good with the bad...

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Well, we have a solution for homelessness(possibly ) out of Portland via Huffpost..



Then we have a TUSCON Mayor(Global Illumination Council via FB) signing away our rights to our country to the US GOVT. THIS IS NO JOKE. THIS HAPPENED TODAY. THERE were documents proven.



The site may be 'out there', but the truth, THIS TRUTH, is NOT FAKE.



The weather just plain sucks. Im freezing. Some are getting HAILED. Some are getting visited...


[where is a starship when you need one?]


We arent done here by a longshot. US GOVT needs to collapse it seems, nevermind the banks, nevermind whats happening in CYPRUS(CUZ were next..) and I dont know about you, but Im not about to get SOLD OUT by my OWN GOVT.



If this is how people are running shit, HELLO, ROSA!


FRIENDICA from france, is one possibility if you dont like FB and twitter OWNing you. [join]DIASPORIA is another. Im on both. I may even serve a node soon.








Just called to say hi!

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Hi Jazz,


Have a peep at  It was started by two smashing guys called Jon and Ceylon, they are full of love and good vibes.



You will be amazed at the info which is soooo uplifting. Everything from spirituality, down to the bottom - banks, taxes, government etc.  peace and love T lightworker.