Crystal Healing Links?

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I am specifically looking for a link that was posted in tinychat in the last few months. One of the chatters runs the site and it has information on crystal and gemstone healing. If you have ever posted a link to such a site run by you on tinychat, please comment the link below for me.


Also, if you anyone else runs such a site they are welcome to post as well. (Though, I do encourage them to drop by the chat room and say hi!)


Finally, if you have other quality resource sites that you would like to post on the topic, please feel free to do so. Specifically, I would like sites that approach crystal healing from a vibrational and ascension related perspective (that which includes all 12 chakras, not just the first 7 that are recognized on many traditional Reiki/healing sites.



Thanks very much for any help you can provide!


Namaste :)



Hey :)

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Hey Tryak437 :)


I clearly have no clue which site you're talking about but I'm on a site that has information on Crystal and Gemstone healing. The creator of the site is a healer and is quite active across many different sites. She has extensive knowledge of Vibrational Healing as that is where she started her healing from. Come and have a look if you like. Her name on the site is Devi (KA). I go by the name Gentle Lion on the site.


The site's url is


Hope the transition is treating you well :)


Keep moving along with Love and Faith and you'll be just fine :)