Embracing Your Originality: You Are Important

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“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.”

~ Mark Twain ~





In the west we are told you need this and you need that to be happy. The media tells us buy these clothes, get this car, look this way. Look to the outside to make you happy, ignore what is going on on the inside.

Let’s face it, the media whether TV, movies, magazines, video games, music, etc. is the driving force behind most peoples perception of reality. They are responsible for creating society’s “norms”.

We are learning how to think, act, dress, and view life from the media. Take a second and think about that. All your preconceptions, all your prejudices, all your perceptions, where do they come from? I mean, after all, they call it TV PROGRAMS for a reason. If you aren’t getting a direct dose, it’s likely you are told, convinced, and pressured into thinking from someone who is.

Next time you are watching TV or whatever, pay attention to how it makes you feel, pay attention to the information of what is going into YOUR filter. Notice the judgments of others, and notice what and why things are perceived as right and wrong. Pay attention to the message….is it negative, positive? Realize these subtleties are affecting your consciousness, your outlook, your REALITY.

It is important to step outside the box and to stop drinking from the mainstream well. Up to this point it has convinced an entire population that we have a say in what our government does, the more money you have the more important you are, and drinking fluoride is a great way to make sure you don’t get cavities. Our new pantheon consists of celebrities and sports stars. We are taught that we need to get rich in order to be happy, and that we need to stoke the fire of our egos to matter. Judging others is as normal as breathing, and fear of each other due to race, religion, social class, you name it, is commonplace.

We get too caught up comparing ourselves to others, and we forget how special each and EVERY one of us are. We are all one, the EXACT same thing. We are all EQUAL and should be treated as such. So when you separate yourself and say I don’t like this person, this person is this, and this person is that, you are living in your EGO. Your ego, like today’s media, is a FALSE reality.

We are all one consciousness, and that is where our power lies, functioning as ONE people. If we want to live in a world free of suffering, that is obtainable. If the whole world stood up and said enough is enough, guess what is going to happen? And how could it not when we are all together? If the whole world decided it was done playing the game, done playing by the rules of a few, imagine the possibilities.

Think here for a second about that. If everyone would wake up and just stop playing this game,  the world would change instantly. A lot of people don’t even realize it IS A GAME! What do you think this monopoly money has to do with why you are here?!

If we were free to live in the universe’s naturally occurring abundance, we would start to ponder more the purpose of why we are here. We could live in peace and happiness without having to be in constant competition with each other for paper. Killing each other for more resources would be seen as it truly is, barbaric.

Its time to unplug ourselves from the force-fed reality that our media and most of society is spoon feeding us, and wake up to our sovereignty. Start thinking for yourself and don’t worry about what your “friends” may say. Know what is right in your heart, feel it. Don’t wait for someone else to give you their opinion, you have the answer already.


“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

By C Siva Prasad

~ Mahatma Gandhi ~






You forget your…..OUR power when you get lost in conformation to others ideas without using your own judgement, your own feelings. Discover your true self and create your OWN identity.

It is our uniqueness and individuality that makes us special. No one person is the same, and that makes everyone important. We all bring our own flavor to the world, and we can learn so much from each other. Embrace your originality and feel free to express yourself as such, for the only thing limiting you IS yourself. Once you can experience and embrace your own uniqueness, you will be able to recognize and appreciate the same in others.


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Exactly what I needed to

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Exactly what I needed to hear. The media has a huge part in how we dress, think, act, carry ourselves, so much ppl change to fit others standards. Every person is important. Sometimes it feels like a burden being different from everybody else but its not! Embrace your originality.