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Gather, Retreat, Dance to the beat,   Feel, Real, The heart insists to meet,   Entry, Journey, Discovering to turn,   Lightening with passion, Burn baby burn,,  

Relinquishing the fever, Stillness to unwhirl, Secrets of the forest, Imagination twirls, Beyond the thought of reason, Coded in display, Echoed in the chamber, Vibrant alchemy,,

Repeated chant of labor, Swinging defines, Utopia equator, Wrapped around the signs, Held to intermingle, The passenger on board, Passing destinations, Directed ever forward,,

Glancing dedication, fulfilling in a dream, Mirrors for review, Oh prevalent stream, Posture and position, Beyond the hourglass, Always a transmission, Radical Pizazz!!


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That's really good

I felt good vibes coming from that, kind of felt it straight to my pineal in the center point vibrating haha

Keep it up :)


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The Last Line Made Me Smile -Radical Pizazz

I Like That!
Thanks for Sharing.

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