False prophets?

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I am hearing this about some so called Christian leaders...that some are predicting the end of the world in 2016. Has anyone else come across this bullshit? Surely we all wish the world would end and begin anew, but Im very doubtful it will happen anytime soon. Broadcasting bullshit like this is nothing new. I just want to know if Ive found another Christian FAKER or not. Seems more and more of them are popping up in the outskirts of town. I dont know who these COOKES think there fooling either.

The Wisdom of P’taah on Religion

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~~P’taah on Religion

Words of Wisdom from P’taah

from the book, “P’taah – The Gift”

Channeled by: Jani King

 “That which you term ‘religion’ upon your plane has nothing to do with the Spiritual truths of the universes, which require no rites, rules or rituals.

Religion is a tool of enslavement to keep you in chains, to keep you in control, that you may not know sovereignty and free dominion.

It is valid. You have created it, but it is not necessary for your enlightenment.”


As Lightworkers and Spiritual Trailblazers, it is our Sacred work to lead the way in opening wider the path of Remembrance of who we are, where we come from, and the long forgotten and hidden Spiritual Truths and Knowledge which will lead to back to a fuller understanding and a wider perspective of our Reality.

It is also our Sacred Responsibility to be aware of the dangers along this Path of Re-Awakening. One of these hidden dangers is that of the possibility of the transference of the energy of Dogma, which if allowed to manifest within the field of our Re-Awakening to fuller understanding of our Reality and Universal Truths, holds the potential to set into place a “New Religion” based on our Re-Awakening.

The Human species has for many eons of linear time now, been held captive, to some degree or another, by the Energy Chains of Religious Dogma; so long now that it has become as an energetic gene set into our Spiritual DNA.

Caesar's Messiah Jesus ~ A Roman Invention

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GFP Note: We are presenting this video
for your awareness and enjoyment.
Jesus was/is a Real Being.
An Ascended Master, Jesus and his Twin Flame, Mary Magdalene, did incarnate on Earth together to bring the Truth to Humanity.
Their descendants went on to form The Knights Templar and they carry The Truth and The Light of Love to this day.


my mesage

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Many people are scared because they believe that the in dark revelation in which they belive they will witness the destruction of the earth. we are in the age ofConflict , division mind control , for it is now iam omnipresent. No, no. This age is the Golden Age for the seekers of God, for earning and learning There will be physical repercussions because of growing selfishness,greed , pride adjustments will happend on the planet, and lie will be clear-out. I have come to revive the ancient wisdom contained in in every religion and occulte psylosophy The Will of God cannot be stopped. The events God ordains will take place. it is a joyful Golden Age will for the chidrend of the will of god the entire world will know of my presence. At this time only a relatively few people know of my truth. As of now only local individuals represent me, and they do not draw the attention of people of substance and importance throughout the world. i do not look at status and worldly importance. a looks at the heart and service to the needy. I want each and every one of you to reach the highest state of joy and grace. I wish each of you to know the joy of full Unity of creation. It is wise to form a study circle on spiritual science and truth with others who are honestly seeking the spiritual life. Exchange truths, discuss virtues, and listen to the glories of the sun when you Look at the someone. Try to discover a point of contact and similarity not point of conflict and division. Use your knowledge to make yourself kinder and more peacefull. Don't worry about failure; life will become worth living. God is in Everyone You must see that all persons are simply different faces of the Divinity. Attempting to hate God is the height of ignorance. There is no room in your lives for hatred of anyone. To see all things as One you must expand your outlook. You must develop a broad loving heart. Selfishness must disappear.

Sin – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn May 5, 2013

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Note: Unfortunately Facebook seems to block me again, they don’t like what I post and share. I don’t know if I can share this message on my personal site or in any of my groups. If not, I ask you to please share the message on your sites and in your groups if you like the message. The Divine Mother and I, we say thank you very much.

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You cannot sin, my child. Why? It is so easy, because sins don’t exist. They are a fabrication of your religions to take away your power from you. To create fear in you and to make a lot of money out of that. You are in the illusion to make experiences and to learn lessons for the further evolution of your soul. Nothing more. But that doesn’t mean that you could now jauntily steal, lie or murder. This would without any doubts have only nasty Karma as a result. You are but not on earth to amass more Karma, but to remove and release it. I have created you, that YOU wonderful soul can make wonderful experiences for me through which I can experience my Self. Whatever experiences you garner, I would never punish you for them. And how could I? It would only be totally against my intention. You would only punish yourself, when you create more negative karma for yourself. So live according to the 10 proposals I once gave to you and you will make glorious experiences without any consequences for yourself. I love you so much for that, my child. ~

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