Are You A Keeper of Time? ~ Take this Questionnaire and Find Out

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Are You A Keeper of Time?

A Keeper of Time is an individual who has as a part of their Sacred Contractual Work the responsibility of working with Time in some fashion or another. This type of Sacred Contractual work can take on many different forms across many different lifetimes, past and future, and is often even associated with different planetary systems and dimensional realities, but it will always be related to the concept of Space/Time and how it affects our current reality in some way. 

The following questions may help you to either answer this question, or begin to reawaken memories of being a Keeper of Time as part of your current Sacred Contractual work in this lifetime.


Keeper of Time Questionnaire

1) Do you, or have you, ever had a fascination with the concept of Space/Time?

2) As a child did you learn how to tell time at an early age? Or conversely, as a child was it difficult for you to learn how to tell time?

3) Do you have an innate sense of something special about Space/Time even though you may not fully be able to understand it consciously?

4) Does seeing time displayed on analog clocks and digital clocks create different sensations in you?

5) Are you obsessed with being punctual for appointments in your daily life?

6) Are you one of those people who is always late for appointments in your daily life, even by just a few minutes?

7) Do you consistently lose track of time?

8) Do you have a strong fascination with, or a strong draw to the Ancient Mayan Civilization?

9) Do you have recall of, or a sense of, multiple lifetimes in the Ancient Mayan Civilization?

10) Do you have a strong fascination with, or a strong draw to the Australian Aboriginal Culture?

11) Do you have recall of, or a sense of, multiple lifetimes in the Australian Aboriginal Culture?

Perpetuated Systems

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March 27th 2015

Perpetuated Systems

Fractals acquiescing in disruptive venues, temporal flux is justified on attempts to relocate star matter...

Frequency is coming to fruition from abundance programs, while adaptive to the sub selective flows of our lives purposes.

On accounts the sub selected flows grow in abundance on perpetuated systems, for fall backs when acquiring predisposed fabrics.

Contending field viewers are in aboriginal synapse, given on occasions the sub selective flows grows predominantly at fractals while acquiescing the internal “combustion” (activity conformal to irregular synapse)… In attempts to relocate matter, (disruptive energy) in currents, while simplifying flows, which were given in introverted concepts, for aboriginal synapsis, to contend in the supremum, which acts in accords to the sub intellectual fields of individuals, while governing factors, are perpetuated within accountants, from predisposed fabrics, as for unusual activity in irregular synapses is adnominal in querying attributes formal to sub type groups in these pertaining matters.

While contending to the supremum, what gives in abundance to systems perpetuated at fabrics which can evolve on their own predisposed fabrics while contending to the supremum, some inert concepts (activity) can conform to irregular synapse, which is predisposed in fabrics accustomed to the inertia of momentum while temporarily, they give out subliminal contact codes, for resurgence of the 5th kind…

Galactic Consciousness: A New Frequency for Hue-mans

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 I was more deeply introduced to the Dreamspell Calendar on the Winter Solstice. I had previously dismissed this way of seeing and had been a follower of the Mayan Tzolkin, the Longcount for several years, on and off. I see it as an incredible filter in which to see the human experience, and others can exist side by side with the Tzolkin. The universe loves many perspectives of experience and ways of seeing.

The Dreamspell captured my heart and imagination and I allowed it to in, and am reaping the gifts that it offers. The Dreamspell, created by Jose Arguelles, takes us into knowing ourselves as galactic beings. An intention is to connect us to the spiritual energy of the Hunab Ku which is the Great Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy. I see Hunab Ku as emanating source energy of creation. In connecting to Hunab Ku, we come to know ourselves as mini-galaxies of light. We expand and see ourselves as beyond human form and confines of defining ourselves as only in our bodies. We also can come to greet ourselves as energy instead of matter. Of course, all matter is energy distilled into form and our bodies and all that is matter is mostly made of space, like way over 99.9%.

The Alchemy of Time: Understanding the Great Year & the Cycles of Existence

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New Dawn, By: Jay Weidner, 01/18/2014

hypercubeThe age of iron has no other seal than that of Death. Its hieroglyph is the skeleton, bearing the attributes of Saturn: the empty hourglass, symbol of time run out…

The inspiration for this article comes from my almost nineteen years of research into the Great Cross of Hendaye and the French alchemist Fulcanelli. The unknown, anonymous, alchemist Fulcanelli in his masterpiece The Mysteries of the Cathedrals first brought the cross at Hendaye, France to the world’s attention.

Time discernment (Conceptualizing Belief's)

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The faster time speeds up the more you get deeper within. The reconfigurations can be discerned by how you experience time, when time gets shorter your vibrational frequency is augmenting, simple enough? Now if we work within and acquire new ascension codes and begin a creational synch, we gather momentum within our fields to view what is needed. Ascension codes what are they? Well if we want to know I view them as reconfigurations that we can acquire by accepting new realities... they shift constantly when we get opportunities to look upon new information that transcends our known perspectives. When you read information what you get from it, is where you are at in your constant reality. If you notice different experiences from different reads your realities are shifting. Now what we would need to do is create from an experience that you gathered within from a past event that could of happened (Abnormal) and rethink what states you where in in that particular time. This creates a shift in your "Time" and recreates some new concepts that you yourself can create with. If you can discern your states of potential being in higher concepts of truth for your being, then you will begin ascending. Everything is within us already, that junk DNA is not junk... It is powerful and carries a multitude of codes. When time gets shorter and we even begin sleeping less then the usual our creative concepts can emerge new codes for triggers in your own conscious expansion. You see if you re-wire your system its because it's within your genetics, the body crystals are potent emitters of information and to accel in these can create a whole new reality base concept and world for yourself and others around you. What we can begin to understand from an evolved perspective is that we as humans are not all at the same level.

Cobra Interview Synopsis with Alexandra Meadors

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http://galacticconnection.com - 11/3/13, Therese Zumi Sumner

KingCobra1 e1341438837838 Cobra Interview Synopsis with Alexandra Meadors


Cobra Interview from October 29th now available. The Following are some of the areas discussed; Regarding the factions within the Cabal – if we look at the world scene {not countries} it is now the USA and Israel against the rest of the world. The Cabal are simply very crazy people {beings} – no more – no less and you have to tread carefully with them. Some examples of their madness are;

Andromeda and reminiscences of modern physics.

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The coverage of art exhibition in P. by one of our editors yesterday produced a rare occasion for interview with professor Ponomaryev from Toledo University.
Here are some extracts from the meeting:
Monika:….bit unusual place to meet professor here. Could you spare few moments for our “Interstellar Radio"?
Prof: …with pleasure.
Monika: is it true that your visit in P. is only private and in no way connected with scientific research?
Prof:…Yes. It’s entirely private visit.
Monika: Can you comment on significance of recent reports on our television about UFO sightings. Many journalists are worried.
Prof: …I’m not aware about matter you are talking about. Generally I wouldn’t worry about the UFO. Humans will become UFO  within 20 years and its useless to draw parallels between let’s say dog and the god - both of them don’t communicate with one another at all, while humans communicate well and follow many noble laws…
Monika: yea, of course press irregularities in reporting UFO don’t help the issue, do they?
Prof:…Irregularities are not unusual for press. Did you say UFO has been spotted around?
Monika: No, I can’t confirm the report.
Prof:…usual, usual. I’m on holidays now and won’t elaborate on UFO now.
Monika: Are you enjoying staying in P.?
Prof:…yes. It’s a beautiful place especially in autumn…enjoy the extension of Andromedan art forms here….they look unconditional and subtle…
Monika: Thank you for interview.

Running out of time

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Trying something new with an audio version of the blog.


You can read it here:




Or listen to it here:




Or.... read it here!


I tried running once.  It didn’t go well.  The man I was with at the time thought it would be a good idea if we ran together – fitness and togetherness all rolled into one miserable moment.  He of course, was an athlete.  As I gasped and jogged, he ran circles around me, smiling loving words of encouragement.  It didn’t last a week.


As I watch the runners each morning on this quiet little lake, I wonder if each step they take is amplified this summer.  Time is speeding up.  It seems I wake up and all of a sudden it’s noon.  Is everything working this way?  Will I lose weight, increase my stamina and reach my health goals quicker now? How does it work?


Linear time is part of this illusion.  I read something yesterday saying that in other dimensions it’s more of a marker.  I have trouble wrapping my head around that concept.  So I wonder where this is going, as I feel an increased sense of urgency to “get ‘er done”.  We are literally running out of time.


One of my favorite lines from my favorite movie is when George Bailey, in “It’s a Wonderful Life”, says, “You say they should wait, and save their money.  Wait?  Wait for what?  Until their children grow old and leave them?”



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