Golden Age Messages from the Masters: Living in the Joy of the Season Part II

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As you become increasingly more aware of the Presence of God within you and within one another, you all become living demonstrations of what it looks and feels like to live in Unity or Christ Consciousness where Divine Love is the foundational essence within the heart of every soul around your world. This is truly a cause to celebrate and a reason to keep expressing the everlasting joy of the season so it does not end in December, yet rather continues throughout your glorious New Year.
Many are reaching out for your love and support to alleviate their suffering, yet their suffering is truly an illusion that they can transmute out of their consciousness if they let themselves remember that they are one with God and LOVE is all they are. The Love and Light of the Creator within you is truly a gift that you can extend into every heart. It has taken many centuries for humankind to finally consider that separation from God and from each other is truly a myth and that Oneness with all of life is your everlasting reality and the ongoing joy that you are all here to share with one another. 
Jeshua and Mother Mary    
Many desires often rise to the surface during the holidays, yet if one goes deeper into what is truly driving these desires, they would discover that the core of their often insatiable desires are really being driven by the deep yearning of the soul to reunite with its God Presence. If this desire is not met, the soul will keep returning to Earth in the hopes of satisfying this ancient longing to live on Earth as the Presence of God and to relate with others Presence-to-Presence. Only the fulfillment of these primary desires will really bring lasting satisfaction to the soul. This is the main reason you are here at this pivotal time.
Living as your Presence means living in the moment, and that, beloveds, is not easy for most human beings. As a culture you have conditioned and trained yourselves to place the great majority of your attention into the future or the past or on what is going on around you, rather that what is going on within you. What most people do not realize is that placing so much attention on the outer or on the future or the past creates stress and it keeps you from living as your Presence since the Presence only lives in the moment.
Many of you are reducing your tendencies to be distracted by the illusionary concepts, perceptions and desires that have so often kept the mind a prisoner of the desires of the ego. When the mind of your Presence takes charge, the energy of desire no longer has the power to create a false sense of lack. When you put your attention on what permanently satisfies your soul and brings eternal joy, you naturally become a magnet for manifesting what is in alignment with your Divine Crystalline Blueprint for these times.
Human beings have been deeply conditioned to believe that they must be, or do something amazing in order to have value in the world, yet in truth you do not have to do anything to be connected with Source as that is your true value and you are already are THAT. When you rest in the core essence of the Divine Being you already are, you will discover that desiring can sometimes be a hindrance to experiencingthe naturally blissful state of your Presence.  
As your Presence, you become a cherished demonstration of one who is living in an ongoing state of love, joy, peace and gratitude.  When you choose to be authentically grateful for everything and everyone in your life, you instantly move into a stronger alignment with the joy that is natural to your Presence and your heart keeps expanding until it becomes a powerful magnet for attracting the people, the opportunities and the experiences that will fulfill your soul’s true purpose in this embodiment.
Perhaps the greatest secret to living in a state of joy comes from being fully present in the moment and accepting that moment exactly as it is. When you do this, you can instantly access your true Divine Nature and stop worrying about the past or the future.
Living in joy is a conscious choice that can be made no matter your personal circumstances and regardless of what is occurring in the world around you. This is the great gift that comes with living as your Presence.

Appreciate one another this season and be fully grateful for having an opportunity to celebrate one another as you usher in another year of new beginnings!

All of us at the Ascended Masters Mystery School wish you and yours a most blessed new year of peace, joy and abundance. May you all be living demonstrations of Divine Love as you co-create a new Golden Age of Freedom.
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