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Chatauqua ~ Quantum Timelines

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AugureyeExpress  February 18 2014


When it comes to the subject of quantum metaphysics there is a popular quote that helps me keep my sanity intact; “If you think you understand it, you haven’t been paying attention!”

Universes, multiverses, string theory, membrane theory, super string theory, alternate realities, parallel dimensions; the many worlds theory, holographic reality ~ not to mention just where the soul and spirituality fit into the grand scheme of things.  Who has the time to absorb and integrate such overwhelming information in a way that benefits their existence on this planet?

Next, factor in this whole Aquarius-Mayan calendar-Kali Yuga evolution, heralded by the great awakening at the end of the precession of the equinox which has been underway for some time now, pardon the pun.  The dawning of a new age marking humanities noetic advancement at a time when the old and obsolete must give way to the new and unlimited.  We have arrived at a crossroads in time “with our arms around the future and our backs up against the past.” (Moody Blues)

Vigilantly honor your knowingness

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By: Elaine Seiler, 02/17/2014

“Vigilantly honor your knowingness. We humans have not been taught to honor our intuitive knowing. Rather, we are taught to discount what is not a known or proven fact. As we move into a blended state and a multi-dimensional world, we must relearn what we knew as small children. We must trust and honor the wee small voice within, the fleeting knowing that we need to turn right not left,  the subtle message that a given individual is not to be trusted, or the sudden knowing that a cyclone is coming and we must take our family and evacuate the house now. Failure to listen to any of these messages could be dangerous if not fatal. Begin today to practice listening to the wee small voice within.”

Chapter 15 ~ Manifestation in a Multi-Dimensional World. 

WHETHER WE HAVE DREAMT OF A LARGER HOUSE, a better job, a college education for our children, a meaningful relationship, a vacation in the sun or just some extra cash in our pockets, I imagine we have each had dreams, fantasies, hopes and aspirations that have gone unmet. I know I have. 

Marlene Swetlishoff ~ ARCHANGEL GABRIEL 2014

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By: Marlene Swetlishoff, 02/20/2014

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February 20, 2014

Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as purpose. This quality is essential to have active in one’s qualities, for without it nothing can be created on this and other planes of existence. The universe operates on this quality of love at all times. Nothing is random or accidental, all is divinely orchestrated and set in motion, all that is at a variable is the free will that has been given to humanity here on Earth and that is what makes this planet so very interesting and sought after as a place in the universe to experience and become Master of.  When one uses this facet of love in their everyday existence, there is an element of divine order that flows in every endeavor and if one is attuned to their higher purpose and their higher aspects, this quality brings wonderful synchronicities of every positive and loving expectation. All that is required is provided to the one who has this quality at work within them.

Archangel Gabriel’s Daily Message ~ Thursday February 20, 2014

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By:, 02/20/2014

Whatever issue you may have in your life, surrender it. If you struggle with love, surrender! Monetary issues? Surrender! Health? Surrender! The act of surrendering into the flow completely circumnavigates any blocks you may have. In fact, to surrender is to choose an entirely different layer of energy than where those old stumbling blocks exist. Why stay in the same old cycle of worry, doubt and discomfort, when there is another option available to you that has all the support and movement you seek? ~Archangel Gabriel

The Creator Writings ~ There Is No Good/Evil

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By: Jennifer Farley, 02/20/2014


You must realize that there is no enemy, no nemesis and nothing that can take away your power. There are only varying degrees of love and you need not like someone to love them. Moving away from the good/evil mindset may be the most challenging thing you will ever accomplish as a human being. However, once you have accomplished it, there is nothing that will ever stand in your way. ~ Creator

~A short update on the energies~ Intensifying of energetic upgrading

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As many of you may have noticed, this ongoing intensifying of energetic upgrading is barely taking a pause these days, and so, you may be apt to think that this time, it will be too much for your hapless body. That is certainly not the case here, for if you manage to dive below that churning surface of energetic chaos, you will find that you are actually growing more resilient and balanced by the day. We know this may be cause for disbelief for many of you, for we are well aware that this round of energetic combustion will have lit a fire under the feet of many an issue that still lingers somewhere in your system. And yes, we do mean that as in issues stemming from earlier lives as well. For this is indeed the most thorough “housecleaning” you will ever have, and as such, this rattling of the cage will have the last few remnants of anything previously undiscovered rolling out from its hiding place.

~Standing Strong in the Light~

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Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

A conscious revolution is subtly but powerfully taking place, and we’re being led to understand the truth of our existence in greater and more powerful ways as a result.

An aspect of this ongoing shift is our alignment and realignment with a clearer and purer state of consciousness, and it’s essential that we remain strong and assured of the path we want to take as we greet this renewal of our higher perception.

Do we want to follow the path of the light; of divinity; of progress, or do we want to follow the self-destructive path of darkness? We’re being given the opportunity to choose what we want to do and where we want to go, and I think it’s time to really ask ourselves what we want out of this existence and where our actions right now are taking us.

I’m not perfect, and like a lot of other seekers, I stray off of the path of balance at times. From my experiences so far, I’ve learned two things: that our actions and intentions are more important to the creation of our future than we think, and that we’re tasked with choosing harmony and balance over the ways of the dark.

Nancy Tate ~ Wake Up Call ~ Hatonn ~ 20 February 2014

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I am here today to bring you some information about how all is lining up in your solar system to become one with each other in the energies of the planets being family members One and all. I am Hatonn, and I come this day in the tremendous amount of Love that you are sending out in display to the system that you have embraced as home in this universe.

I see that the system is coordinating itself in the minute particles of existence, to the hugeness of the sun and all that encompasses it. It is all in balance with each other and it comes to the point where in that balance lies the utmost Love and communication that can be. It is something that has not been experienced since the earth became a part of the system that was ever-evolving. It was part of the oneness of the planet Tiamat, and then when it separated into Maldek and Earth, is when the separation of expression took root.

Since the time-warp in which Maldek set the example of how separation can uproot and sever the oneness, there has been a tremendous amount of that same energy surrounding the system. That has come to a change since the harmonic Convergence. Since then the changes have exponentially come about, to the point at which today the oneness has been spoken by each assemblage of the system as being back to the oneness.


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