Galactic Consciousness: A New Frequency for Hue-mans

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 I was more deeply introduced to the Dreamspell Calendar on the Winter Solstice. I had previously dismissed this way of seeing and had been a follower of the Mayan Tzolkin, the Longcount for several years, on and off. I see it as an incredible filter in which to see the human experience, and others can exist side by side with the Tzolkin. The universe loves many perspectives of experience and ways of seeing.

The Dreamspell captured my heart and imagination and I allowed it to in, and am reaping the gifts that it offers. The Dreamspell, created by Jose Arguelles, takes us into knowing ourselves as galactic beings. An intention is to connect us to the spiritual energy of the Hunab Ku which is the Great Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy. I see Hunab Ku as emanating source energy of creation. In connecting to Hunab Ku, we come to know ourselves as mini-galaxies of light. We expand and see ourselves as beyond human form and confines of defining ourselves as only in our bodies. We also can come to greet ourselves as energy instead of matter. Of course, all matter is energy distilled into form and our bodies and all that is matter is mostly made of space, like way over 99.9%.

A meditation between myself and another friend allowed us to experience our galactic selves. We felt this golden energy coming through our crowns to the earth. Our physical heart turned to gold, and then it became light and then felt like a sun. Each of us are suns, within our hearts. We are smaller versions of galaxies spinning and interacting and dancing with one another! Then I could see the Milky Way swirl above our head, and we were the center of this, the Great Central Sun. It felt very expansive and inclusive of everything. Boundaries of body and skin disappeared to a very expansive feeling. Within our meditation, we felt a golden love energy flowing through to Mother Earth which could be called “Love Now.” This process is how gridworking, being a bridge between heaven and earth takes place in my experience, anyway. It goes infinitely inward inside the body making blue and white diamond fractals and also infinitely outside the body, crystallizing. It is a vibratory and kinesthetic multidimensional experience. I also see it connecting to loved ones in a figure 8 infinity loop that cycles out to them coming back. There is a knowing that we are galaxies, and there is the experience of becoming one in shared meditation and imagination. The sun is broadcasting codes from the Great Central Sun that uploads a new operating system when we connect. Everyone is can access their galactic consciousness should they wish. I love tapping into this with others.

Where does this take us to know we are galactic beings? It takes us to a feeling, a feeling of being a creator of anything. It takes us to eternalness, to a feeling of being here when the planets and galaxies were formed and dancing with them. I could feel, in the infinite microcosm of the self within my skin, that every cell and atom had become a swirling Milky Way type galaxy. It gave me a sensation of being light of the stars, and also of swirling dancing of every cell. That totally changes the experience of being human in a physical body and the idea of being only this solid person in a flesh suit to something more. It is not that the human goes away but it has a new experience of reality added to it, as a galactic being with galaxies within every cell. Everyone is a galactic being and we are all dancing galaxies and co--creating together. That is what it felt like.

With galactic consciousness, we step into eternalness and beyond time. We know we always were and always have been. The Dreamspell Calendar playfully guides us to this understanding about time which is profound. In a higher dimensional experience, Time is Art. We are continually creating for the joy of it and living our bliss. It is a new frequency that is being introduced, called the 13:20 frequency. 13:20 refers to 13 moons with 20 day cycles. Each day has a different unique energy signature, and each person has one of these 260 energy signatures, called kin in the cycle. I could say the frequency of 13:20 is being re-introduced as indigenous cultures followed moon cycle time traditionally and it has been forgotten. This is compared to the Gregorian calendar which is artificial, not based on the natural cycles, and is related to the distortion which turned humanity into experiencing Time as Money instead of Time as Art. Time as Money refers to the work week, and to holidays as times to buy things for. It meant that it has take humans as human resources for making money, for ourselves and others (bosses and corporations.) Humans truly are resources of infinite creativity and creation, so the galactic consciousness, the 13:20 frequency take us back to a different way of life that has been forgotten, yet for modern times.

Jose Arguelles intiated the Harmonic Convergence event of 1987, and brought us the Dreamspell Calendar. He explains that the Mayans were "intergalactic navigators" who came to this planet to correct our notion of time. I sense, from my own inner visions, that many lightworkers are here as intergalactic navigators to do just this, to bring this new frequency to earth.

An experience of timelessness, with synchronicity being experienced often, creating from the heart occurs in the new frequency. And there is a magic that comes from being in flow to destiny of who we are supposed to meet, what we are to do, and where we are to go at any given moment. Not to say we leave it to fate, but become more fluid with time and are more present in every moment. The Dreamspell Calendar is one of many tools discover and point us to higher consciousness beyond the third dimension through experiencing it. Meditation, visualization, play, laughter and imagination take us there. There are so many ways, and let us discover them, discover our galactic selves, and this way of experiencing timelessness in synchronicity. This is where, in every now moment, being in the perfect place and perfect time intersect.

Shivrael/ Shannon Luminance River