The Redemption of Satan

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On January 18, 2020 Satan has been redeemed, taken home to heaven and welcomed.

Ever since I intentionally started doing my healing work [2000], Satan has been in opposition to me. I have performed countless exorcisms and set up Light Stations to attract the demonic for liquidation or transumation purposes.

This past Jan. 18, 2020. It all came to a conclusion when I performed a Redemption Directive for Satan, who had acquired a COMPLETE soul, as has every soul received, initiated on September 2, 2018.

Previous historical events:
[Some of this verbiage will not be 'clear', for you will not be used to these kinds of words. Also, all of these dated events occurred in history "out of my control", but were recorded as they occurred, whether I understood what God was performing or not. I just "did" what I was told to do by God. All of these events tied into and flowed into another event in a way that can only be said to be God's Plan. I know I sure did not plan these things. The first part of my collection here is a summary in time, a timeline of events that lead up to the "biggie", the Redemption of Satan.]

Oct. 9, 2013 - Lucifer exorcised and sent home to heaven.

9/2/2018 Brought Light to the darkest place in all the earth, Dome of the Rock, Old City Jerusalem, Israel. Israel' no longer DESPAIR LAND, BUT HAS RETURNED TO THE PROMISED LAND. Israel alone in all the River of Life is COMPLETE.

My theme is: "How can I bring COMPLETE to all?"

I met a fellow today.
His spiritual name is KEEPER.
He is Nephilim.

Whose SOUL is he "KEEPING?" SATAN..
Satan does not like that KEEPER is preserving/keeping his soul.
Satan' origin is as an angel.
KEEPER is to keep the soul of Satan, until it is time for Satan to be redeemed.

COMPLETE has been initiated - Spiritual Realm Transmutation

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Hey folk:
I am sending this report the day following the unfolding of COMPLETE. This is a massive change in all dimensions, all planets, all souls, everywhere, beyond time, before the beginning of time, in fact it required a dissolving of the old timeline and the creation of a new timeline. This event(s) has required many hands of many LIGHTWORKERS who were guided and they themselves guided the triggers and energies to make this happen.
I include for you today a partial summary in the first few lines, then I give you the step by step unfolding of COMPLETE.
The import will reveal itself as you read the report.

Peace and Blessings upon us all!



A summary

1) I was told to bring Light to the Dome of the Rock: consequence a) Israel ( & The River of Life) is now COMPLETE. Sept. 1, 2018

2) finish bringing light / COMPLETE to ALL

3) met new client, who had a dream for me, a snake, named "SHINE", who does NOT have a soul, but is called TIMEKEEPER. I needed to know the name of the timekeeper so I could go forward on this project. March, 2019

4) I am to go before the beginning of all time in order to get COMPLETE going. This required me to DISSOLVE the timeline, so the new timeline could begin with COMPLETE. Aug. 2018

5) Saturday, with EVE, initiated the DISSOLVING OF THE TIMELINE and the beginning of the new timeline. How long would it require? 30 tears. I had to tear 30 tears, then the old timeline would be dissolved. Aug. 2018

6) Sat. Aug. 31, 2019 Persephone is given her next name, MOTHER EARTH OF THE RIVER OF LIFE, she is giving COMPLETE birth.


I see a lot of white lines in my left eye, curving from a central origin... half moon was opposite.



"The birth of the new time line, IT IS DONE"

The Justice of God

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Is this flower spiritual in nature? YES
Do I know its name? NO
May I be given its name? YES
Who created this flower? JESUS
For the River of Life? NO
For the Old Earth? NO
For the New Earth? NO
For Some? NO
It was created for ______? YES

For this dimension? YES
For all dimensions? NO
For past, present or future? NO
Is this flower anti-evil? NO
Is this flower anti-good? NO

Q: The name of this flower is - JUSTICE





New Creation Event

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I use muscle testing to gain access to information of all categories, including spiritual categories.

This past Tuesday, 6/26/2018, I tried to say the phrase, "Today is Tuesday." But for some reason, I could not let those words pass between my lips. It was a strange sensation ... to not be able to say what I considered to be a true sentence. So, I tested the following:
"Today is Monday." Answer: NO.
"Today is Tuesday." Answer: NO.
"Today is Wednesday." Answer: NO.
"Today is Thursday." Answer: NO.
"Today is Friday." Answer: NO.
"Today is Saturday." Answer: NO.
"Today is Sunday." Answer: NO.

Okay. That is very very curious. Muscle testing identifies the truth of any precise sentence... enabling a decision maker to tie-in to the precise guidance from God on the subject in question.

This applies to normal everyday life situations, as well as spiritual situations.

So, I ended up, asking God...

"Is there any such thing as OLD Earth?" NO.
"Is there any such thing as NEW Earth?" NO.

hmmmmmmmmmmm... I knew they were there on Monday the 25th... so what the heck is going on here?

I am not good at drawing out the answers to situations... it just is not in my soul to malinger in my soul.

So, here is what I did....

"Hey Jesus, this place that I am standing upon... is it called Earth? NO. IT IS NOT. IT IS CALLED A NEW CREATION. said Jesus to me telepathically.

I tested energetically if what he said was "So." and I got a YES.

Did God change the name? I asked. "NO." said God.

Did Jesus change the name? I asked again. "YES." said Jesus.


I first observed this problem / situation on Tuesday.
When Wednesday came around (or at least what I thought was Wednesday...) all my questions about the days of the week were "NO."

The 7 Steps of Gratitude

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Are you feeling it-those wild waves of energy that are crashing into and pulling back from the planet like mini tsunamis? This movement has been continuous lately, as we’re currently in the throws of some tremendously powerful upgrades.  These can look and feel like paradise one day, and then shock us to our very core the next.  All of this up and down and back and forth can really wreak havoc on our sensitive physical and etheric bodies, and also can take a quite a toll on our state of mind.  As I’ve been  dealing with this myself, I have found  that by far the most effective and spiritually enriching way of surviving the shift is to focus on, and remain in a state of gratitude.  Gratitude is highly infectious, and the act of giving thanks has a pure and honest, pay-it-forward kind of effect.  The energy of gratitude flows quite naturally and it easily expands, affecting everyone and everything we come into contact with. I wanted to share with you a simple set of 7 steps, which I devised and use as a meditation  tool.

The God/Goddess Energy ~ Divine Masculine/Feminine Energy

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The God/Goddess Energy ~ Divine Masculine/Feminine Energy


A rebalancing is taking place in the energetic matrix and that is of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies – the God/Goddess archetype. As much as the Planet is in need of the Divine Feminine energy, so is she in need of her Divine Masculine energy, for the one illuminates the unique qualities of the other, and therefore both energies need to be present in order for a rebalancing to occur.

The human male energy must not be confused with the Divine Masculine energy. The human male energy can be controlling, domineering and may even resort to violence, whereas the Divine Masculine energy is unconditionally loving, nurturing, and protective.

So, in fact, the Divine aspects of both the Feminine and Masculine energies are needed on Earth in order for a successful rebalancing to occur. And this is our task here on the Earth plane – to bring into balance both aspects of this energy, to unite once more the Twin Flames of Divine Love into One Unity Consciousness, in an energy where they support each other. One cannot stand alone without the other. Both flames are needed in order to be complete and whole and in order to BE in their full creative power and Essence.

This is where we are headed here on the physical Earth plane at this time. Twin Flames are in the process of being reunited so that they can create New Earth together as One powerful energy.

Therefore let us remember to tune into BOTH the Feminine and Masculine aspects of our energy in order to rebalance us on all levels of our being and in all aspects of our creation.

Sunday Musings ~ Even the bad times are good!

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Image – View of the Outeniqua Mountains from Sedgefield Lagoon in Eden, along the Garden Route of the Western Cape of South Africa

It’s been a long time since I’ve written one of my Sunday Musings, and today seemed like a good day to write one again. So much has happened with me on an energetic level, and I’m sure with you also. Nothing ever stays the same. We are always changing, which is the very nature of energy. We are an ever-changing energy. Forever contracting and expanding. More expanding than contracting thankfully, but contracting non-the-less. It is during the contracting stages that we grow and therefore get to know ourselves at an ever deeper level. And this is good!

The song I’ve been hearing lately is “Even the bad times are good”, reminding me not to take on the energy of guilt or blame for what I think I should have done or not done during those ‘bad’ times.  I am reminded now that nothing has meaning until I give it meaning. I have the power to decide how something (or someone) affects me and my state of being.


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By Phillip Elton Collins


To commit to a PERSONAL PROCESS 

Of an in-depth examine of self

To know how self relations 

Effects all relations and nations.


Inspired by Archangels Gabriel & Michael and Ascended Master Saint Germain 

“Know thy self” and “To thy own self be true” may be some of the wisest words ever thought, felt and spoken.

Many teachings from the higher realms are reminding us that the greatest need within humanity is to have the awareness and loving support of a SENSE OF SELF. This will allow the individual to know they are an aspect of the universal whole. In effect, the Self and Universe belong to each other, as One. We have been asleep a long time. It’s all about becoming conscious. Time to wake up...

As students of truth, there is nothing more important than understanding and accepting Oneness. All of our separations and duality and confrontation have been a result of absorbing “me” into the “we”. It is time for our belief systems within our religions, corporations, and governments to support We Consciousness coming forward. And no longer bringing the unhealed me into the conscious, we. Or we will not be happy with the consequences.


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