You CAN Fly First Class to Ascension!

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Flying First Class, toward Ascension, is possible for all of us who have a vibration and heart center open wide enough to make the jump. It does not have to be like in Coach, or a train, or boat in steerage. It can be the very best you can imagine. All that must be done, is stay wide open, erase your 'chalkboard' at the end of the day, and as you go to sleep at night, imagine what you would like your tomorrow to have in it.

To practice, I bought myself a ticket for First Class on my trip to Hawaii. Is it possible to be wide open and full of gratitude and fly first class? In a word, YES!

(abridged--for full story go to: There is a nice picture from the Maui Hyatt, too.)

It is good together out of our comfort zones every now and then. I have flown Coach all my life. My Reiki Master son has been harping on us going First Class since day one. I found out that he is right. If I can, I would enjoy flying that way in the future. I will have to save our money to afford it, but I think it will be worthwhile for us to travel. He is going to pass me up in height by age nine, and tall people do not fit that well in coach except in bulkhead and emergency window exit rows.

So, here is a 'recipe for success' in 'imagining you are flying first class on the way to Ascension':
1) Say, 'I am God's kid!' and believe that the Universe wants the best for you. Joy is the norm!
2) Really believe it.
3) Accept what is happening 'now' as 'something you asked for and is for the best' because even if it might not look that way at first, that is what it truly is.
4) Be Here Now. Be present. Feel your feelings, Come up with a plan. Solve problems. Face Challenges. Enjoy Life.
5) Remember to Give Thanks and to Celebrate successes every day!




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