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#AURORA :  "Celestial Dragon"

"Persistence definitely pays off, especially when its forecasted to be cloudy the whole night. But the clouds finally gave in to reveal the beauty behind it--an Aurora borealis! What a great night for Alaskan photogs today! I believe this was a KP 7 as reported by someone from the group. It was definitely out of this world. I havent seen this since September so its been long overdue and Im glad I didnt miss it!

EXIF: Canon 70D, ISO 1600, f/2.8, 2.5 seconds, @ 11mm


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In the first time of humanity’s history , there is a mystical practicing discipline of straight talk about God realizing itself , teaching the stated principles coming to the upper world, go into exactly Universal Center, enter original nature; furthermore really high up , exactly and clearly, not confused about ways and concepts ; empirically out of body experiences. It states that coming to the exactly original home, then back again into the earthly world with sacred living, becoming Living Masters, Living Enlightened Being, Living Saints in the world

In the first time, there’s North Star imagination to guardian body and demonstration that physical body is the induction part which is small cosmos exist in the big cosmos, with 7 divine power centers in high world and physical body. Therefore we can explain and convert our karma, bodies, destinies, simultaneously smash primitive superstition occults, open scientifically ways to conduct spiritual revolution, spiritual and beliefs culture; remove old backward mystics, even reactionary demon and wizard types for human steps into a new evolutionary ladder .


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Celestialism - Great Discipline - Heartful Cultivation (THIEN DAO DAI PHAP TAM CONG - abbr. Thien Phap - Celestial Discipline) is the occult cultivation program combines spirituality, due to The Father Almighty God taught. The Grand Master works abide of Hierarchy Spirituality to save sentient beings with ideal of humanity’s Great Unity. Celestial Discipline is Celestialism’s Occult Practice Way. 
Thien Dao (Celestialism) is Celestial Way – God Way – Cosmic Way - the forever, timeless universal laws - not religion. Religion is the only mean of helping humans to be enlightened. 
There are numerous disciplines and ways to realize truth. 
Dai Phap (Dafa - Great Discipline – Great Way) has three disciplines: The Way’s Discipline, Prime Discipline and Occult Discipline. 
The Way’s Discipline belongs to Celestial Way (The Creator’s Way) - these are the laws of the universe and nature, in terms of Celestial Book. 
Prime Discipline belongs to The Way Book –Teaching Book –Law Book – Ceremonial Book –  Human Book –Intelligence Book -Trust Book (Earthly world: people’s perception and following the natural laws to live and cultivate). 
Occult Discipline (this Celestial Discipline) belongs to Coaching Book (cultivation method for enlightenment and merged with nature, The Creator’s Way; as the method of united Heaven-Earth-Human, Man united with God). 
Three Disciplines is consolidated so The Way is united, Heaven-Earth-Human are consolidated.
While still not enlightened and follow the truth, everything is also brute, decadent, dubious, mess, most lives might not know who you are, where you come from. Timelessly, The Creator’s Way does not change, only Prime Discipline, Occult Discipline in the Earthly world (lower world) change, be different so make human society, Earth change. 


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Thien Dao Dai Phap Tam Cong (Celestialism - Great Discipline - Heartful Cultivation) is the (Thien Dao) Celestialism’s Training Book, the humanity’s most powerful and lastest occult cultivation discipline and supreme truth enlightenment.
These are the level 1-2-3-4; there’re also more 3 levels has not widely teached. The practitioners are lucky to receive this cultivation method, if not practicing, please respect. Whether practicing, please try to progress, not show on the public media and the Web, not talk or debate on the net, because of the nature of occult and spiritual realization himself. Of course there are too many cultivation disciplines like this as practice of kundalini and pineal gland activation, but this is the latest occult way, so it should not confer tranferred to unserious people . Practitioners adhere comply to the teachings of the Master. The discipline’s hanging is the salvation way for human beings during the Great Eschatological Age, to neutralize and salvate themselves, increase vibration of body and soul and for others, while many other occultism ways, including Yoga, Reiki, Tantra, etc. must also have classes. Due to the mass awakening and human evolution high up in the universe, we still give this cultivation method, so that practitioners can learn without a trainer, the higher direction and teaching of the colleagues.


Samhain Blessings

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Well we’ve reached the end of October, and although this year may not have been what we expected in terms of Ascension and planetary changes, I hope we can all agree that we are not the same person we were at the beginning of the year, let alone the beginning of the season.  Samhain is the time of year when the veil is known to be the thinnest. That is, the world we live in and the spiritual world are at their closest of the year, with the boundaries between the two worlds lowered so that it is more easily accessible. We are also approaching an eclipse that will happen on November 3rd. Eclipses offer a great time for us to tune inward and be aware of ourselves completely. Eclipses, and especially Mercury retrograde, which we are experiencing until November 10th, can cause issues in communication, travel, electronics and more so it is essential for us to stay centered and grounded. They can also be viewed as a symbol of change and rebirth.


How appropriate then, that during this time of enhanced Spiritual connection that I received my first channeling from the faerie realm! And even more appropriate for the theme of rebirth is the message they gave!

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