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cyber cyber cyber....does it end?

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This is to make many of you aware.Most of you have taken to the social media platform instead of just this site and some of you manage both. I encourage feed reading as posts often get buried. Owl program is facing issues as of late and Im on linux so use what works for you.

IC3 complaint filed in accordance with stopbullying.gov.(NO, I dont play)



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I noticed the site changed QUITE a BIT Lately. Where did all of the channelers and space info wind up? Looking for an update here. Seems the SPP Alliance is quite busy chasing down so called "war criminals big and small". Whatever happened to chasing down the bankers and thier like? Now its all about news from CHINA as if the new upcoming changes are all coming from there. Such an action would make any changes to a living minimum wage useless. Products are already emported en mass from China and they are making us sick.The shortcuts used to make these goods are poisoning us. This is NOT what we should be promoting. China does not have the stringent heath standards that the US has on goods. The US needs to become a producer of goods again.That is what will boost the economy and we are being undercut daily by low-income labor and CHEEP Chinese imported goods.

False prophets?

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I am hearing this about some so called Christian leaders...that some are predicting the end of the world in 2016. Has anyone else come across this bullshit? Surely we all wish the world would end and begin anew, but Im very doubtful it will happen anytime soon. Broadcasting bullshit like this is nothing new. I just want to know if Ive found another Christian FAKER or not. Seems more and more of them are popping up in the outskirts of town. I dont know who these COOKES think there fooling either.

down and out?

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server problems earlier wouldnt let me read some of the facebook postings. Were we DDOS'd?

mixed news (about the radio)

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Our beloved Kevin Smith of KSS Radio passed away about a week ago. It would be grand if we could all pitch in and support Jerry Wills in the new radio show.There is a lot of ET info, ufo followers, research, etc. Not everything makes it to the blogs. Art Bell was once a 80meter ham operator, and yet even he acknowledges the pioneer Kevin Smith. I just think it would be great if we could all pass this info around the circles of people we are with online. These are great people. Jerry and Kathy do healing sessions that really do heal others and have thier share of being chased by MIB and coming out alive. Kevin Smith had at one point live radio feeds, so this isnt just a webcam, these are pros doing what it takes to get on air over the airwaves. Thousands of people already listen in.


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YES, THAT DRAKE. The one working with ALLIANCE personell, FORMER NSA. SPEAKS PUBLICLY on camera to FOX NEWS about NSA data collection and the new UT data center cabaple of ZILLA-byte data collection.


IT IS KNOWN already that the NSA conducts wiretapping/interception of(from Ft.Meade ECHELON STATION): wireless phone calls, landline phone calls, txt messages and internet activity. Ive stood atop part of ECHELON myself. You wouldnt know it was there unless you looked with a keen eye about things that dont belong.


Cooling systems and drains...cement blocks in middle of nowhere.




good with the bad...

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Well, we have a solution for homelessness(possibly ) out of Portland via Huffpost..



Then we have a TUSCON Mayor(Global Illumination Council via FB) signing away our rights to our country to the US GOVT. THIS IS NO JOKE. THIS HAPPENED TODAY. THERE were documents proven.



The site may be 'out there', but the truth, THIS TRUTH, is NOT FAKE.



The weather just plain sucks. Im freezing. Some are getting HAILED. Some are getting visited...


[where is a starship when you need one?]


We arent done here by a longshot. US GOVT needs to collapse it seems, nevermind the banks, nevermind whats happening in CYPRUS(CUZ were next..) and I dont know about you, but Im not about to get SOLD OUT by my OWN GOVT.



If this is how people are running shit, HELLO, ROSA!


FRIENDICA from france, is one possibility if you dont like FB and twitter OWNing you. [join]DIASPORIA is another. Im on both. I may even serve a node soon.







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Not very often we hear from DAYTONA BEACH of all places and UFO activity.

Suffice it to say (not saying Im the only one) Im the only one I THINK in that are with previous connections to outside ET people.


HOWEVER, as in SAN DIEGO as of late...we have some sort of sightings that the military has said they were NOT involved with.


Some sources say SPEC OPS, I tend to lean on SPACE CRAFT of ET origin. What ELSE can BUZZ BOMB awake a entire city of thousands if its not military? It looksed from the feed I did see on youtube as if a Grey or Pleadian craft.


Now I know there are crazy pilots out there but DAYTONA is no stranger to aviation, hell, they practically raise pilots there, so they know its not aircraft doing this.


SEEMS through whatever source I made definite contact via TV6 audio. Problem is IM not pushing enough wattage, and cant do so legally without a THOUSAND dollar HAM  radio(and licence). BOTH SAN DIEGO and DAYTONA(noticed for some time before I left) have this unique quirk about TV6, a far left FM band audio, as if the TV station is transmitting there by blind accident. Its not, thats how TV6 specs are written for some reason. LOCAL TV6 analog ALWAYS transmits FAR LEFT FM radio bands.


Problem is, there is no TV6 at least in CORAM or SUFFOLK COUNTY or Id be reciving it. The bands are clear on the radio. SO either Im not PUSHING ENOUGH POWER or someone upstairs isnt paing enough attention.


SLOW HELL may do the trick. MORSE SEEMS a tad open. SOOO CLOSE and yet so far from contact it isnt funny.


Will do my best when I get up there, full contact is coming, but I have a whole nother life out there.


SO for those that can make contact...IM outside of NEW YORK. SOME ET race is looking for me and it seems urgent.




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