Direct Me To The Light (channeled)

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Direct Me To The Light (channeled)

You are here in amongst the Universe

From flowers to stars with snowflakes in between

Shine like the gleam of silver

Breath the fire of eternity from your soul

Let it awaken in you inspiration

Dream the biggest most beautiful dream

And hang on to it, ride the dream to fulfillment.


Like a kite in the wind, the leaves in the trees

Blow a breath of action, seed a thought, and let it grow and grow

Infinity calls to reason that Man will create the most beauty of Gods infinite Mind

This may be his place, to catch a rainbow and send it out again,

Splashed with smiles and heart hugs and oh so ever much more

Delight be with you in every moment, and always.

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May Delight Ever Be With U As Well!

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This is so good! Adore it!

This is so good! Adore it!

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Thank You!

Thank you so much! I am really you liked it!  It has been a few years, but I still feel so good and inspired when I read it.

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