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There Are No Set Backs, You Are Constantly Moving Forward: Channeled by Caroline K.A.

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Posted May 5, 2013


Dear hearts, we understand there are times when you feel pain or confusion in your hearts.  We understand there are times when you feel there are set backs along your journey, and we say to you, this is simply not so.  Although you may see this differently, all depending on the perspective within your current reality, we ask you to understand, and believe as you progress in your ascension process there are no set backs.  You are constantly moving forward.

Dear Hearts,You Are Disclosure: Pleiadian Message Channeled Through Caroline K.A.

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Posted April, 30, 2013


We are here dear ones, and today we come to you in great celebration of a truth which is unfolding at this most important time.

We ask each and every one of you, those who are reading these words now, and who understand the magnitude behind them, we ask you to look deep within your hearts, for your time of calling will soon be upon you.  We ask you to look at the truth which lies within each and every one of you.  A truth which is rapidly rising to the surface, for it can no longer be squelched and hidden away.  There are too many of you now who are openly communicating with us, and the word is spreading like wildfire.

Clarity Concerning Matters of the Heart: Pleiadian Message, Channeled through Caroline K.A.

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Posted April 21, 2013



Dear ones, we come to you today with a message of clarity concerning matters of the heart.

As you continue with your awakening, you are urgently asked to look deep within your hearts, and release the old ways of being, thinking and believing.  We say to you, trust what your guides, angels, and mentors are showing you at this time, for your greatest good is their absolute priority.

The outcome of your greatest good as individuals, also directly affects the outcome of the collective, and this is vital to the entire ascension process for all who dwell upon Gaia.

It's Time to Gather Courage: Pleiadian Message Channeled by Caroline K.A.

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Posted April 17, 2013


Dear hearts, with deep regret we speak with you today in regards to the most recent act of malice which occurred in the great city of Boston within the United States.

In the midst of unraveling the darkness which has lived within your societies for eons of time, and by this we refer to the Cabal and their minions who have maintained their iron grip over your people,and who have instilled fear, despair,and who have brought great harm, in all aspects of the word for much of your history, we ask you to understand the presence of these dark ones is so deeply engrained within your world, they are desperate and will do anything possible to maintain this, and re-establish their rapidly declining power over you, the collective.  This dear hearts, is done with their most potent weapon.  Fear.

Rejoice With Us: Pleiadian Message, Channeled through Caroline K.A.

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Posted April, 16, 2013


We are with you, as we have  told you many times before, and we will continue to do so until you understand, and believe, you do not have to do any of this alone.

You see dear hearts, for far too long you have believed you were separate, not only from each other, but from your creator self, and from God.  The veil is gone now. Allow love and truth to flow freely into every fiber of your being.  Allow this grand love to restore eternal peace within you, and to heal all wounds, not only for you, as individuals, but for the collective as well, and for Gaia.

You are feeling an increased connection to your Galactic brothers and sisters, as well as your brothers and sisters of Gaia.  You are connected to all life, to the loving energy of all that is, and this dear ones, many of you, if not the majority, are feeling now as it rapidly grows inside of you with every breath you take.

The Proof You Need Lies Within Your Hearts: Pleiadian Message, channeled by Caroline K.A.

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Posted April 8, 2013


We are the guardians of light.  We come to you today where all matters pertaining to the heart are of the greatest importance.

It is time to gather yourselves in balance, and in light as you go within on a daily basis, if not more.  Your connection with spirit, and the essence of your true identity is now being made known to many of you, as your awakening is proceeding at an accelerated rate.

Within these new-found realizations coming to you now, many are eager to know more, and you often ask for physical proof as to what the higher realms are showing you.  Dear ones, we say to you in all sincerity, the proof you need lies within your hearts.  It is only from within shall you completely align with the truth of what is, and it is you, the creator human, who choses what to do with the information you receive in manifesting and creating your reality.

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