Power of the Trees

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Power of the Trees


Another step on this journey

closer to knowingness rooted in my heart.                                                                             It has been a struggle not to move, seeded with old and familiar.

It has left me rooted in old and familiar.


Over seasons, my crown grows stronger and wind cleanses my field.

I focus on my own roots in order to expand into the light. 

This is what serves me.

I do not have to take on other people's burdens or their negativity.

Being able toobserve from a stationary, taller viewpoint, I have learned to

honor the struggles of others.

I am here to help by holding my own light.


In spring, I help ground my love ones reality by vibrating fresh, green leaves

when the wind blows.


In summer, under strong light, I become aware of whom my love ones really are,

of who they could be.


Come autumn, I shed illusions that I have believed, like colored, musty leaves

clumped on the forest floor.


In winter, I have learned patience. This is the power of the trees. Waiting under the cover of snow and ice, we trust potentials. We know it is already here, buried deep with roots and seeds, waiting for certain vibrations to settle.




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beautiful, poignant,

beautiful, poignant, resonates with me deeply. you describe my journey, what issues and in what order i deal with them, with this. thank you. <3

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thanks for sending a comment, it helps me to know others are out there too. I usually compose a prayer/poem a day so may post some more. I focus on them for my daily use.


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This is Beautiful!

Thank U for Sharing!

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