God is doing an "Old ... New Thing"

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This week has been extremely interesting for me in my healing practice.
While I have previously been asking for God to synchronize with my clients' body, which results in faster and deeper sessions ... and I knew that I was always doing things in obedience to God with my healing....
NOW... my work has been taken to a new level.
I hope you can grasp the difference that I am trying to help you understand of what is so very very different.
As I go through my menu, asking God, what is the highest priority for this client's healing session.... there are specific items required / identified. That is good. That is great. That is powerful.
Here is what is different and surprising to me ...
As I come to a point where I have to "wait" for the body to catch up to what it is that I am doing...
now there is an additional question that I have to ask... which is...
"Is there a guest healer coming next?" YES
when are they arriving? 1 minute... 3minutes... etc.
how long will they be working? 1 min. 2 min. .... etc.
Who is coming to assist?
[the following list revealed itself this past week}
Ascended Master

Here is another way to put it...

That is basically what I am being told. There is nothing wrong with my work. It is just that, now I have a bigger more spiritual team that INSISTS on being the next intervener for the client.

Including GOD!

that was a really cool realization, once I figured out that GOD wanted to participate in a very active role, rather than me. WOW!

So, now I know to ask the question ... Is there a guest coming?
And stand back... and ask the questions about what is happening... and watch and
Give thanks to God for this really cool team!

Peace be unto you!