Daily Tarot Reading: 10 of Wands ~ 4/25/13

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10 of wands


You may think that you can get out of this eclipse season relatively unscathed. Unfortunately that may not be true for most of us. The Ten of Wands is today's card, which represents hard work and peseverance. You may be thrown for a loop by something which comes up today. The important thing is to release what no longer serves you. This card seems to be telling me that a "final test" of sorts will be coming up soon to judge your ability and perseverance to work through fear, difficult situations, etc. what have you. This is not something you should be worried about. However, if you feel like you are overwhelmed or completely lost just ask your angels and guide for a sign or for some help.

Wands are the suit of creativity, action and movement. The 10 of wands keywords are overextending, burdens and struggles. You might be thinking or feeling that you've been feeling burdened for far too long, and may feel some anger at this card. Just a little bit longer, and maybe you'll find that the burdens weren't so burdensome after all. When we, as humans, are unable to look at the big picture - like the man on the card who is unable to see far in front of him because of his load of sticks - it makes it difficult to understand why certain situations are thrown into our lives. The only thing we are able to do, when this happens, is work through it. Luckily, there are energies and benevolent beings who love to assist us.

The ten of wands also can indicate a time where you have no other choice but to assume responsibility for an issue. Isn't this somewhat related to "we are the ones we've been waiting for". If you're talking the talk, but not walking the walk so much it's a good time to carry out what you say. Gandhi says "be the change you want to see" and he's right. If we want to change the world we need to start with ourselves. Most of the time it won't be easy, and we'll be fighting an uphill battle against a most worthy foe - EGO.

Be sure to serenade the world with your laughter, brighten up the room with your smile - be careful not to extend your boundaries as a lightworker (if that is what you identify with) to take on the issues and burdens of another. True, there are some times when that is necessary but not at this juncture. We'll be getting hit with a lot of different and incredibly intense energies over the course of the next month. We need to make sure that we are not taking on too much and that we are keeping our lives and emotions balanced.

There were two reinforcing cards in the kitty today, which emphasize the truth that the coming times may not be very easy to work through. We have the six and nine of swords. The six of swords represents getting by or scraping along while the nine of swords represents worrying. It's important to recognize your emotions, and if you may be feeling scared, worried, or stressed but we do not need to let these emotions control our day.

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