Daily Practice for Abundant Living

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abundant living

Being mindful is what living in the 5th dimension is all about. BE perceptive (observant/discerning/aware) about your daily life, the actions you take, the words you speak and the thoughts you think.

When you walk, don’t just walk for the sake of getting from A to B. Walk with purpose. Notice what is around you, notice how the air or the breeze feels against your skin, notice the people you’re passing by. They are a part of who you are. Notice the sky, the clouds, the trees and other plant life around you. Realize that all of this represents abundance and let this realization bring a smile to your lips knowing you are abundantly blessed just for being here, for being alive!

When you eat, don’t eat for the sake of eating simply to relieve your hunger, or because it tastes good or because you’re in need of comfort. Eat because the food provides your body with nourishment that supports a healthy body. When you eat, first give thanks for the food and its true source. Chew the food slowly, savoring the flavors and the textures. When you eat mindfully and with purpose you will eat much less because your hunger will be satisfied easily. You will lose excess weight and gain physical strength.

Become mindful of your thoughts and when thoughts pop up that do not support your intentions, replace them with new thoughts, thoughts that DO support you and the abundant life you choose for yourself.

Examine your beliefs. It takes courage to do this, but it will build strength also as you begin to realize how many of your beliefs have been adopted by you that are not in sync with the abundant life you wish to create. Use the power of affirmations to create NEW beliefs that DO support you and that will help you realize your true potential. Realize that you ARE an abundant being already. You only need to change your perspective – change the way you look at things. When you begin to see abundance all around you, and within you, it will help you to make this change.

Have faith in faith. Faith will help you to build trust and develops your sense of KNOWING. Having a sense of knowing will enhances your intuition and will stand you in good stead as you rise in consciousness. Let go of doubts. All doubt arises from fear in one way or another, and fear is the opposite of love. Love is the only antidote to fear.

Take time to spend in purposeful meditation with your Higher Self and Source energy at least once a day. Developing a close friendship with your Source is vital to living abundantly in all areas of your life here. Know that you are in Divine Partnership and that ALL is possible.


When you apply these practices to your daily life, your life will begin to change and you will manifest miracles. Expressing gratitude will become a way of life. Showing kindness, unconditional love and compassion to yourself and every living thing will become a natural part of your daily living. Experiencing profound peace will become the new ‘normal’ for you.

You ARE the Alchemist, the Magician, the Creator, the God/Goddess and Source of ALL. There is nothing that you are not.


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