DC sighting

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Some of you may have mised it:


about 8-10 hours ago a FLOCK of Golden to WHITISH looking crafts appeared voer the DC metro area. The image is a bit Golden, as lighting does at night, so I cant tell the exact color, but still...


with the events in COLORADO..

the conflict in DC over gun control...


the recent weather reports(I hear CHINA is getting nailed pretty hard with rain..)...


Right Smack over DC..


Maybe I was right after all to send via radio...they seem friendly enough..More light and love and awe for the ships tonight..maybe we can come to a meeting here soon or agreement in Washington to have PEACE..


It would be nice to meet our friends, to those who have had encounters physically, I envy you.


Image is on my FB wall of the sighting.



Thanks Jazz..Sending much

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Thanks Jazz..Sending much Peace, Joy, Light, Sightings and LOVE to You and to ALL! NOW!