Turning up Inner Guidance

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Spirit is trying to speak to us in so many ways. We receive from our senses, such as feeling, hearing, seeing, and knowing. The world around us is communicating too with special messages that are there for the noticing to awaken our awareness, and with the awareness of our soul's knowing. The most simple and pure inner guidance is from a feeling excitement we that have inside, from our wanting and desiring something. 

Nothing is More Important than How You Feel

Most of us could use practice in noticing how we feel. Culture trains us not to notice or express how we feel and this causes some bottled up emotions that harm us. It also means that we may not hear our most primitive yet accurate form of inner guidance and listen to it. Guidance is there to help us have a most delicious, juicy life! Guidance is the transmission of our soul's knowing which is aligned with love for us, and love for all, leading us to navigating our human experience with ease and grace.

Proponents of discomfort

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Proponents of discomfort

What brings us about to understanding what these may be…? While we say discomfort has as effects “general anxiety” from choices we may have, while change is in progress or coming upon us.

What seems impossible to get to from moments where individuals are having events in management of what causation might be in after the event, which implies posting anything in general which may not be normal to others... What seems hard for us to understand is how this may be affecting you... Should you not know what you are doing then simply the implying effects which those probabilities of having it manifest, created, posted, has as effects something greater in the future views of individuals reading it…

The possible understandings that comes from it may shake some minds, but about that we say its advents to new probabilities... While having mercy on eventual prospects to pertaining matters at hands they deem those important in the near future but selective to your adaptations it would be wise to let them go to that information instead of posting it in pertaining matters, “waiting for something in return”. Since the concepts may be at large, either waiting for something in return or not wanting any change much more than what can be accepted from those post after some individuals reading it.

The world views, the prospects, they have greater effects if we hide what it is... Not hide… But simply keep in a secure place where we know where the information is and can have people view it as readily as available and have eventual means of bringing about possible views of it in the future by people looking into those things on their own consent...

Dolphins and Whales Bring Pod Consciousness to Earth

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In each of the last few days, I have shared about the ascension codes arriving on Wesak. I learned of this via a shared mulitidimensional meditation experience with a friend. Our combined information is shared here, for those in resonance. 

More was shared on that day, as to what other consciousnesses want to interact with us and uplift us. This shall further explain what codes they bring in and why. Wesak was the Full Moon on the 14th, and was a day dedicated to the Buddha. It is when the spiritual hierarchy floods us with celestial light for our upliftment. As part of that, we humans were honored to be energetically supported by two groups that I mention today (among more),  which are the Fairy collective and also the Cetacean collective which are the whales and dolphins. 

The Fairies

Golden Age Messages from the Masters: Living in the Joy of the Season Part II

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As you become increasingly more aware of the Presence of God within you and within one another, you all become living demonstrations of what it looks and feels like to live in Unity or Christ Consciousness where Divine Love is the foundational essence within the heart of every soul around your world. This is truly a cause to celebrate and a reason to keep expressing the everlasting joy of the season so it does not end in December, yet rather continues throughout your glorious New Year.
Many are reaching out for your love and support to alleviate their suffering, yet their suffering is truly an illusion that they can transmute out of their consciousness if they let themselves remember that they are one with God and LOVE is all they are. The Love and Light of the Creator within you is truly a gift that you can extend into every heart. It has taken many centuries for humankind to finally consider that separation from God and from each other is truly a myth and that Oneness with all of life is your everlasting reality and the ongoing joy that you are all here to share with one another. 
Jeshua and Mother Mary    

Such Joy Is In The Air!

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This afternoon, I stepped out into the warm sunlight to take a short walk. As I headed down my driveway, I received a message, "There is such Joy in the Air." And indeed, I felt loving energy as I looked up to see an huge angel cloud hovering above me. The energies of love and harmony are here!

Monday night I dreamed of a liberty bell surrounded by many loving hearts. Freedom is at hand! The bell in my dream, however, was not cracked, but solid and whole, as we are becoming through this process of freeing ourselves from ego and programming.

Last night I dreamed of people participating in a peaceful parade. Everyone laughing, smiling, and holding hands. The words on the banner at the lead of the parade read:

Heart content and well being

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Today we would like to speak to you about your heart's and your well being, we have new concepts emerging from your hearts and they are quite large in expansions these keys or codes that will manifest in the upcoming days will bring you new knowledge to wright the concepts of symmetricalized outputs of energies that are occurring within earths new fields. We come in peace and are here now to guide Mario to wright this channeled message he is wrighting as fast as he can... This is Agartha contacts and we have now new imputs on energies flowing trough him the concepts are going to be large on a scale and new info comes from the known symmetrical outputs of your hearts and mind working in conjunction to the infinitys, the infinitys are concepts from our star brothers and sisters and we need them to help us see the new emergences of energies. Every time we connect and channel trough Mario his energies rise to an extent of infinity, his concepts are a large form of matter and takes time and patience. This is the ultaihymaextreme and was created for him to view clearly in augmentational status quo his ability to wright the info we give him. Processing these energies are quite large and to enable full on contact we need to clarify on the needs of your hearts and minds if the needs are in the way of our contact we need to get a clear input of information to grow the connection of our avenues, they are large once again we say large it is because the spherical concepts or higher dimensional traits of thought is clearly as given to those whom need to accel in time the uptakes of energies, "the guardians" of the higher realms they are in nessesity to flow trought us, information gathered from the cosmos, are time here is on an ever expanding scale and this concept might be something new to you. Now we have entered the Ultaihymaextreme lets take time shall we? Ok...

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Vulnerability

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Angel Wisdom Monday, June 10, 2013


It takes great courage to dare to open your heart and allow your true self to be exposed and yet it is this very energy that leads you to the rewards of being completely free. To be vulnerable is a sign of great inner strength, for you know that you truly are safe and that there is no need for protection. There is no need for masks and barriers when you bravely step forward and let your true self emerge and let others see your divineness.

Have patience and don't try to force things to happen, allow them to unfold in their own natural way, like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon, you are ready to fly. Unmask your heart and be open as this allows you to empathize, be compassion and to love, truly, madly and deeply.  It shows you a path to a better way and it is a journey only for the brave. Dare to be vulnerable as it is indeed a sign of great strength and completeness.

Affirmation: "As I bring down my barriers and dare to be vulnerable, I find I am stronger and more able to love and give of myself completely and unconditionally."

And so it is.

You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels



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