Communing with Aspects of Self - Including Higher Self

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Over the last couple of days, I had the privilege of attending a journaling and storytelling retreat with facilitator Holly Makimaa, a Therapeutic Writing Institute instructor located in Lansing, Michigan. Holly lovingly and expertly guided us through several different self-illuminating writing and drawing exercises, interlaced with spiritual practice. One of these writing activities rung a large bell deep within me. It took me spiraling back in time to the exact moment when I first began cultivating my ability to channel Higher Self, as this technique was the exact one I had used! Suddenly, I thought of the one question I've heard asked countless times, "How can I learn to connect with or channel my Higher Self ?"

what happened to us?

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If you can't hear it properly, here is the text.

Oh this is me, btw, with an original poem, that keeps changing names... Enjoy!

© RWMK2506 11.16.2013

Our Universe

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An ocean so deep you cannot reach the bottom. 

A sky so high you will never reach the top.
This universe, the great mystery! 

Dimensions behind that we do not know of 
and dimensions to come that we could not dream of.


Death is a word created by man and misunderstood by man. 
It is a closed door to the ‘real world’.


Love is an emotion named by man and understood by man. 
It is an open door to the ‘real world’.



The Power of the Flame

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A world in another dimension reveals itself to me by candlelight. The energy of the flame opens the door to another universe.


This universe does not know time, it does not understand the material and it does not know hate.


This universe only sees by light and feels through vibration. It looks straight into your soul and sees your spirit.


Swirling vortexes of colour manifest into the ones we love using the candlelight and the energy I offer.


Finally bridging two dimensions that are ultimately one universe can be opened by the power of the flame and the strength of my energy.




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