Clarity Concerning Matters of the Heart: Pleiadian Message, Channeled through Caroline K.A.

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Posted April 21, 2013



Dear ones, we come to you today with a message of clarity concerning matters of the heart.

As you continue with your awakening, you are urgently asked to look deep within your hearts, and release the old ways of being, thinking and believing.  We say to you, trust what your guides, angels, and mentors are showing you at this time, for your greatest good is their absolute priority.

The outcome of your greatest good as individuals, also directly affects the outcome of the collective, and this is vital to the entire ascension process for all who dwell upon Gaia.

Do not let doubt and fear detour your journey toward further growth and learning. For some of you, trust remains your greatest issue as you stuggle to contend with uncertainties which may arise.

We urge you to allow the divine fluency of light to flow freely within your beings, and into your lives, and by this we mean "trusting" completely what is occurring within you.

This includes the loving energies which are infiltrating every fiber of your being, and the very real existence of your angels, guides and mentors who are working ever so hard to guide you to your greatest good.  The halting of this divine flow, through mistrust or doubt may hinder you momentarily from forward advancement on your journey to growth and enlightenment.

If you feel suspended in the air momentarily, do not worry, for internally you are processing and alighning with the truth of your greatest good.  Sometimes this takes time.  Stop, breathe, go within, pray, and communicate with us for guidance.

We speak to you of this concept not to cause further doubt or frustration.  We say this out of love, and admiration for all you have accomplished so far, as individuals, and as a collective, and we urge you to move forward and embrace the opportunities for love, and enlightenment that are eagerly awaiting you. There is immense love and light at every turn.  Embrace it dear ones, you are so close now.

Although some of you may not be ready for such accelerated growth, and there is nothing wrong with this for all of you are on diferent paths to enlightenment.  Your ascension is secured.  It is well underway, only some will progress more rapidly than others, but all are exactly where they should be at this time, and all should remain confident in this truth we tell you of.   Most importantly, only you will know what is right for you, as you look deep into your hearts for answers to the next steps you will take on this incredible journey to which you agreed to so long ago.

We realize you are being asked to either push your way through the quagmire with more speed and determination, or pace yourselves in careful consideration of where it is exactly you want to go from here.  This is your choice and no one, not even all the angels of heaven can enforce their free will upon you, and any being who has your greatest good at heart will not even try.

Pay close attention to what your hearts are telling you.  Use your internal compass to find your way, and that of your truest path to love and enlightenment.  Your heart, dear ones, will never steer you wrong.

We come to you today with a message which we hope will bring clarity to your hearts for this is a trying time as many are experiencing phenomenal changes within, and with this comes extraordinary experiences, perceptions and feelings which may come up, and leave you feeling out of sorts for a short period of time.

We remind you to remain balanced, and most of all, remember you have a choice.  The course of change you choose to engage in is your choice, and only yours to make.  You know what is appropriate for you.

We are the Galactic Federation.  We will speak with you again.  May you go in peace.