Communing with Aspects of Self - Including Higher Self

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Over the last couple of days, I had the privilege of attending a journaling and storytelling retreat with facilitator Holly Makimaa, a Therapeutic Writing Institute instructor located in Lansing, Michigan. Holly lovingly and expertly guided us through several different self-illuminating writing and drawing exercises, interlaced with spiritual practice. One of these writing activities rung a large bell deep within me. It took me spiraling back in time to the exact moment when I first began cultivating my ability to channel Higher Self, as this technique was the exact one I had used! Suddenly, I thought of the one question I've heard asked countless times, "How can I learn to connect with or channel my Higher Self ?"

As I glanced around the room and saw others of various backgrounds and walks of life easily engaging with this activity, I realized this is something anyone can begin doing. This activity, especially done as a consistent practice, can help with not only communing with Higher Self and Soulful Self, but also many other aspects or qualities of self. Perhaps it was the frame in which it was introduced that made it feel so practical and doable. Perhaps it was the activity itself. In any case, I felt strongly compelled to share it with you, with the encouragement that you too can learn to hone communications with various aspects of self.

This technique within the journaling/writing world is known as "dialogue writing." In mediumship circles it's known as a form of "automatic writing." Although in this latter context, it is not limited to aspects of self but also includes other beings and forms of intelligence. However, for today's purposes we'll stick to the dialogue writing frame, as learning to commune with aspects of self should be cultivated first before moving on to work with other beings and intelligences.

The purpose of this dialogic exercise is to engage with various aspects of self in order to gain guidance, healing, and insight around a specific topic or issue. For example, say you wish to examine the issue of healthy living. Perhaps this is something you've struggled with in your life. Part of you knows you need to make healthier choices and yet, part of you is resisting this change. So not surprisingly, no progress or movement is made. Through the practice of "dialogue writing" you would allow these two aspects of self to speak to each other, hopefully allowing them to reach a conclusion and/or compromise for the benefit of all selves (or the full self). The conversation would look something like this:

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