Being Hatched through the Ring of Fire Eclipse

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What does spirit want me to see this day?  I am seeing that after the eclipse tomorrow we are like chickens hatching out of eggs. The clarity comes in for us, and the new sight is there. We know how to proceed with our lives, yet not take them so seriously. We proceed from a higher octave of vibration. 

We see what is possible. In meditation, I am seeing us get up on shaky legs, vulnerable but alive and walking and in a new realm. As newborn chickens, just hatched, the imagery relates to Easter as this is a time of transformation of resurrection. It is a time of fully formed selves coming out of the shell. We have been in incubation mode of who we really are being made into fullness. Maybe literally, we have experienced chambers of light in sleeping and meditation for our transformation.


 A full human being is being born, coming out of a shell naked. Naked is symbolic of the truth and also being open and vulnerable to being seen. It is walking forward with our mission here which will become clearer after tomorrow. Our mission is to be in the world and live in it, as who we are. This is true for everyone. Thank you for being. You are naked, and now more free of the programming of this hologram of reality. The matrix locks you into belief patterns and limits you but now you have the eyes to see beyond it to truth. Be open to allowing new understandings on the nature of reality to come in. 

The effect of those “walking around naked in their truth” on the collective will be bringing the new frequency of being that is from being hatched out of 3D into a higher octave. It is an expansion of consciousness, the real thing being born in each of us resonating with this information. It is seeing the bigger picture from a higher level. Being naked is to be unprotected yet the person floats on a new vibration that keeps them in an aura of protection. There is faith and trust and inner guidance more than ever before. The new way is open hearted vulnerablity and truth. We are asked to jump up to a higher level of transparency especially in communications with our loved ones. Meanwhile, we have to keep on surrendering in these last hours until the eclipse tomorrow morning in the wee hours.

Seeing those who are choosing to walk the path of the heart, to be born in this way are overlighted, like a column of light is present as they walk their talk and their path. It takes spiritual practices, discernment, mostly it takes awareness and presence. It is learning to respond versus react.

The Ego

The potential is great for a new found ability to notice ourselves start to get triggered by another or a situation and to gracefully decline reacting. It is like a witness is present and we notice ourselves having some space to decide how to respond. We play a movie over in our head as to what was said to us, or what happened and then we can see that our ego (or pain body) want to react one way and the other way is possible. WE are choosing the other way more and more. It makes us feel peaceful inside and argue less. There is even less argument in our own heads. The mental chatter is turned down. This newly found talent will only get easier. Add that we have less to say to others and listen a lot more. Our point doesn't matter to us so much as it did before. There is nothing to prove. We are. We exist. We also will love ourselves more. Little ways our ego tries to convince us otherwise, will now be shown to be wrong, and that we were always worthy of love

The Eclipse Sandwich

In the meantime, this eclipse period since the 15th of April which was the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, has been a doozy! It has been a squeeze on our bodies, minds and spirits. I see it as a birth canal, a portal that we have been squeezed through. All of what we are being born into is the result of our own inner transformation that we have undertaken. Your mileage and experience may vary as to how it unfolds, and this is a subjective insight from meditation and intuition. The hatching is really ourselves giving birth to ourselves. It isn't some galactic intervention that makes it occur, though we are divinely supported. I really don't know, but I am excited and the thing of having clarity beginning tomorrow feels so right on. The other part of “having clarity AND now being able to take action” is equally exciting. It has been a time where we have been on hold, transforming in our shells or cocoons, I sense. But of course everyone is different in their experience. I would love to know what you have been experiencing and how it unfolds tomorrow and thereafter. 

I don't recall such an energy intense time with ups and downs in different ways for everybody. So much clearing, shifting, transformation has happened. Lots of vibration and energy came in cleaning out our energy bodies, shaking out what no longer serves. We are on the last stretch. Give yourself a big hug for getting through it. Breathe. Now you can breathe and relax.

I am so looking forward to tomorrow's Ring of Fire Eclipse shift while I enjoy the now. You are meant to be here. You have a divine purpose. Thank you for being and doing your inner transformation. What one person does inside effects the entire collective, and that is how change happens. It is an inner job and then it happens on the outside, and we see evidence of change. Bring it on... 

Many manifested blessings 

Shannon Luminance River

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