Ashtar: The Love Transformation

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By: Philipp, 01/13/2014





AshtarDear Philipp, It is not that I have withdrawn from you. You are in a very intense inauguration phase which necessitates that you concentrate on yourself. We never withdraw in such a time [inauguration phase] but we do take a back seat. All those tasks linked to an inauguration phase – and we purposely don’t use the term “tests” since there is too much judgment and fear e.g. of not passing the test associated with it – need your full and undivided attention.


Each inauguration phase is a gift to you and it is only you that can accept and unwrap this present. We know very well how difficult this gift can be. You receive it and you are holding it in your hands, shaking it and wondering what could be inside. You want to unwrap it immediately but you struggle with the tie fastening. Therefore, you go through phases of anger and frustration which could last for days, weeks and even months.


You feel like you are completely alone, abandoned and lost. You are faced with many forms of fear and you feel very disheartened. But then, suddenly, the moment of unwrapping is here. You integrate the gift into your Being, raise yourself above all the difficulties, spread your wings and transform into the butterfly that is the New You. So, next time – when you go through such a phase and experience all the frustration and anger – please know that this is part of the gift to you. It lasts only until the exact Divine moment when you are able to unwrap the gift, when you have integrated all the necessary precursors for being able to enjoy your gift to the fullest extent.


You have noted that the inauguration phase comes to your shore blow by blow. What is the underlying reason for it? You all have heard the information about “the Event”, “the Tsunami of Love”, or whatever term you prefer. I use the term “Love Transformation” since this is all about the transformation of yourself into your true Self which is Love, Love and only Love. There is some preliminary work for you to do before you are able to go through the Love Transformation. But we hasten to add that you have already done most of this preliminary work.


You are rough diamonds which need only some finishing and this is the process you are currently engaged with. The good news is that the current inauguration phases are finishing. And the intensity of this finishing phase shows you how close you are before the Love Transformation will hit you out of the blue! I’d like to emphasize that the Love Transformation is not your Ascension. Ascension, as you all know very well by now, is a process that unfolds step by step. But this Love Transformation is one of the key elements of your Ascension journey.


You will remember your true, sweet Self. It will bring back all your knowledge and the qualities you have accumulated during your journey. You will become your true Self. Can you imagine the possibilities that this gift holds in store for you? Probably not until you unwrap it! Words cannot express how much we are looking forward to the Love Transformation which will clear you of all the old baggage – you are so very close to it.


We congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts that you have not ceased in your work to bring forth this event which is the reason why it is finally here on your doorstep. I wish you and all who are reading these words so much fun in unwrapping of all your gifts. I can barely wait to greet you after the Love Transformation.


With so much Love, Your brother Ashtar




People Eyes wide open on this one!!!

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Promises promises,,,people increase skepticism and fine-tune your discernment.

Here are some dated promises from this before, there are more than these over the years making these nature of promises to you that were "PROMISED" to happen long ago.

Here's a few:

Ashtar thru Phillip Schlienger 3/1/13 "Our Creator is full of joy, happiness and love for you and is so proud of your development. His project "Playfield Earth" is coming to a successful close. This grace period until September 2013 was not easy to provide you with. Please don't forget that although you put your focus on your Ascension and that of Gaia, the last which has already taking place. Rest assured that we are well prepared and that we know very well what our job is and what we have to do and when. The timing is perfect and no delays will be allowed. The outside events which we have referred to and which show humanity that Disclosure is here are on your door step and will happen very shortly. And by this, we mean “soon” in your language."

Ashtar thru Phillip Schlienger 6/16/13 "You were told, that the transformation of your financial system is a done deal and only waiting for implementation. As well you were told, that the dark ones have no more power to delay or to prevent this any more. This we can confirm and you will also see, why this is so important. In the next days and weeks you will learn more about it and even better, you will experience it. We are looking forward to see, how you rub your eyes in disbelief, asking yourself: "Is this really there? Am I dreaming?" After this short phase you will overflow with happiness and will be totally excited. This on itself lifts you up a great deal and your vibrations raise to higher power. And why do I, Ashtar, tell you this? Because this joy that you will experience with the introduction of the new financial system is absolutely critical and the basis, that disclosure can take place."

Ashtar thru Phillip Schlienger by Steve Beckow 2/14/13 “And from your point of view the most wonderful thing is, probably, that we are talking about weeks and not years until this fundamental transformation of your economic system gathers speed and becomes apparent to everyone. And if this stone is rolling, you can also be assured that Disclosure will not be long in coming.”



David Porter

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This was really very helpful for me as it really describes the process that I go through.  I go through the anger phase EVERY single time there is a new PORTAL or New Wave of Light Information.  And EVERY TIME, I make it worse by getting very angry at myself for getting angry!  But, the anger comes in so strongly.  I feel that with all the clearing and work I have done, I should not be getting angry.  Anyway, it was so helpful for me to read this and hear that this is actually in some way, related to the process and that someone else is experiencing it this way.