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Gameification of Life

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It might seem like a simple concept, to make something into a game. After all, children do it all the time. The truth is, children are intrinsically easier to motivate than adults. Children are rewarded with laughter, song, rainbows, stickers, and candy. If you try offering a hug to an adult, you might find they are reluctant to even accept it! How do you make a game that adults enjoy playing? Well, who doesn't like to be clever... and so the first game begins. 

The first clever assignment is to notice the connection between all things. Once you notice these connections, you can start naming them as clues. Perhaps someone is wearing the shirt you almost put on this morning, or they are driving the exact same model car. Do the license plates around you spell anything clever in 1337? Maybe there is a persistent insect that no one else has a problem with. The director is here to give the detective his stage cues. You are the detective and this is your mystery to solve. It's started off quite like a survival horror, I'm afraid - ripe with a wasp that just landed on my neck in meat space to punctuate this line. 

Now, let's give it a beautiful ending, lovelies.

The Spider and the Swirl

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Last night I decided to place a few gemstones under my pillow to seek insight into my current situation and mission. I chose Nuumite to eliminate any psychic manipulation, negative energy or facades. Black Kyanite for dream recall (very difficult for me - even if I'm woken up immediately with a journal beside the bed I can't recall) and healing dreams, as well as connecting to spirit guides. Sodalite for understanding circumstances, cancelling out environmental energy pollution and uniting intuition with logic. Finally, I selected Rhodonite to assist with a traumatic past and a recent abandonment by my fiancé. With the stones under my pillow I went to sleep.

I "woke up" in the same room that I was in. I would have sworn that my eyes were open the room was so detailed, but in retrospect I realize they must have still been shut. Dangling on a long thin silk from the ceiling was a spider with very spindly legs. It was a light tan color. Intuitively I was unable to tell if the spiders was dangling down towards me, or had been "sucked" up out of me and was retreating on it's cord. I also couldn't tell if the "watching" was protective or harmful in nature, as my overriding fear of spiders colored the entire experience. I wanted to sit up immediately and smash it and was horrified the sanctity of my rest/bedroom had been violated (Really, this basement is rather prone to spiders.)

Working with Crystals: Tiger's Eye

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For as long as I can remember I have had a love of rocks and an affinity with crystals and gemstones of all kinds. I can remember visiting a science shop and spending hours looking at the different kinds of stones. Although I did not have the funds to purchase these crystals at the time, I often would collect rocks during family trips - including a piece of hematite that gifted itself to me at an amusement park. When I enter a metaphysical rock store my entire body vibrates with frequency of thousands of crystals. When the bible wrote of the stones crying out in witness, I believe this is what it meant.


Crystal of the Day: Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye in general is a mixture of earth and sun energy, thus assisting in bringing spiritual energy to earth. This can result in balancing the lower chakras and also stimulating the rise of kundalini energy. Tiger's Eye is also adept at balancing male/female energies, which can help alleviate depression arising from imbalances and other psychosomatic illnesses. It also improves communication between both hemispheres of the brain, enhancing lateral thinking, problem solving and releasing blocked creativity. This can resolve dilemmas of all kinds, including internal conflicts of ego.

Tiger's Eye also supports making changes (especially with regards to addictions), healing self-worth/criticism issues, recognizing the wants vs needs of yourself and others, and having the inner resources to accomplish goals with clarity of intention. This can aid with issues of personality or mental illnesses. 

Word is Spreading - Grassroots

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I have been staying out of town for the last little while, due to issues with my roommate adapting very violently to the new energies. In the time I have been staying here I have been working with crystals (assisting clearing negative energy from the geographic area, supporting a difficult pregnancy, helping with an addiction situation) and have gotten the household able to identify and avoid GMO foods. I am careful what to share, but I have seen encouraging progress in my sphere of influence. 

Today I was back in town just to check my mail and pick up a few things I had left behind. In my mailbox was a handmade (full color) flyer. The flyer started off by introducing a man by the name of Mike. He identified himself as affiliated with a certain church, but not being there to spread their message. He included links to scientific evidence (videos) that related to chemtrails, fluroide, GMOs, etc. The flyer stated that he felt he was sent on a mission by God to spread the word about what is happening so that people can decide for themselves. It was very heartening to see that someone had taken it into their own hands to reach over a hundred thousand people, and I couldn't help but be excited that he is named after the Universal AI! 

The moral of the story? The word is spread by every one of us. If Disclosure were to happen right now, do you think that your mother would be more likely to believe what you have to say or the aliens on tv? What about those that don't listen to us? Then may they be won without a word through our conduct and our actions. Be the change you want to see.


Massive Clearing Energies

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There are massive clearing energies taking place right - literally blasting with almost an obsidian overtone to them. Last night a friend who I do energy work with woke up and was afraid for me. He said he was seeing a vision of my aura running with rivers of blood and was trying to send golden light to it. The person I was sharing a house with then tried to get close to me on a ruse and attack me, but somehow I knew to stay calm and he backed off.

He went outside for a cigarette while I was hoping he would not come into my room again. Then he walked inside after a very lengthy time and told me that there was what he described as a very polite entity demanding to see me (by name) outside, that he had heard it knocking and it almost wouldn't let him in the house. Then he tried (in his words) three times to destroy it but was unable to; he was very upset by this.

When I went outside I saw two ships in the sky. One of them with reddish lights, the other clear white and I could feel the intense love coming off them. Then it felt like two people had come on either side of my shoulders and wrapped me in a blanket and just walked me in circles for an hour while I cried. I felt AAM's presence strongly and heard that my safety had been assured by the heavens themselves and that the archangels are always in my thoughts and know when I need help.

I went back inside the house but failed to give a full accounting of my experience, as I knew it would produce anger. I saw 4:44 on the clock and looked up the meaning then sat with my cat quietly for a brief period. I then felt urged to leave the house, trusting the guidance of the number sign I was given I went for a walk in a nearby park. When I returned the house was in shambles and the table upended and he said I was 'lucky I survived' what came over him.

Yellow Hot Air Balloon

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Today during my morning meditation outside I saw a hot air balloon. I have not seen one all season and I very rarely have ever seen one in the area that is not branded by a corporation. Saw I was watching it overhead I remembered my previous blog post and the new energies being represented in yellow. I would later find out there was a smiley face on the reverse!


Butterflies heralding the new energy

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I often see recurring themes around me in terms of animals that present themselves to me. It is one way that spirit helps to tell me stories. I have been seeing two kinds of butterflies in my area that are significant. The first, has a look alike and we only were able to identify it based on territory. It is the Western Tiger Swallowtail - it features yellow with black markings, similar to the Zebra Swallowtail. 


Photo and reference to this butterfly here:


The second butterfly that I have been seeing is brown with white wingtips. It is called the Mourning Cloak - I feel it represents the energies of past relationships, while the Tiger Swallowtail is hope.


On my walk the other day I was presented with a pair of Western Tiger Swallowtail wings that were directly on my walking path. Today when I went out I saw one of the yellow butterflies dart across my path, dancing with the Mourning Cloak. As they were dancing in swooped a second Tiger Swallowtail and the three of them swirled around each other until the two flew off as a perfect wing pair, like Twin Flames for butterflies!


I started grinning from ear to ear at how exciting it was, having just purchased a crystal at 13:13:13 and reading this article:


Silent Walkers

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Perhaps in direct contradiction to this article, I have decided to blog anyways. Every group needs a spokesperson and for some reason I seem to be better equipped than many others of my soul group to speak about the unique task that we were sent to accomplish. After a very heartful, and one sided, conversation with my guides about my purpose I was given the title of a post. When I returned inside, from the park I had been sitting in, I saw this article had been posted:


The synchronicities with this message go back to my first relationship and early years of university. As soon as I read it I knew this was what I had been doing. The only 'false' name I had every taken as a surname: Walker. "My power grows in silence" - this is the message of my guides. What is this path like for those that do no walk it? Magical and still. Life becomes like an intricately connected video game, and at the same time you can feel as if nothing is real and you will be forced to play forever. Even your favorite game you would want a break after a while, yes? 


I read it. I cried. It fit everything people had been saying about my energy. It fit everything I knew I did inside. It fit perfectly with the previous message I had read, where I started to discover why I wasn't like all the other royal angels..


Lunar Eclipse - Duckling Intervention

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Reading one of the postings on the press after my morning meditation I was struck with, once again, the similarities in what Spirit shows me during my walk and in what is happening on a deeper spiritual level.


The two descriptions given there were: 


SYMBOL: “A little child learning to walk with the encouragement of his parents.”


KEYNOTE: “The natural assistance of superior powers during crisis of growth.”



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