!  The Universe is inviting you to experience those moments again.  You do not need to release all you have learned; that knowledge and wisdom is yours to keep. (Smiling) You are being guided to go back to the basics.  Just like visiting an old friend, reacquainting and reinforcing the familiarity will open you to the newly arrived energy in the highest and best way. ~ Creator

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Let It Happen

As you assimilate the most recent changes, be gentle with yourself and others.  You are learning a new way to be in the world, and some may embrace this more quickly than others.  When you encounter resistance, take a moment and breathe.  When you are ready begin the deconstruction slowly, releasing each layer as you go.  When you arrive at the root, send it off with unconditional love then set the intention of something beautiful and pure taking its place.  The Universe has designed shifting to be be graceful, peaceful and easy…let it happen. ~ Creator

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Stay Or Shift

You are standing on a precipice of personal change.  Do you continue traveling your current path or do you shift in a higher and better way?  Some change is easy, other times it can be challenging.  If The Universe has presented you with a particular situation, it is time to take a closer look within.  You can do this now, dear one, or later.  Free will has always been yours. ~ Creator


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