cyber cyber cyber....does it end?

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This is to make many of you aware.Most of you have taken to the social media platform instead of just this site and some of you manage both. I encourage feed reading as posts often get buried. Owl program is facing issues as of late and Im on linux so use what works for you.

IC3 complaint filed in accordance with, I dont play)

" doesnt go far enough. Title aside, this isnt about some fantastic imaginations stemming from one individual who is well known for his Tv series.(gene roddenberry) This is about cyberbulling and harassment, in some cases slanderous actions and trolling of specific individuals to intentionally discredit them and cause harm.Causing harm being the key word here.Those here in the group are supposed to be enlightened, respectful, mindful individuals with premise of making living here on this rock more enjoyable.In some cases current events and other subject matters are often discussed.The majority here are supposed to have thier head on straight and thier wits about them. Lately I have noticed more and more the place becoming into a "follow the leader" cult, often with "i am god, and this is how things are" mentality as well as another ongoing threat on social media.That threat (not well known) is the psy-op invasion as it were or mass flooding of false prophet and false information to discredit people.The CIA has been known in the past to use such tactics.And people are getting the idea to do this en mass regardless of any consequence as if it is initiated by al-quaeda, where propoganda is key.Ive seen the manifesto on this.It says very clearly to use any and all means to discredit individuals and groups and make members turn on themselves.It says to be as anonymous as possible, irregardless of whether social media profiles are deleted or postings flagged....the list goes on. Enough is enough. And this bullying is swiftly turning into a hate crime for those involved.Some of the key words used: NWO(new world order),rothschild, illuminati..we know these concepts and individuals to exist.The point is to do away with them and move on.The trolling continues despite these individuals being asked to leave said groups repeatedly.They come back en mass and gang up on people. Social media has no report a crime feature, and the feature it has is very hard to find. The false rapture prophets have been asked to leave as well.They keep coming back.Those managing the group from soundofheart will be notified that this is unending.It was never our intent to harbour said individuals.WE DONT WANT THEM.


Admins should take note.