The Presence of Stillness

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by April Bender

Since the passing of my beloved grandmother this past fall, I've had many opportunities to re-explore the vast nature of Stillness. Subtle and mysterious, unfolding and enfolding, centering and spacious, encircling and spiraling away. . .choosing to dance with the presence of Stillness offers us passage through the many gates of inner and outer awareness.

Daily Practice for Abundant Living

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abundant living

Being mindful is what living in the 5th dimension is all about. BE perceptive (observant/discerning/aware) about your daily life, the actions you take, the words you speak and the thoughts you think.

When you walk, don’t just walk for the sake of getting from A to B. Walk with purpose. Notice what is around you, notice how the air or the breeze feels against your skin, notice the people you’re passing by. They are a part of who you are. Notice the sky, the clouds, the trees and other plant life around you. Realize that all of this represents abundance and let this realization bring a smile to your lips knowing you are abundantly blessed just for being here, for being alive!

When you eat, don’t eat for the sake of eating simply to relieve your hunger, or because it tastes good or because you’re in need of comfort. Eat because the food provides your body with nourishment that supports a healthy body. When you eat, first give thanks for the food and its true source. Chew the food slowly, savoring the flavors and the textures. When you eat mindfully and with purpose you will eat much less because your hunger will be satisfied easily. You will lose excess weight and gain physical strength.

Become mindful of your thoughts and when thoughts pop up that do not support your intentions, replace them with new thoughts, thoughts that DO support you and the abundant life you choose for yourself.

10 Tips to Reduce Festive Frazzle & bring Serenity to the Season

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T’is the season to be jolly…but what if you’re feeling anything but?

The season of goodwill is generally characterised by merriment and cheer, seen as a time to celebrate with those we hold dear. But for many people Christmas can be a tremendously challenging and stressful time, compounded by the social expectations to be ‘happy’ and live up to the idealised image of the ‘perfect family’ presented to us in films and on TV.

Whilst I am truly blessed to spend Christmas with a loving caring family with whom I share many a fond festive memory, I realise it’s not like that for everyone. I spare a thought for those coping with adversity, bravely battling behind the facade of an outward smile, silently crying on the inside. I’ve been there, and know all too well how the festive season tends to exasperate and highlight our challenges, driving many people over the edge. It’s common knowledge that suicide rates peak at Christmas and New Year as stress levels, emotions and mounting debt reach boiling point. The consumerist pressure to purchase hits us like a ton of bricks, and often leaves a crippling effect upon our bank balance and anxiety levels.

Daily Tarot Reading ~ 2/22/13 ~ A Day to be Cautious

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Daily Tarot Reading ~ 2/22/13

9 of Wands

The 9 of wands is the suit associated with fire. The sun is harboring some massive sunspots currently which could turn out to be interesting. It's a day to "be the observer" and *try* not to get to...o involved in anything today. Emotions have been running high all week so take extra care when communicating today. Be very clear in your intentions and your actions.



"You've been through so much that it's ok to be a little wary sometimes. use you rheart to connect with the Spirit world and ask for help, guidance or clarification when needed. You do not need to guard yourself for much longer. Soon there will be no reason to fight our squabble. Small arguments may come up from time to time but you know how to deal with those in a calm way. We can see the fellow on the card seems to have been beaten down -- maybe emotionally, maybe physically, maybe on some other level or maybe in all of those ways. Regardless, he stands tall and persevers which is what Spirit is asking us to do today. Keep a watchful eye out and use your discernment in any situations you find yourself in. If you do end up gettnig hurt or burnt in some way or another, try to view it as a lesson. Stay positive and know you are stronger because of it."


swimming in the waves of love. wait, WHOA! (scary!)

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So i know this is long overdue, and i offer my apoligies (however you spell that word) as its been bothering me everyday that i keep telling myself im gunna write this blog, but even on the most boring days, i cant find the time to write it out. i guess maybe i wasnt floating in the right groove to explain it properly until this morning. who knows. that being said, lets get this scary shit going here =p 

Inter-Dimensional Energy Surfing

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For the past week I have been popping in and out of the fifth dimension. When I go 5D, everything around me seems flat, sort of phony like an old movie set, and far away. It is sort of like an out-of-body experience where you are looking down at yourself, but I am in myself and looking at the 3-dimensional reality I just the last moment was in.

The longest one was when I was walking down the hall of the OR with my patient, after their surgery, taking them on the bed to PACU. I felt a connectedness and compassion to my coworkers I passed in the hall. It was like watching an old movie, comforting, but very campy and dated. Once I walked through the double doors which separate the OR from PACU, I came back to 'normal'.

At first I was a little weirded out by this. But a post by Kaui'la Pele talked about the similar experiences, with the vision going fuzzy for a short time. Others commented on having similar experiences too.As a chemical engineering student, I learned that chemical reactions always happen at the interface between two chemicals. Add a catalyst to the reactor, and the reaction will happen hundreds of times faster, on the edge. It was there that I developed a liking for being between two worlds, where the action is. I went into Medical School being excited about the skills I would gain to help people at the brink between life and death. In trauma anesthesia and especially cardiac anesthesia this is the case.

It was between undergraduate and medical school that I 'woke up' and began to discover my intuitive gifts. I began escorting souls to the Other Side in my dreamtime and my downtime as the need arose. I came up with a word for the boundary that separates us on Earth from those on Heaven: The Fence.

I have been dancing on The Fence for more than twenty years! And enjoying every minute of it. Reiki and Karuna Reiki added to the mix.

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