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Clear Quartz

i have with me a quartz crystal approximately the size of the last joint of my thumb, who has been with me since i was about 8 years old (im 26 now). a few years ago when i learned they were alive and conscious i began my attempts at communication with it. ive taken to calling it Crystal Friend, and it seems pleased with the name. Crystal Friend has helped me in some powerful healings of my body, and many, many energetic clearings. my question to you all is, what do crystals like? hot water and charging in sun/moonlight, sure, but i want to do right by my crystal friend, who's helped me so much so many times.

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Crystals like sun and

Crystals like sun and moonlight both especially the full moon energies.  I clean or recharge my crystals in several ways.  If I want a quick cleansing, I will put them in the freezer for about 5 minutes.  Can also clean them with a smudge stick of sage.  They do pick up a lot of energies from us and remove them and that is why the cleansing helps and they can be recharged.  They can take hot water for a bit but like the cold just for short durations can fracture the crystal.  Hope that helps some.

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Clear Quartz

The recommended clearing methods are as follows: Smudging with sage, or spraying with sage water, burying the crystal in the earth for 24 hours, a quick sea salt bath, or burying it in a dish of sea salt.

You can charge your crystal in the light of the full moon. Or at noon in the sun, for a few minutes. You can charge it in a natural spring, if there is one near you, or even in the ocean (don't loose it). Keep it with other crystals, they tend to regenerate each other. 

          I hope this was helpful to you!       Love, Ra-Raela

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Each crystal has a purpose.

Each crystal has a purpose. When you feel close to it it means you have something you have to do together. You have to only rely on your crystal, until it leaves you. Everytime you pet it as your friend, it makes you stronger friends. As benevolent as it is, it healed you cleared you, because you were sick. Clearing was done, and your a crystal being for the time you have your Crystal friend. Now, I will tell you, I am also crystal child of tiger eye golden stone. Basically If you wish to have a specific stone for yourself, it is called having a personal stone. You can communicate with crystals. It made me happy, healed, having money, everything... this is specific of tiger eye golden stone. My crystal is a protective stone, it gave me a name, changed my life completelly. I just advice you following, if you wish to be it. Take you Crystal friend to you hand and tell it you wish it to be you personal stone for life. It will completelly take care, because then you become crystal child. The lovelly story will never end, since when anything in Cosmos love other and the other loves the anything, all goes well. I hope I answered your question.

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The way I cleanse my crystal quartz.

There are many ways to cleanse any crystal or stone.... Most involve water or light... However, my crystal 'sings' to me when I am close by (that is how I select crystals I want to buy, i hear them singing) and it also 'vibrates' when I am wearing it (on a copper necklace which I made) and when it grows faint in sound or stops vibrating, I rinse it in water which I have either gathered from rain or using water from the tap which I left in an open container for 24 hours prior to using it (this gets rid of most impurities like Chlorine)...

Since my crystal mainly seems to sing to help me with medical problems, I tried singing to it... Humming works just fine too in my experience. Any tune will do as long as it is heart-felt... I find as I sing/hum to it, it will grow louder as it sings/hums back. But adhere to this warning please... Do not dunk your crystal in and out of the water rapidly, mine did not seem to like it (mine went silent for a few minutes when I did), just dip them slowly in a smooth motion.

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Wake crystal up without water (cleansing too?)

Speaking of singing; You can also take 'singing quartz crystals' cupped in your hand and shake them gently together, creating a beautiful tone, which will 'wake up' a crystal, which maybe has been sitting still for many years. You may also choose to hold one loosely, any gently 'rub it' back and forth on it. If I remember correctly, I believe this also is a way of cleansing it. So could you describe how your crystal sounds, when it sings?? I've heard of this once before, and have wondered about this every since!

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I knew someone who heard the vibrations

If you really want to hear the sweetest angel's note soak your crystal in salt water for 24 hours. I've heard what you're describing before, only once for a split moment. I always wish to hear it again.

Connecting Minds,

               Madison Ella 

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thank you all for your

thank you all for your responses and advice, you've been very helpful <3

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You said it "a few years ago

You said it "a few years ago when i learned they were alive and conscious" They like all forms of consciousness which are individuated have personal preferences...So Ask Them!

Most commonly they prefer warm temperate water...and basking in Sun Moon Air

However ask Crystal Friend it's desire and listen for the answer not imposing your thoughts or beliefs ~ remember it is a entity of it's own form and we ego based humans must get over ourselves and the tendency to impose our thoughts and will on to them rather than listening to what they have to teach us....time to Shift our Consciousness to recognize this

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I've always been told when it

I've always been told when it comes to cleansing crystals under the moonlight it should be all night, and when it comes to anything to do with salt it should be a 24 hour period to fully cleans it, I've never heard of the freezer thing but you can usually feel if your crystal is happy after each of these. If you really want it to be happy wrap it and wear it as a necklace-allow it to become a part of you, this is my favorite experience with any crystal. 

Connecting Minds,

               Madison Ella 

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All of the cleaning/energizing methods above are fantastic. The only thing I would add is that my crystals quiver with extreme delight when I rub them all over with essential oil. (I especially like the Benediction Oil from FES Flower Essences.)

- Jacqueline

Nadia Flamelight
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Sea Salt for cleansing

Hello everyone!

I'm new to the site and am just finding it really interesting, hoping it will help me along my journey with like minded individuals. It's only recently that I've re-opened myself to energies (I was scared of it before, I didn't know how to keep out the negative). For now I'm enjoying playing around. 

I love working with crystals and the focus they create. However I've heard that cleansing with sea salt is actually bad for the crystals, in the sense of physical damage to its composition. Any thoughts or advice?



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I think it depends upon which

I think it depends upon which type of crystal you're using. Quartz shouldn't have any problems with salt water, but I wouldn't use it on something more delicate like selenite.

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Crystals And Their Uses
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