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(Practice Celestial Discipline- Mentality improvement Theory)
(Handbook of White Jade Celestial Discipline, Centralized Celestial Discipline - giving supplements to Celestial Discipline for better understanding)


1.     Read and practice Centralized Celestialism, White Jade Celestialism to understand thoroughly the way to the center of the Universe.
      Centralized Celestialism, White Jade Celestialism is God's salvation method   applied to souls choosing the fastest and the most scientific way return to High Realm, which encourages souls to choose their own way home if necessary, to come back to High Realm and complete their samsara process.
- Notice: superior souls voluntarily come down to earth to establish New World, if they come back without results, it is like going to the market without buying, going to harvest rice but coming back with nothing but a sickle and even get a blurred face. Those will be punished by God and Spiritual Hierarchy.
     White Jade Celestialism is the sixth part of Celestial Occultism(Celestial Discipline level 6, along with Great Holiness Celestialism is the fifth part), which helps the soul to return home.
Celestial Discipline practitioners should practice and improve to the level which they can project their souls or at least activate Dragon Fire (Kundalini), mental projection and deep meditate at the position of Star 7 orDantian to fall in line with high vibration level 7-8-9 or even level 12, to maintain one’s being nature and not to be destroyed by the universe’s vibration/wave. This also means keeping oneself be of sound mind while other normal people might be in a coma or faint.


2. The nature of liberation from samsara
- The nature of samsara has been written in other Celestialism's Books.
- Aditional information: In the quantum physics, it is the adherence of astral energy fields around original soul. That energy is actually the bad information system including our thought forms, other thought or astral forms due to our hatred or our being hatred by our pay-debt-loan-together over generations or incarnations, which makes our core soul concave or convex. However in more depth, it is the downgrade of the vibration of soul to adapt with the density of physical plane, which is sinked into lower density and also densified due to impure life habits in this physical plane when experiencing human body. Through different incarnations we create karma, which is the information field kept in kind of thought forms and adhered to the astral body. When reincarnating, he or she must adapt to the vibration appropriate to the frequency so-called Karma, which corresponds to his energy level and creates digitized universal energy in accordance with that incarnation, which is called fate.
      Therefore, getting rid of low energy level around soul origin, thoroughly removing astral body and negative energy created by him before (thought forms of him and others) is liberating from samsara.
       When one person can liberate from samsara? Only when the soul remains its original soul… How to remove junk parts around his original soul and his trash in space?
     Firstly, practice meditation
     The initial effect of meditation is that meditation helps to lower the brain waves to break down sorrow, take the ideology state or the vibration level of the soul to the lowest level towards the physical body but high to the soul nucleas (or high vibration waves). The purpose of meditation is to reduce karma or discharge mental disorder.
     The second effect of meditation is to reduce heavy vibration and raise the slight vibration, lower the brain waves to the level of infrasound, which is the vibration of atom. Then he or she starts to receive the signal equivalent to this density level, which are the waves and the subtle energy of invisible world or spiritual world.
     The third effect of meditation is that due to the effect of lowering vibration to the level of infrasound, it activates the subtle energy of the body. Because the soul decides this energy level, means that Creator' prana system - or original prana energy down, which helps to raise the vibration level of the cells’atoms so as to reduce diseases. This is why meditation helps to cure many diseases including cancer. To sum up, meditation will lower the heavy parts of the soul or reduce both astral and etheric body.
The fourth effect of meditation is to liberate. Because purifying ourself is letting go and then getting rid of misery or liberating from sorrow, a hell of mind and life.
In term of Evolvement – Liberation:
     Hindu activates illumination, meditation helps to integrate Great Being, which is the background discipline for any other disciplines. Many eminent Saints had returned to heaven but not entire.


     Primitive Buddhism had already reached this level of meditation. Egolessness completes Great Ego = Nothing but not entire.
Mahayana Buddhism accepts living and breaks everything. They accept to kill birds to eat, drink along with meditation but still reach enlightenment, which is breaking rules but still integrating life but not entire.
Tantra/Esoteric Buddhism is at higher level - enter the religious life, practicing soul projection. However, Tantra only uses incatation, credibility seal, which means they use the others' forces in the invisible world; therefore it is a passive, not an active way. Moreover, they cannot identify the principle of the soul; therefore they disregard the concept of the soul, which results in wrong understanding of realms, thus cannot return toHigh Realm with Father Almighty God. Therefore, it is not entirely.
     Disciples of Daoism project their souls to travel and learn. Many of them have gone to High Realm (God's Heaven).
     Disciples of Wu-wei discipline activate third eye, divine eye,… to learn. Wu - wei discipline also has many people who can project their soul but there are not many of them can reach the peak of the Way in Celestialism, thus it is not entire either. Reiki discipline only activates chakras and practice meditation like the methods of Buddhism so the evolvement is only a little bit more than Buddhism; therefore it is not entire.
     Western religions and spirituality only make ceremonial offerings, do prayers and do not practice meditation or qi gong and do not activate third eye; therefore it can hardly help disciples liberate. Thus it is not entire.
In term of ethics, many disciplines and religions all admonish people do the good things, not to do the bad things and correct oneself and follow the right path. However, there are not any social theoríes can help to remove social reasons or the roots of evil. Until now, only Celestial Discipline can absolutely liberate in the social side. Society decides individual; the decisive foundation of everything is the society. Our discipline is true disciplines to liberate.
About evolvement of the soul, as you already know,  Celestial Discipline's levels and the teachings all salvate you come to Father Almighty God, which has its own way to return soul's home.
     Second, frequently/positively raise soul's energy level  
      In addition to meditation, there is another way; it is to activate energy centers related to the soul, the chakras. The axis of original energy of the soul is in the Dragon Fire (Kundalini). Therefore, when activating chakras- Dragon Fire  naturally it makes the soul to evolve till it reaches the top of the head- Sahasrara Chakra, which is to penetrate the mental plane of the soul or intergrate with the God. Chakra 7's activation makes the vibration level to traffic through Great Energy Base (God's Soul) connecting to silver cord. However it is only half of the story. 
  In Theosophy, Tantra and other Buddhism disciplines which practice meditation, they all consider meditating at chakra 7 and then falling in line with the Universe is Nirvana. However, let me tell you one thing, it is just the psychological feeling and the energy has yet to reach Nivarna or has not returned to High Realm and not absolutely incorporated into God. It is the truth due to the shortcomings in realization, development, mystery and spiritual science of other disciplines and religions before.
     Why has not come back to High Realm  It’s simple and has been explained in Celestial theory. It is because of the energy level or the cleanliness of the original soul.
     Thirdly, practice till one can project his or her soul and then travel to which ream or density? It all depends on his/her travelling level when dying. If one can travel to Galaxy's Centre and join Galactic Federation, he or she might be considered being liberated from samsara but this is not absolute result. One is considered being absolutely liberated from samsara only as travelling to Universal Centre.
     If one has a heachache when traveling to upper realms, it is because of his low energy level or unclean astral body. If ones are afraid of light, gale or high magnetic waves, those are just evil spirits. Thus, as Father God said in Caodaism, if causal body is heavy or one eats meat, he will be suffered from thunderbolt when traveling upper realm.
     Basically, in technical term, liberation from samsara means eradicating bad astral body.
     Three Essences converges in body's peak - Five elements come Home, Cultivate Body's Holy Foetus, Holy Foetus' Projection, Soul Projection -  Becoming Enlightened Beings (Buddha, Saint, God) -it's Father God's teachings  in Caodaism's Mahayana True Book , absolutely right. 
     The final issue is that which discipline has the most divine, fastest and safest way to project soul that helps to return to Father Almighty God? It means traveling extremely fast, no congestion and not to be tired… Flying through Galaxy, Solar System, Universe or Black Hole to come to White Jade Celestial Palace, where Father Almighty God sits.
      When flying to upper realm, bad or trash astral body will be dropped till it is absolutely eradicated and then he can come back to the Father.  Father Almighty God do not need to know that you are good or bad, wrong or right because the most important thing is Coming Home. This seems a little pragmatic but apparently, who can come home from a dirty market and come to the higher peaks to the end, he is more evolved. Therefore, sometimes we can see there is a Bodhisattva came down to earth to destroy evil and shattered the very evil he did, but with God, he is taking the stage alone, and as came back then been attained Buddha! Remembering -Buddha is a concept which means enlightenment.
     As I know, there are not any disciplines in the world which can reach that peak till now. Some might learn how to project soul or do spirit with God but it is just the activation of divine eye in essence.Marvelously spiritual superior occult cultivation, dragon fire activation, celestial eye activation, initiation, soul projection which can help to go to Heaven; there are no other disciplines in human history till now but Celestial Discipline can do.


     Proudly, I and some disciples have already activated divine eye and projected soul  to Father God’s place. What we can do better is that we use divine power to unify one’s being nature to 7 energy centers or Universal Centre which coincides with our being nature – or 7 northern stars or 7 chakras of the universe. Therefore, Celestial Spirit Northern Star (Celestial Ritual) is a divine symbol…. Oneness and Great Spiritual Egoness, Great Science,  marvelously Great Divinity! Our Discipline focus/imagines we are exactly Universe - Father God. There are no other disciplines have imagination  and exactly, detailed Being as Us! Therefore, White Jade Celestial Discipline is the part for disciples who have passed level 4 (who can project soul) can travel and return home to unify and consolidate with Centralized Celestial Spirit, can help to reach the peak of the Way absolutely. Thus, White Jade Celestial Discipline is the most quintessential part of Celestial Discipline.
     Fourthly, grant unconditional love to all living beings and humanbecause it is the purest energy of Central Place – Father God, and also the energy of our original soul. When we confer benevolence to all beings, we can improve not only other beings and other souls but also balance our previous bad karma due to the help of Light's energy. Moreover, according to the law ‘birds of a feather flock together’, when you raise your vibration, low energy cannot adhere to you, which means you are now different, you are not “old you” any more and you do not make bad karma anymore.
     Fifthly, have wisdom
      If you have not entirely wisdom, you cannot be “One”. Because thing is Mind and Mind is also thing. Meaning, soul is thing, thing is also soul. A soul which is not entire like Great Soul cannot go to the right place. It must have the mind of God and must not be ignorant. One can luckily know how to project soul to travel but if he does not practice discipline and does not improve his mind and wisdom, he cannot know where God is to go. He might travel but does not know what it is. It is meaningless if he knows but does not understand. So is it for one who can understand but does not know. Therefore, one must learn the theory and then must practice so as to be entirely enlightened. Many may have their third eye activation in nature like psychics and pagans but they do not have the wisdom or understanding of science and thus can only talk about nonsense things. There are also people who use their divine eye to make money, harm others and so on; those are just evils and cannot reach enlightenment, can only travel in astral plane and cannot have celestial wisdom or liberate from samsara.
     In conclusion, meditation, liberation, having social discipline; divine eye activation; energy enhancement; spirit activation; advanced soul projection; unconditional love to all beings; entire wisdom. These are 7 necessary and sufficient conditions for the way to come back to Father Almighty God. It is Celestialism.
Notice: Dragon Fire is “Us” in our body. Golden Buffalo is “Us” in physical plane. White Dragon is “Us” when coming back to Heaven. Celestial Ritual is “Us” Unification = Oneness = God. The Discipline’ Statue is “Us” in body's central place (Dantian), also our own God. Golden Buffalo  is symbol of Great Holiness (Earthly Heaven)