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A brief note(dont want to harp on this one):


A few souls have taken it upon themselves to share disinformation about The Ashtar Command recently and link it into the Federation's pages upon ISN and Facebook.


There are claims about Christ-essence and the Great White Brotherhood as being a dark Draco/Reptilian trick to lure people into. I believe I know the intent of the information, and it is not dark in nature.


Its odd to me that anyone can pick and choose what they want to hear to make the rest of us look bad and theres a TON of this going on as of late. Here, at ISN, Facebook(mostly uh, NWO comments there)... is anyone taking the lead on filtering the content that is unacceptable to the groups? I must wonder. It seems our own groups are infiltrated and we dont seem to care.


Even if this were so, parts 2 and 3(202,303 respectively) would not have been put out there if this information had no accuracy. I dont remember all the details from before myself. Something happened to me.


This new information actually makes sence. Jedi,eh?


I have noticed that there is a cult following of this particular command. Why this particular one, I do not know.


I will say this:


I have not yet seen anything in comparison to the enlightenment and love that these groups share and openness anywhere else.

I also have not seen healers of this sort anywhere else.

Would venture to say this is as real as it gets. This assuming I could not remember anything about my past, which is NOT correct.


And I can usually pick a Draco out of a crowd, they tend to use mind-control dark magic like was imposed on me in San Diego a while ago. You get a really dark vibe when the Draco are around or project near you.


What I see this go round are more like memory fragments of what was, as if picking up the peices of a dropped crystal(true ones will shatter like dropping clay-wares from a sink).There is a way to meld the info together eventually, but right now you have a bunch of peices. You need some glue or something in the meanwhile.Memory glue.


Im glad last night worked as planned. Lets keep pushing. As I said, a lot of disinformation out there.(And is there a way to sticky URGENT priority messages? This may help. )


I know I often get lost in code myself sometimes(I do IT). Yesterdays message was a real wake up call for me(and I hope, some of you as well).





Don't ever worry about

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Don't ever worry about harping or making a MISTAKE. No worries any more about mistakes.  You are a good person. Jazz, you know what is true and what isn't. Trust yourself. When you feel inside that you want to do something, find a way you are ok with. Don't be afraid of confrontation when you know something needs to be done.  A Michael has known he woud become very busy at this time on earth. Talk to him, and he will clarify and help you adjust in a moment. 

One of the outcomes other lightworkers did not imagine until now was that all kinds of energy would be released. You are doing great. I admire you. Claim your space. See that a lot of the new age has been fluff and some is still. I support you in your true growth. NAMASTE, g


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Yeah, i think thats the point.

Will keep in mind.


Its the maturity of all of it, not everyone will follow the path of light, or believe what is put here, and so what really, maybe they didnt make the cut. They will learn eventually.


Even sometimes these attacks on us here seem immature. Why these individuals are allowed to link in these attacks here, or in other areas is beyond me, They can post whatever they want outside of this place and i really wouldnt care.


But when someone calls Mr.Ashtar outright a Draco Syndicate operative and a deciever, then goes into details about it, I still have to make a judgement call here. I know the truth and many here do as well, but the younger or newer members may not see things the same way.Either way, its a very powerful stab in the back both to the group and the Commander. (Which I respect greatly.) Were he here reading these messages i have glanced over in recent days, i think he would be rather upset and angered a bit.


(Which if he's boasting about the rank of Lord, has every right to do so. People misinterpret a very high rank, like military structure -or as seen on Star TREK, as a religious position. The two are entirely different. We have GENERALS, we cant have LORDS?)


I think this got overlooked. Im not saying finding chanellers like Greg(or others) is easy, either. There are a lot of phonys as youve said.


I have at least 10 different other sources HARD confirming(and in no way related to the Federation here) what is being said. Its rather obvious who is telling the truth here.


The light work, the healing effort, the Love aspects, the Ethereal and Emotional bodies, all of it is backed by HARD research in the parapsychology and other fields of study.


I need to spend more time on this light work stuff apparently, though it wasnt time before, I seem to be in review as it were of some basic principles, especially with healing.


There are still groups out there spreading LIES and MISINFORMATION and then there are those who have lost it spreading the 'CIA is doing all the evil' crap out there, you know the nut type, by now, Im sure.  Those people I take pity for. Theyre like a dying cattle. They need thier meds but dont see a reason to take them or worse, are lost to even themselves.


Im seeing more and more of this type every day. Shooting them isnt an option, but some days you wonder why it isnt one. Some people are REALLY REALLY LOST and confused mentally.


I just thought I should bring the point up. Last thing we need is our own turning on us because someone misread and worse, misinterpreted the info being presented and then wanted to go on thier own tangent.


I think most of us will agree that love and light is the best option. I think also some basic protections('pillar of light' comes to mind, its the easiest to remember)  are in order for those HERE(attendees, IF one will). Theres a few thousand of us between this site and the Ashtar Command one, few hundred more on ISN(still waiting on admission to that one..).



i know exactly what you mean

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i know exactly what you mean about the negativity here... but mother and father are blessing everyone to allow it all....

so that we learn from the heyokas, too!

heyokas are the tricksters, sacred clowns, tormentors in all indigenous circles.... and

they help us grow

it is a concept the gods and goddesses developed on earth to add more interest, charm, and perhaps what we can learn ourselves from our own indignation!


when you have no fear about any part of yourself.... you'll laugh, or at least shed a big smile


no worry, my great friend






Ok. These things we share  in

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Ok. These things we share  in this blog are information ONLY.

So, it does not sit well with you.

Big deal.

Grow up.

Don't run around defending your belief system.

You will fall on your face.


So someone shared an info about the ASHTAR COMMAND.

is this the one..?




the article said that the ASHTAR COMMAND is a  megacomputer

made in Orion.   During the Orion wars.

So..?  Maybe you should research some  more and weep less.

Expand your horizon. Ask your Spirit. Hit the Web.


Dear One, I have not any interest in aligning with any ET groups.

Look at me.  What do I know if these ETs are salivating to eat me up while

they are whispering soft words in my ears..?

I recognize that I am still VEILED. (Veil of Unknowingness).. being stoopid.

I can't tell.


So, everytime I get interested in an "ascended master" or a "commander ET"

or a "Crystalline Being from Andromeda" , I run to my Spirit and ask her to

bring this exalted Being to me. NO ONE WAS BROUGHT TO ME BY MY SPIRIT.instead,



There. I am at peace.


Peace , Love and Light to ya..