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Worthy & Deserving

The next time your mind drifts to what you have given up, let your next thought be of what you have gained.  The past few months may have been very trying.  As your world expands again, rest assured that everything you released has been transformed to unconditional love.  Unconditional love never diminishes; it grows, multiplies and comes back to you in the most unexpected and joyous ways!  It is time to declare yourself worthy and deserving of receiving it. ~ Creator

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Define Yourself

For most of your life you have allowed society and those close to you to tell you exactly who you are. It is time, my beautiful child, for a change! If you are feeling awesome, tell yourself and others, “I’m AWESOME!” If you are feeling compassionate, beautiful, loving or strong, do the same. From this point forward no one can do it for you. Define yourself! ~ Creator

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The Universe knows there has been pain.  Circumstances in your life may have made you doubt the flow, made you scream, cry and curse at the wind.  Those moments may have made you doubt the existence of your Higher Power.  It is easy to hear, “I have always been with you”, but incredibly hard to understand when you are in the throes of your deep hurt.  However, The Universe has always waited silently and patiently for your trials to run their course, supporting and loving you unconditionally…ready and willing to give to you what you feel you have lost.  You may not always believe it, but The Universe is here forevermore. ~ Creator

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Up To You

Take a few moments today and think about what is important to you and what you would like to create in the coming weeks and months.  The arriving energy will, again, lend extra power to all your recent manifestations so, it is best to plan accordingly. (Smiling) Remember, The Universe will co-create anything on which you choose to focus.  Bumpy or smooth, the choice is up to you! ~ Creator

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Forgiving Yourself

Each and every one of you has experienced something in your past that brings up shame/guilt.  Those experiences can create ripples that go on long after the experience has concluded.  The Universe would like to remind you that forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.  Releasing and allowing forgiveness in your existence makes room for Unconditional Love, understanding and support.  You are worth it! ~ Creator

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In This Moment…

My darling child; I know that wave after wave of change has washed over you and, yes, more is coming. I know that unsettled may be the order of the day for you. Whether you are experiencing these things or not, you are being asked to be gentle with yourself and others. Each of you is going through the changes the best you can and it is all you can do in this moment. If you reach a point of overwhelm, remind yourself of this; The Universe is proud of you! You are beautiful…you are wanted…you are a precious gift! All that is going on now will be worth it in the end. ~ Creator

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Expand Your World

The Universe would like to remind you of all the things right with you.  You may have become so used to focusing on the wrong that you forget right even exists. (Smiling) Just for a moment today, think of where you have been, where are now and where you will be going.  It may not be exactly what you intended but, it has been an interesting ride, has it not?  Use the knowledge you have gained in your travels to expand your world in the highest and best way! ~ Creator

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Imagine yourself sitting in a lawn chair outside on a HOT summer day… is hot even in the shade. The only thing you want to do is cool down. All of the sudden, a cool breeze comes out of nowhere giving you a bit of relief. Let your emotions be that cool breeze…here and gone. The next breeze will do the same thing. You cannot hold onto the breeze, why do it with emotions? ~ Creator


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